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Press Release: Idaho House Members to Meet at Capitol in Boise

By • September 14, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the Idaho Covid-19 Vaccine Protection Plan:

(Boise, Idaho) – State Representatives around the state of Idaho have called to reconvene the session which was suspended earlier this summer, in order to vote on a bill to offer protection from Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates recently proposed by President Joe Biden.

“This is a chance to protect Idahoans, their freedoms and their jobs,” said one state representative. “We only need 36 representatives present to vote, we can get this done and help our state like we were elected to do.”

There is currently a bill written which follows closely to other bills that have passed that guard personal freedoms. The bill is specifically written for the Covid-19 Vaccine and is designed to offer protection from the recent federal mandates. Representatives are asking for public help to encourage their representatives to attend the session and vote on the bill.

“We really just want our freedoms in this state, and to best choose for ourselves and families how to navigate our current situation.” said Representative Tammy Nichols District 11.

For contact information for your legislator and to encourage them to attend the session, go or visit for a direct link.

The Idaho C19 Vaccine Protection Plan was created by a group of concerned citizens and policymakers working to keep Idaho free. Concerned groups and citizens are meeting at the capitol at noon on September 15th in solidarity to support members of the House.

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