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Press Release: Jordan Marques for Idaho State Senate

By • April 22, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Jordan Marques, a Republican candidate for State Senate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Hello, my name is Jordan Marques. I am your neighbor in Payette. I hope to be your next Senator in District Nine. My wife Melany and I are blessed to have five wonderful children. Together, we have built a successful firearm manufacturing business. I grew up on a dairy and have worked in and around agriculture my whole life. I understand the importance of protecting business and agriculture. For the last few years, I have been fortunate to be able to spend a great deal of time at the Capitol in Boise, volunteering as a Legislative Analyst and Constitutional Consultant. I have built many working relationships and, in some cases, lasting friendships. In my time at the Capitol, I have had the opportunity to work on meaningful legislation and work against legislation that violates the rights of Idahoans.

My curiosity for and experience with government and legislation began as a young child. My father is a legal immigrant from Portugal. He came to the United States at eleven years-old to escape a fascist dictatorship and a communist revolution. I was taught from an early age to be informed and involved. I was taught that if we were to make sure the United States remained the greatest country in the world, we would have to be vigilant in our community and the legislative process. My father had to flee Portugal. If we lose our freedoms in the United States, there is nowhere to flee to. The great experiment in liberty that is our country is the last best hope for human rights in the world.

If you choose to hire me to be your Senator. I will continue to fight to reduce to ever-growing overspending and over taxation of Idahoans. We must cut back on wasteful government spending so we can reduce the tax burden that is choking the middle-class and bogging down businesses. We have a duty to provide an economy that breeds success for employers and in-turn employees. I will continue to work to keep more money in the pockets of the working-class and I will work to keep the government out of the way of businesses and their prosperity.

I had the great fortune to be homeschooled for part of my education. I also attended public school.  I understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to the education of children. My oldest child is homeschooled, while my three other school-aged children are blessed to attend Treasure Valley Classical Academy in Fruitland. TVCA is a shining example of what education can be. I believe parents are the primary stakeholders in their child’s education. Our state must protect the God-given responsibility of a parent to protect their child and not allow parents to be accused of being “domestic terrorists” for redressing their grievances with their School Boards. Parents deserve choice in their child’s education and they deserve to not be double taxed if they choose to use an alternative school choice. We cannot allow public schools in Idaho to teach racist, demeaning and oversexualized curriculum to our children. I will fight against any legislation that allows this abuse of our children. We have a duty to protect our children, both the born and unborn. I will also continue to fight against legislation that allows for healthcare mandates in our schools or anywhere else. The government has no business mandating healthcare choices.

I do not support government healthcare mandates in any form. Health freedom is our right and it must be protected.

We have a growing problem with federal mismanagement of public lands in Idaho. As your Senator, I will continue fight to expand programs like “The Good Neighbor Authority” and others that allow Idaho to clean up its forests and put Idahoans back to work in the logging and mining industries. We must protect the right to graze our public lands.  Idahoans are tired of “fire season” and all that entails. Idaho legislators have a duty to protect, maintain and allow access to the public lands within our borders.

In closing, I have been in the fight for the rights of Idahoans. I hope you will hire me to represent you in the Idaho Senate and continue this fight for you. I will not waiver in the fight to bring Idaho back to fiscal conservatism, to protect the rights of all Idahoans, especially our children, both the born and unborn, and protecting our lands from mismanagement by the federal government. Please reach out with questions and concerns. I look forward to serving you.


Jordan Marques

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Jordan Marques for Idaho State Senate

  1. District 14 is in desperate need of a viable hard hitting conservative senatorial candidate.
    Just in case you move there. Many would gladly support your candidacy.

    Best to you, Jordan Marques, for the Win in District 9.

  2. He has been working as a consultant for 5 yrs. to the Idaho representatives and senators, as an expert on the constitution. He is the REAL deal. Vote for Jordan.

  3. Sir do you have a Gettr and Telegram account?
    This is where true patriot conservatives find out the stuff that big Tech doesn’t want people to know. Furthermore I see no mention or the name Trump and your above statement , is this because you don’t want any controversy that is associated with this name? If so then you are not the person for this job , we need people that are more concerned about America than getting a new job, bald Christian leaders that are not afraid to call out corruption when they see it and are not more worried about their donor class.

  4. We know Jordan Marques. He can and should be elected on his own merits; his Constitutional knowledge, firm Christian beliefs and experience working with legislators. We need him working for us as a legislator. These attributes are reason enough to elect Jordan Marques.

  5. Great to see a freedom loving, limited government, Idaho First Constitutional Conservative patriot take up the fight for the rest of us. Good luck, Sir!

  6. Jordan Marques very sincere about what he will to do for are Idaho. He is real Conservative and a Patriot. He not going serve big Government He’s going server God and we the People of Idaho

  7. Went to the Q and A in Payette on April 26th. Very impressed with what I heard. Good luck in the primary. I think you will do well.

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