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Press Release: Idaho tops lists for states with most freedom

By • December 2, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – The Cato Institute released its annual Freedom in the 50 States report, an index of personal and economic freedom, and Idaho scored top spots on a number of the rankings.

“There is a reason this sought-after report says Idaho is one of the most economically and socially conservative states in the country. Idaho prides itself on minimizing the role of government in the lives of citizens and in the operation of businesses,” Governor Brad Little said.

Among the freedom rankings:

  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Overall Freedom
  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Overall Economic Freedom
  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Overall Regulatory Policy Freedom
  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Gun Rights
  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Occupational Freedom
  • Idaho is a top 10 state for Health Insurance Freedom

The map of all 50 states’ rankings can be found at

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho tops lists for states with most freedom

  1. Personally, I’m of the thinking that these “press releases” are nothing more than blatant, lame campaign self-promotions. The volume of oral flatulence from this individual is increasingly transparent and a constant reminder that Idahoans need to give him the left foot of fellowship from his perch.

    Let’s go Bradley…

    1. Perfect choice of words! Bradley is another lying, virtue-signaling RINO who must be replaced by a REAL freedom-defender.

  2. So being in the #10 spot of top the 10 is something to brag about? 4 states that helped steal the 2020 election are more free than we are? Save the article space for when we are #1.

  3. Soooooo… it’s gone down since Little’s been in office, and he’s bragging? K.

    Reading through the analysis from the CATO Institute is an illustration of why I don’t trust Libertarians to assess “freedom” or “conservative” qualifications. They knock Idaho because of their longer than national average incarceration rates, saying they’re a reflection of a lack of freedom? Simultaneously, they openly state that Idaho’s arrests are well below average, so clearly “it’s just sentencing that’s a problem”?? Um… just thinking out loud… did you ever consider perhaps their arrests are below average BECAUSE their sentences are higher than average. You know… that whole “deterrent” thingy?

    Stupid libertarians. Sorry. I can agree with 90% of a libertarian platform… but that other 10% is truly mystifyingly stupid.

  4. I agree with comments made. How “free” are we when the individual can be dictated to re getting arm jabs against our will? What about lockdowns of ANY business that occurred? We have a socialist mayor in Boise and some other towns. Idaho is not that free.

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