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Press Release: “Little” Effort from Governor to Debate. Is He Afraid?

By • April 18, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Ed Humphreys, a Republican candidate for governor. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Earlier today, the Idaho Debate Commission informed the Humphreys campaign that Governor Brad Little’s team has been non-responsive to the Commission’s repeated invitations to debate on Idaho Public Television on May 3rd. Ed Humphreys had this to say,

“Any elected officials who are truly acting in citizens’ best interest should be proud of their accomplishments and be willing to stand by them. I hope that the Governor will participate in the electoral process in a more meaningful way than thirty second ads that are paid for by multinational corporations. It’s time to answer some fair questions!”


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7 thoughts on “Press Release: “Little” Effort from Governor to Debate. Is He Afraid?

  1. Mr Humphreys is spot on. Whether people are voting for him or not, every Idahoan has a right to see fair debate and decide for themselves. Clearly Little realized he has everything to lose and nothing to gain by debating Humphreys. Humphreys would mop the floor with Little’s smoke and mirrors policies, and pay to play programs which would undoubtedly be exposed. His refusal to stand by his decisions and answer for them, should speak volumes to the citizens of this great state. Big business and Big Pharma are knee deep in Idaho. There’s a reason Little is getting campaign donations from leftist who have supported democrat candidates across the country. Why the interest to get involved in Idaho? Because they are slowly trying to flip it blue. Our family has looked at every candidate, including the current Governor and Lt Governor. We are voting Ed Humphreys for Governor of Idaho. Vote May 17th!!!! The time is now for change!!

  2. The idea that the Governor does not need to answer to the public is tyrannical and should not be tolerated by his supporters. I am terribly saddened to see how Idaho’s politicians are propped up by photo ops and how they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on political operatives. I too am supporting Ed Humphrey’s. His policy ideas are exceptional and best of all he’s not a career politician.

  3. It is time for a political change back to constitutional principles that Idaho used to be known for. Any one of the gubernatorial candidates could run circles around chicken Little, who is chickening out on a candidate debate.

  4. Sorry Ed but I think this is smart for the governor to decline. For three clear reasons. 1). 90 percent of your campaign, and 100 percent of McGeachins are based solely on bashing him without reasonable alternative suggestions. why would anyone want to put up with that nonsense in a debate?
    2). Little knows he isn’t a great public speaker. Not one of his strengths.
    3). His record overall is very good and speaks for itself. Record low unemployment, least regulated state, budget surpluses, and even his Covid response was just ranked 10th out of 50 states. Why are people flocking to Idaho? Not because of you (an unknown) or mcgeachin (a nutcase).

    1. Ed Humphrey’s has plans, he is not out bashing like Mcgeachin does. He is solid, if you haven’t looked at him you need to. He is a great person and candidate and I’m sorry he has to run under any political banner because we should be voting for the person, not the party.

  5. With at least $1 million in his warchest, Little doesn’t have to debate. We’ll be bombarded with his press releases, commercials, social media postings etc. People who don’t pay attention to politics will vote for him. (I expect better from Idahoans.) As for me, Janice gets my vote, but if Little wins the primary, in November (God willing) I’ll be voting for Bundy in protest.

  6. Well Charlie, your comment #3 kind of said it all. But is it what real conservative Idahoans need or want – more big government. I feel that all those glowing comments point directly to his ultimate goal – re-election. It’s the kind of thing some people want to hear, not what he’s doing to ensure that the people of Idaho need like personal freedom, or a leader that threw the political football (COVID) out the window so that small businesses could continue to operate and survive. That cluster mess is still an ongoing problem he continues to support. And if he is re-elected it will be more of the same story. Set back unmask date until May 3rd, wondering why? Here’s an accurate guess – if he waits until then he can get another notch on his belt toward re-election – a blatantly obviously move. And how about property tax relief = think we need that?
    His buddy Bedke could have had it on the agenda.

    But be of good faith. The liberal democrats, with their ultimate corruption stole the last election with fake absentee ballots, kicking voting officials out of the polls, or like Michigan, just not let them in at all, or maybe covering the windows so that no one can see the cheating going, on.such an idea! And various present bodies (for the most part) continue to write letters of protest, sign petitions, strongly disagree with biden’s policies, and any number non-productive verbiage that does ABSOLUTE nothing. All the while liberal judges toss out the cases because there’s no “concrete proof”. Rest assured they’ll do it again at midterm.
    and while there a few exceptions ( N. and S. Dakota comes to mind as a couple examples) our governor certainly didn’t follow suit, though he could have and should have So as conservative citizens we’re screwed. It will be business as usual for the midterms. Do nothing Governors an other career politicians will be re-elected and there will be no change.

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