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Press Release: Idaho Freedom Caucus Member, State Senator Brian Lenney, Spearheads Anti-SLAPP Bill to Champion Free Speech

By • November 29, 2023

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Idaho State Senator Brian Lenney. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, ID – Idaho Freedom Caucus member and State Senator Brian Lenney has announced the introduction of a pivotal anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) bill in the 2024 legislative session. This legislative measure is designed to safeguard free speech in Idaho by providing robust protections against legal bullying through frivolous lawsuits.

The proposed bill draws from the successful frameworks of laws in states like Texas and California. It aims to shield Idahoans from the misuse of litigation by powerful interests seeking to suppress public dialogue and dissent through intimidation.

“Enough is enough,” declared Senator Lenney. “The era where deep pockets dictate our freedoms is over. This anti-SLAPP legislation is our stand for the voiceless, ensuring that the right to speak out in Idaho is not a privilege of the wealthy but a right for all.”

This legislation will enable quick dismissal of meritless lawsuits, alleviating the undue financial and psychological strains these cases impose. It is a clear statement that Idaho will not tolerate litigation as a tool for censorship.

With resounding bipartisan support, including endorsements from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Institute for Free Speech, the bill transcends political divides. It reinforces the idea that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of all American values.

“As a proud member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus, I’m committed to defending the rights that are integral to our identity as Idahoans and Americans,” stated Senator Lenney. “This anti-SLAPP bill is a testament to that commitment, and I’m ready to lead the charge in the legislature.”

The bill positions Idaho at the forefront of national efforts to strengthen legal safeguards around free speech. Senator Lenney extends an invitation to all Idahoans to rally behind this critical initiative and to lend their voices in support of preserving our fundamental freedoms.

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho Freedom Caucus Member, State Senator Brian Lenney, Spearheads Anti-SLAPP Bill to Champion Free Speech

  1. My initial response to this is one of skepticism. Anything that lists the endorsement of the Anti-Christian Liberties Union (aka ACLU) gives me pause. I’m not writing this off…but must by past observation look into it further before my personal acceptance of it as a “good thing.” Just being cautious…as I was taught growing up, “If you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything.”

    Critical reading and thinking fall squarely into that concept for me. I hope it’s a good thing, this bill…but I’m not anxious to be fooled by rhetoric before vetting it.

    1. Every now and then, the ACLU backs some bill like this in order to try and maintain an aura of legitimacy.

      99.9% of their ‘work’ still involves promoting and supporting evil.

      Nothing has changed. It seems like a good bill despite the ACLU backing.

  2. Ole Senate Pro Temper, Chuck Winder should be SLAPP’ed with a lawsuit against his actions for being “Against Fellow Senator’s Participation”.

    We thank Senator Brian Lenney and support his, along with fellow Senators, push to get this passed.

    1. I believe the 2024 legislative session does not start until Jan. 8, 2024. I also belive bills can’t be introduced until the legislature is in session. Until then, I also look forward to the bill’s text. I believe Sen. Lenney has his constituent’s interest at heart and am glad he is my senator.

      1. Me too, Ken!! Brian’s a member of the Freedom Caucus and one of the few legislators who can be trusted to do the right thing.

  3. The lack of integrity shows in the wording that is not transparent to people like me that needs it explained in layman terms on what it is saying on both sides. How about a clear window into the law you are trying to pass.

  4. Why was this needed in Idaho? Anything with the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center should get the stink eye!
    Southern Idaho/ADA County is foaming over with Marxism!

  5. Thank you for posting this, sir. I must say, however, that I find it troubling that the ACLU has endorsed it. With their highly-checkered past in supporting anti-American causes serving their ever-troubling agenda(s) I have to wonder how they are scheming and plotting how best to utilize their powerful lobbyists and lawyers to twist and manipulate this, should it pass, to serve their interests.

    That said, it appears to me that it is, indeed, a good and needed piece of legislation.

    I know I might be opening Pandora’s box on the following example, but:
    Without stating my personal view(s) on the case (and I’ve never stated publicly where I stand on it) I’d wonder…would Ammon Bundy have had any interest in this a year or two ago? Would it have applied to him? Or…

    Anyway, thank you for posting these various links and helping folks to sort through it and flesh out the particulars.

    1. Crickets…from the Senator. Ammon Bundys home has been seized, he is in hiding & has warrants in all 50 states. For what? Standing up to the child trafficking by St Luke’s & the Child Protective Services. St Luke’s sued him for defamation when everything he said was true AND documented. Corrupt judges. Truly the ‘love of money’ is the root of all evil.

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