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Press Release: Left-Wing Groups Threaten Local Business Owners, Community Event Cancelled

By • July 15, 2022

The following press release was sent out by Lorna Mitson. Press releases sent out regarding campaign events do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

(Boise, ID) The July 21st District 17 “Meet Your Candidates” event has been cancelled.  It is a sad day in Boise, Idaho when extremist left-wing groups threaten business owners when expressing their first amendment rights. This upcoming week, District 17 Republican candidates were going to be at a local hangout near a couple of businesses to host and welcome members of the community, support the businesses, and bring awareness to the November 2022 election. Unfortunately, a small group of vocal radical leftists have employed fear and intimidation tactics to shut down this event. This cannot and should not be tolerated, and a police report is being filed requesting an investigation.

On Saturday, July 9th, the candidates and several volunteers began distributing flyers in the area to promote the event. This would have been their fourth such event. Monday morning, July 11, April Larson received a call from the owner of one of the businesses requesting that they move or cancel the event. She was told that over the weekend, multiple harassing and frightening phone calls and threats had made the employees feel unsafe. Because organizing these events takes time and money, moving the event is impractical and the difficult decision was made to halt distribution of the flyers and cancel the event.

Republican candidate for Idaho Senate, in District 17, Ben Chafetz said, “My campaign is here to offer an alternative to the status quo which has punished the constituents time and time again. These ‘disruptors’ are the very reason that I am running. They have become a tool of the very ideology they claim to oppose. The aim of fascism is to force the people to conform to what the state, and corporations working with the state, desire. Fascism utilizes the elimination of choice and free speech by way of censorship. These harassers have alleged that my fellow candidates and I are ‘Christian fascists,’ yet they embody the fascism they purport to oppose. I know that this is not the type of home we want for ourselves in Idaho. I know that the people of Idaho support free, direct, and thoughtful political discourse and I aim to provide it.”

For the past two months, this group of thoughtful Idaho conservatives, have been making a major grassroots effort in bringing awareness to the upcoming election. For the first time in over 15 years, these candidates have a viable chance of effecting change in the longtime Democrat district.

“It deeply saddens my heart that instead of opening doors of dialogue, honest debate and communication, we have a small minority of people sinking to verbal abuse and using terminology and racial words to tear us apart. My heart has always been for unity, bridge building and conversation in a healthy way. These angry and aggressive people do not represent the spirit of kindness and respect that I have experienced as I walk through the neighborhoods and talk with those who call this district their home. I am proud to be part of District 17 and am working hard to support and serve our community,” said April Larson, Republican candidate for House Seat A in District 17.

She adds, “From the beginning, the business owners have been wonderful and very clear that they wish to remain politically neutral. They do not endorse any of our campaigns but have still been welcoming. They are the perfect example of tolerance and inclusiveness that the Boise Bench prides itself on. While to some, it may seem we are ‘caving,’ to bullies, my campaign will honor the request of our local business owners and wants no part of them becoming collateral damage at the hands of hate groups.”

All three candidates felt called to run in District 17 so that voters could have a clear choice in November. While they are running independent campaigns, they have been working together in a spirit of collaboration on these events.

District 17 has been a Democrat-held district, and many with opposing views have expressed that they have felt silenced and unrepresented for almost two decades. This campaign is not only about inspiring and uplifting, but about preparing for the future for conservative Idahoans here in the Boise area, and in Idaho at large.



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18 thoughts on “Press Release: Left-Wing Groups Threaten Local Business Owners, Community Event Cancelled

  1. Many of us moved here to get away from mobs like this. It’s very sad to see this behavior here. I would be willing to join a passive security force to provide a barrier between the presenters and the mob so that the candidates may speak freely. Let’s stand up for freedom and our rights by passively obstructing these hateful groups.

    1. Bruce, thank you so much for your kind jesture and I would absolutley appreciate your support. We have regrouped and rallied to a new location on August 2nd at Liberty Park on the bench from 6:30-8pm, please invite anyone you’d like and again thank you

  2. YOU LET THEM WIN! Such a shame. You let them destroy the constitution. There are those that would have stepped up to protect the area in a very discreet way. Police presence could have been required….. hell, they protect the leftists!

