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Press Release: Idaho files emergency motion asking SCOTUS to reinstate stay on OSHA vaccine mandate

By • December 20, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today that Idaho, joined by 26 other states, filed an emergency motion to reinstate the stay in the U.S. Supreme Court on Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate on private business, after a three-judge panel in the Sixth Circuit dissolved the stay Friday, allowing the OSHA rule to go into effect.

“We are doing all we can to put a stop to Biden’s unprecedented government overreach into the private sector. The majority of the nation’s governors oppose Biden’s damaging and ineffective vaccine mandate policies, but he continues to push them on citizens, businesses, and the states. Thankfully, two other vaccine mandates remain stayed, and collectively the states will give a voice to the millions of Americans being coerced and cornered by the President,” Governor Little said.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals previously stayed the OSHA emergency temporary standard (ETS) from taking effect. That case subsequently was consolidated with numerous other challenges and transferred to the Sixth Circuit. One of the three judges on the Sixth Circuit panel opposed the decision to reinstate the stay.

The Supreme Court is likely to rule on the states’ motion in January.

Two other mandates – the federal contractors mandate and the CMS mandate on healthcare workers – remained stayed.

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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho files emergency motion asking SCOTUS to reinstate stay on OSHA vaccine mandate

  1. Don’t be fooled: Brad is OK with vaccine mandates: EMPLOYER mandates are ok, government mandates are not.

    In other words, it’s NOT a question of individual liberty for Brad, but rather a question of who has authority to mandate a vaccine.

    Earth to Brad and those like-minded: NO ONE has any authority to force another human being to inject themselves with a substance whose long-term effects are unknown. For any reason. It’s really so simple, even a “Little” brain should be able to comprehend it.

    1. Nailed it. So much posturing. So much semantic word play. At the end of the day, the issue is simple, and virtually none of them are actually addressing it. Cases for healthcare workers. Cases for students. Cases for government workers, first responders, private businesses, etc. etc. etc. It’s all smoke.


      There is no justification for it in any scenario. The ONLY premise for pushing this bullshit is that it’s to keep OTHERS safe in the workplace. If the “vaccines” actually worked, then that’s a non-issue. If the “vaccines” don’t work, then that’s a non-issue. If the “vaccines” don’t stop the spread, then that’s a non-issue.

      There is ZERO rational scientific justification for any vaccine mandate, and there never will be. And yet… here we are. Kinda makes ya wonder why, right?

  2. Little Brad knows there is an election coming up and would like to appear as something other than what he is.
    Lloyd Jones

        1. Can you explain why you are for Bundy and not Janice at this time? I’m looking at all of them at this point…..not LITTLE! He is a hard NO!

  3. The important thing to know here is that the president has no authority to issue any such mandate. Ammon Bundy knows this, Brad Little does not. So as governor Bundy will simply ignore any such presidential mandate and go about protecting the rights of the people.

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