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Press Release: Kind Idaho Medical Marijuana Organization Gains Momentum After Reorganizing

By • March 6, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Kind Idaho. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Just over a year ago, Kind Idaho started out as an unincorporated non-profit and Political Action Committee with the goal of legalizing Medical Marijuana in the State of Idaho. As a grassroots Idaho organization, we were an entirely new face for Idaho’s medical marijuana movement with the medical marijuana initiative’s 2022 petition drive.

Kind Idaho ran the petition the last 14 months, facing fierce opposition by the state legislators who introduced 7 anti marijuana bills (S1218 and others) including a proposed amendment to tie Idaho’s sovereignty to the FDA (Introduced by Sen. C. Scott Grow/Rep. Brent J. Crane SJR101/HJR004 which failed) and three anti voter initiative bills (S1110,S1150,H0403 in 2021 all failed), which all but a few minor bills failed.

During this time we collected signatures and built a volunteer base and network of actionists. As of March 1, 2022 we stopped actively collecting signatures to focus on candidate platforms and evaluate their positions on medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization in Idaho. We would like to remind those who have collected signatures to turn them in to be validated, and when you have validated them, return them to our business office found on our website.

Validated signatures have to be revalidated after they initially validated at the end for a second official count as per the initiative process. “It’s time for Idaho to do better, let’s go Idaho!” -Jackee Winters

During this last year we learned so much about the process and really began to understand what has, and has not, worked over the years, and why. In January, we reorganized and restructured our organization to ensure the efforts of volunteers lead to success for them, their families, and the people we organized to support.

Many lessons this last year included some painful ones about how dedicated some of the community is to improper procedures and fallacies of activism that interfered with past and present possibilities. As a result, future actionism on the part of Kind Idaho will be managed entirely through Kind Idaho to prevent conflicts of interest and guarantee focus on the project at hand based on successful models. Citizens’ initiatives petitions we put forward will be handled through Kind Idaho’s chain of custody. Those people who feel that they signed a petition, or donated in good faith, believing they were supporting the petition or Kind Idaho, can contact us for more information. We learned who we could count on and how to take more constructive action. Thanks to all who have volunteered and signed.

You can find us at, on Facebook as Kind Idaho, or email Jackee Winters, Chair of Kind Idaho,

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Kind Idaho Medical Marijuana Organization Gains Momentum After Reorganizing

  1. This is more Soros funded activism to further deteriorate the legal and moral standards of our state. Get ready to hear about how wonderful a “medical miracle” this crap is and how making it legal supports the economy through taxes collected etc. “It’s just pot, it’s harmless”. No, it’s not harmless and it leads to further drug use and crime in the cummunity. Ask any law enforcement person what the legal limit for driving under the influence of weed is and how that is determined? We don’t need to start down this slippery slope but my guess is there’s been enough Soros money infused into this that some of our “trusted” politicians are already turning the screws to get this through. Example: former speaker of the House John Boehner. Just say no Idaho.

  2. The last thing we need here are abunch of legal burnouts operating ! No way.

    Idaho too tough for these bums !

  3. This is not the marijuana from the 60’s. It has been gmo’d and is way more potent than a truckload of weed from the past. Marijuana may not cause direct harm or crime, but it is the underlying root. Some of the most heinous crimes have come as a result of marijuana. Marijuana can cause psychosis. Psychosis can cause hallucinations. Hallucinations can cause people to do heinous crimes. No to marijuana legalized or grown in Idaho.
    One of the big corps on this is Standlee!

  4. Another Communist organization. They should be fully investigated for ties to Soros and the Communist party of America.

  5. The only way to keep this craziness in check is to elect strong conservatives to our legislature. Get out and support the candidates who promise to Keep Idaho RED

  6. So when someone says “It’s time for you to do better” what they really mean it’s time for you to do what I want you to do whether you agree with it or not. Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator who makes sure people do better or else. I vote no.

  7. Just look at the states that have legalized marijuana and ask yourself if that’s a place you’d like to live. Hell no!

  8. Let’s keep this out of our state. The states that have this approved are trashed, disgusting, wracked with homelessness , laziness and drug abuse. Idaho already has enough struggles with drug addiction. I do NOT believe in legalizing this at all. Go to Oregon if you want weed. Not.In.Idaho….
    Keep Idaho Conservative

    1. yeah the problem is youre not stopping people from smoking weed youre just ruining peoples lives for no reason. Im a veteran i follow all the laws im a good citizen and a MAGA supporter, but because of people like you, im a criminal for smoking weed.

  9. Also agree with all the above and suggest to add to this: let’s get Zuckerberg/Meta crimes against humanity Kuna’s factory shut down and shut out of Idaho.

  10. Prohibition in Idaho while it’s readily available in most neighboring states is a completely ineffective endeavor. Anyone in Idaho who wants weed can get it.

    By banning it we squander away all the potential tax revenue and give it away to Oregon or Washington. And then we double down on the financial stupidity by spending more of our states money on police, judges, jails etc on trying to enforce laws that don’t work.

    Thinking you can make weed not exist in our state is naive and expensive.

  11. Funny hearing all these conservatives that “believe” in freedom telling me i cant own a plant. Yet i dont hear any of you trying to stop the state of Idaho from selling alcohol and you dont even pretend it has health benefits. more people die from drunk driving on a single weekend than all the people that have died from pot combined.

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