    1. AGREED ! What the hell are you letting these loud mouth losers shut you down for??? Grow a BACK BONE and tell them go to hell ! Get some Boise Boys to protect the event, get some proud boys to protect the event, get some idaho Militia to protect the event, get some Idaho 3% patriots to protect the event, for the love of God there are plenty of strong boned folks in Idaho to stand ground and push these losers out.! You make me sick by letting the losers shut you down.

    2. Steven, I completely understand your frustration and had it not been for the owners of the venue requesting that we do in fact cancel the event at their location then we absolutely would’ve have stood up. We are hosting an event in response to this event at Liberty Park on August 2nd from 6:30-8pm, I would love to meet you and have your support and back up there in case these people decide to return.

  3. The People have the right to peacefully protest and speak their mind in the USA.
    If these Left Wing Extremists have interfered with that, arrest them.
    If the Mayor, Police Chief or Sheriff cannot perform their constitutional duties, replace them.

  4. We cant back down from these leftist lib nut jobs… They just won a small victory buy repubs cancelling… Whats the Boise Mayor have to say about this???? Crickets

  5. You all need to quit whining and get something done. Citizens of Idaho on the right are more than willing to come protect their own free speech.Start advertising on a larger scale in the local paper, radio, Republican Party chairman of your intentions to meet the candidates and what they represent. Let people know of the adversity you are facing (protestors/agitators).Announce you are looking for assistance with security and volunteers will appear out of no where for the cause. We will be like all these blue states if we don’t start shutting this shit down. We need to let them know we are Idaho not New York or California-take control before it’s to late.Canyon county folks are hungry to help organize. No more tears or fear!

    1. Hi Rodney, after the owners asked us to cancel this particular event we regrouped and have moved the event to August the 2nd at Liberty Park from 6:30-8pm, I would love your support and anyone else that you think might want to come show their support as well. I have the police that will be there as well as several 2A concealed carry groups that will be also there to protect and defend our rights to peaceful gathering. I appreciate your passion and your advice, you are spot on!

  6. It is a sad day in Bosie! I moved here from Communist California to escape this BS! That Bosie mayor needs to go! And the rest of her liberal cohorts. It’s disappointing that they backed out/down. Whoever called it off let them WIN!

  7. Sissy’s ! You don’t belong in Idaho if you are that big of a sissy any how !!! You let the loser left shut the event down ? Wow, you are pathetic. You would have been surrounded by protection , and the 4 losers that intimidated you would have pee’d down there leg. GROW A SPINE ! And someone else put this event back on!

    1. Hi Gus, I hear and appreciate your passion and had it not been for the owners of the venue asking us to cancel the event at their location then I in fact would have never backed down. We regrouped, filed a report and moved the event to August 2nd at Liberty Park from 6:30-8pm, I would love your support and presence there as we have many patriots that will be there also to show their support. Hope to see you there and get the opportunity to meet you!

  8. Did any of the businesses file police reports on the threats? I hope someone advised them to. If law enforcement can discover and reveal some of these thugs, perhaps it be one more level of discouragement, on top of the already excellent suggestions above.

    1. I did and they stated that this has become a real problem in the last few months and we are not the only people or businesses that have been threatened. We need to stand up to these people and show that they cannot intimidate or bully us. We have regrouped and are hosting another event on August 2nd at Liberty Park from 6:30-8pm, I would love to have the support and please spread the word.

  9. Very SAD to See ALL the “Extremist Rants” from those posting here. Any Shouts about “Fascism, Liberals, Antifa, ‘Communist California’ “, and the like are just “Dog Whistle” bologna, to incite more Anger and Hate. It is a shame the Both Sides have stooped low enough to revert to 5th Grade taunts of being Bullies.
    GROW UP People! Let’s have good “Civil Discourse” to present opposing views and find out IF there may be a way towards compromise to benefit ALL Parties involved. Screaming and Hateful Rhetoric achieves little or nothing.
    WE ALL face the Problem of the Idaho Legislature not working on GOOD solutions of the Property Tax Debacle, which causes EVERYBODY Grief!

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