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Press Release: National study finds Idaho one of best states for pandemic response

By • December 23, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – A new State Pandemic Scorecard shows Idaho ranks #4 overall, #3 for education, and #4 for economy in our handling of the pandemic under the leadership of Governor Brad Little.

“Idaho’s high ranking among states for our pandemic response reinforces our emphasis on choice and freedom. Our businesses and schools stayed open. I never put in a place a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate. We banned vaccine passports, and our legal challenges to Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandates are working,” Governor Little said.

Idaho came in #4 overall, behind Nebraska, Maryland and Utah. Education, the economy, health, and social impacts were considered.

In education, Idaho ranked #3, behind South Dakota and Oklahoma. The study shows Idaho students experienced little or no learning loss in math and reading and change in school enrollment was minimal.

On the economy, Idaho had strong GDP growth, low unemployment, and job growth. We ranked #4, behind Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah.

View the full Politico State Pandemic Scorecard here:

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6 thoughts on “Press Release: National study finds Idaho one of best states for pandemic response

  1. “I never put in a place a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate….”

    What he should have said: I’m a RINO coward in a red state facing re-election next year. I dare not put in place a state-wide mask or vaccine mandate. But I sure as heck don’t mind–and fully support–if others do (District Health panels, City of Boise, St. Al’s/St. Luke’s/Primary Health/, employers, etc.). I wink and nod and look the other way. Now, re-elect me.”

  2. Brad Little, your pandemic response, your overall handling of this was and still is horrendous. You took The People’s Freedoms, their Constitution, their Faith in the medical establishment by way of your inept actions.

    Just resign buddy, go live a happy retirement.

  3. That’s how governors like Little give themselves the plausible deniability of not having done something, like jab mandates and passports, but left it up to big businesses to do it on the pretext that they are private entities and so there can be no state interference. That’s what someone with no spine or caring does to its citizens.

  4. What sheer arrogance this Do Little has to boast about what he did. Our liberty and freedoms are eroded, our medical freedom unprotected, our Constitution subverted, and his reelection coffers lined with lobbyist and swamp bucks. THESE are the true results of “what he did”. This RINO has got to go, along with the other RINOs both at the state level and at the Federal level.

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