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Press Release: Idaho increases its lead as least regulated state

By • November 11, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – The Mercatus Center at George Mason University recently released new regulatory data showing Idaho widened its gap as the least regulated state in the nation.

“In my first year as Governor, we surpassed South Dakota and achieved the title of least regulated state in the country. We cut or simplified 75-percent of regulations in a matter of months, transforming our administrative code. We’ve taken other steps since then to ensure Idaho regulations remain streamlined, user-friendly, and easy to understand,” Governor Brad Little said. “Here in Idaho, we are demonstrating that if you roll up your sleeves, stay focused on your goal, and work effectively with others, you can get things done. When we reduce regulatory friction, good jobs follow.”

The Mercatus data show Idaho held the line with 39,000 regulations in 2020, demonstrating the success of Governor Little’s rules moratorium over the past year. Governor Little expects cuts made this year, when finalized, will put Idaho at fewer than 35,000 regulations given the success of the first year of zero-based regulation.

Meanwhile, in the same time period, the Democrat-led neighbor states of Oregon and Washington increased their regulatory burden; Oregon went from 200,000 regulations to 205,000 regulations, and Washington increased from 197,000 restrictions to 200,000 restrictions.

Cutting red tape has been a key achievement and unrelenting focus of Governor Little’s since he took office close to three years ago. Within his first few weeks in office, he issued two executive orders aimed at scaling back regulations – the Red Tape Reduction Act and Licensing Freedom Act of 2019. In addition, Governor Little’s Zero-Based Regulation executive order last year forces a routine review of rule chapters annually. Finally, Governor Little signed an executive order last year shrinking the size of state government by consolidating 11 separate agencies in the new Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses, a move that has led to efficiencies and resulted in better service at a lower cost for Idahoans.

The Mercatus data is publicly available at this link:

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11 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho increases its lead as least regulated state

  1. Whatever this may sound like, do not assume that it’s a campaign promo for my run in next year’s election. /s

    When you strike the sales tax on food, I’ll know you mean business.

  2. This is good news…..Imagine, after the next election, if the executive branch, if the house and senate leadership are all replaced with actual motivated and conservative leadership.

  3. This means that Little will not protect the individual from medical tyranny.
    Oh but we knew that already.
    If it’s good for business but not for the individual, you end up with a corporatocracy.
    I’m voting for Bundy.

  4. Janice Yelstine is trying to pass a tax on unrealized potential gain of income in the future. How do you feel about this concept?

    Now consider Idaho government is acting in the same manner by Taxing Idahoans for unrealized gains on probable assumptions on the assessed value of Idahoans homes. This MUST STOP.

    Unless a homeowner sells is there a financial gain. At that time shall taxes be collected.

    Please. Make a case for the truth.

    Thank you.
    God bless Idaho.

  5. Who is the brain trust advising you, Brad??? Do you think “state regulations” gets close to the top ten things important to Idahoans?? The top 20?

    But hey, Brad, I hope you run with this….all the way to electoral defeat.

  6. Yeah has anyone even taken a hard look at all the “regulations” he cut?
    They’re things that protect adults and children while in state custody (school, cps, jail/prison, state hospital), the need for a doctor to sign off on medical treatments administered while in such custody, and so on and so forth..
    May 2020 Admin Bulletin announced all these strike throughs. He did this only while he had the power to do so via Emergency Order.

    And big whoop condensing the bureau of occupational licenses. He still has the State in a state of emergency and can hinder or order those with licenses to not work- as he did. Putting their livelihoods and money invested in such licensing in jeopardy. If he wanted to impress anyone there he’d of deregulated industries that fall under that umbrella.

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