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Press Release: Little, Bedke, Crapo, Risch, Simpson Comment on BLM Decision on Massive Lava Ridge Wind Farm

By • June 8, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Idaho Governor Brad Little. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little, Lt. Governor Scott Bedke, U.S. Senator Mike Crapo, U.S. Senator Jim Risch, and Congressman Mike Simpson reacted today to the news that the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a final environmental impact statement today approving the Lava Ridge Wind Project in south-central Idaho after strong public opposition.

“This is the latest example of the Biden Administration’s unsound energy agenda. The BLM is determined to give California electricity from Idaho despite overwhelming opposition from Idahoans and contrary to formal actions by Idaho’s county, state, and federal elected officials, including federal legislation and federal law. I do not agree with BLM’s conclusion that the effects of this extraordinarily complex proposal are ‘not significant.’ It may not matter in Washington, D.C., but it matters to those of us who live here,” Governor Little said.


“Our public lands have long been utilized for multiple uses that meet the needs and fulfill the benefits of Idahoans. Ranching, farming, and recreation are a major part of the Magic Valley’s heritage. While domestic energy production is an emerging part of a necessary conversation, the BLM disregarded Idahoans’ input on a project that is in our backyard and, instead, favored Californians energy needs. Simply put, California will reap the benefits and Idaho will get all the negative impacts. We will know California is serious about green energy when we see wind turbines in Hollywood’s hills,” Lt. Governor Bedke said.


“The Federal Government should stop ignoring Idahoans on Lava Ridge. Countless Idahoans have spoken out and continue to speak out against the Lava Ridge Wind Project as they know what is best for their land and livelihoods. This decision by the BLM shows the utmost disdain for the people most affected by this obtrusive and unwanted wind project. I will continue to fight with the people of Idaho in opposition to this project,” U.S. Senator Crapo said.


“Idahoans could not be more clear that they do not support Lava Ridge. Yet, for some reason, the BLM continues to push forward this project that no one in Idaho wants. This is not over—I will continue to fight this unnecessary and ill begotten project,” U.S. Senator Risch said.


“This final Environment Impact Statement is a slap in the face to Idahoans. Despite widespread opposition at the local, state, and federal levels, the Bureau of Land Management is continuing to recklessly move forward with the Lava Ridge Project. From the start, I have made it clear that I expect the BLM to listen to and incorporate the concerns of those directly affected by the project. I authored language—passed by Congress and signed into law by the President—directing the Department of the Interior to reengage and seek feedback from the stakeholders on alternative plans before moving forward with Lava Ridge. The Department failed to meet the language requirements of that law. The Lava Ridge Project is out-of-touch and has absolutely no place in the Magic Valley. I will continue fighting to ensure that Idahoans’ voices are heard,” Congressman Simpson said.

Little, Bedke, Crapo, Risch, and Simpson listened to Idahoans and communicated their deep concerns with the proposal in a letter to the BLM Idaho State Director last year.

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Little, Bedke, Crapo, Risch, Simpson Comment on BLM Decision on Massive Lava Ridge Wind Farm

  1. The Idaho windbags have spoken. We can be assured that nothing, and I mean nothing, will change. The Idaho delegation is all talk but no action. They have not done anything to stop federal overreach in years.What makes us think this time will be different?

  2. Obviously, legislation and the expressed rejection of this project by the people of Idaho have not been effective. Perhaps the next action step is to take legal action against this project. Who will show some leadership here and take this matter to court?

  3. I am totally against this project. Look to results of this type of energy. It doesn’t work!!
    I support the cleanest energy there is. Hydropower. All of our states are aware how critical our dams are. Get legislation to build more damns to conserve water and repair current damns. “They” say too expensive!!! Look at the cost of wind and solar. Hydro is proven. Others are not! Water provides so many essential resources. Wake up!! Save our damns and build new!!!!

  4. Idaho leaders ignore issues with federal government owning most of Idaho lands and then shake their fists when the federal government uses the land? They should have long ago secured our land, water, and mineral rights to the people of Idaho. This is mismanagement and the theatre of condemning lava ridge has gone no where. Material steps must be made to secure the land for Idahoans.

  5. I only needed to read the first paragraph and this is total BS! Contact every one of those RINO’s and let them know this is BS…and at the same time let them know they do not have your vote next time around.
    This is just more “green BS” and Idaho will not benefit from anything this “project” offers.

  6. Our federal legislators are total losers! I’ve read all their news releases and watched their voting record for years back. Crapo, Reisch, Simpson are all worthless infiltrators to the republican party. They are not supporting Trump and certainly not MAGA. Fulcher is nearly the same. Too bad! Then we have our Gov and top leadership are working everyday against the taxpayer here. Most of our state pols are F rated by the Idaho Freedom Foundation in regards to their voting record and support for conservative issues. Look up Idaho Freedom Foundation and see how these Repubs are just the same or worse than demon-rats. We have been abused by so called republicans in a once conservative state! Throw them out. Get educated. Don’t vote for the same grifters!

  7. Ever drive thru Victorville in SoCal? Stopped at a cafe for lunch and a reprieve from heavy winds. The doors were “chained” so they would not blow open. Talk about WIND! I asked the waitress if it blows like this often. “Oh…this is nothing” was her reply.
    CA has enough hot air on it’s own without spending untold billions on this idiotic project and crossing state lines to do it. I agree with the comment earlier about setting the troubling windmills in the Hollywood Hills but would include that dark blue coastline where plenty of “free wind” blows all the time. They want it…let them provide it!

  8. All governors throughout the history of Idaho has little by little sold pieces of Idaho’s land… for what? What has the Feds done to agreed to buying our land? How did this get started? Who’s responsible for the sell of our land? Are there any laws protecting our land from being sold to outsiders?
    We need to get rid of the federal government.

  9. No one actually believes anything the government does is for “the people” anymore do they?

  10. At least Sara and Arlene have a first name. The rest hide behind whatever they want to call themselves today. I’m remembering the last Gov that had the balls to stand up and physically block federal incursion, Cece Andrus, a Democrat. That was blocking the trucks that would bring in nuclear waste. Maybe there has been another, but that came to mind first. I believe that Idaho can win this battle. I also believe that Idaho’s elected leaders would stand up and block the construction of this project if it came to that. Where would you guys with no name be?

  11. Well, it looks like Idaho will have to fight a “David vs Goliath” fight on this one, to the bitter end. Idaho has about 2 million residents; mostly Republican, vs California with about 38.9 million, mostly Democrat residents, who don’t want those unsightly windmills in their environment.
    The BLM has about 10,000 bureaucrats who will probably follow the direction of the current administration to damn Idaho and send that power to California, regardless of the harm it does to Idaho. This is a good reason to fight and re-elect Republicans and to keep the Electoral College

  12. Since the government has given it’s approval for the project against the wishes of the entire state, make it economically difficult for the workers to build the project. Don’t sell, rent any property outside of the project. Don’t sell raw materials to the project. Make them haul it in from outside of the state. Don’t sell food or drink to the workers. Don’t sell fuel to the workers or suppliers. Make it hard on the contractors to do the job.

  13. These four are RINO’s. Look them up at : RINO’s to the core,
    voting against conservative values more often then for them!! Wake up Idaho !!

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