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Press Release: Idaho exploring legal action against Biden’s COVID-19 plan

By • September 10, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little issued the following expanded statement today regarding President Joe Biden’s plan to fine private employers with 100 or more employees that do not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine or routine testing.

“The State of Idaho is exploring legal action to stop President Biden’s unprecedented government overreach into the private sector with his new COVID-19 plan. I am working closely with my legal counsel and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden on legal options to protect the rights of business owners and their employees.

I have been consistent that government should stay out of decisions involving employers and their employees as much as possible. I’ve advocated for and championed fewer government regulations and mandates on business.

I am also deeply concerned with the president’s tone in his message to the American people with his new plan. It is wrong for President Biden to dismiss the concerns of millions of Americans and tell governors who represent Americans that he will use his powers as president to get them out of the way. This is not leadership. When President Biden took office, he promised to do his best to unify our country, and he has only driven us further apart. President Biden is out of touch, and his mandates only add to the divisiveness within our country.

I still urge Idahoans to choose to receive the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine and other ways to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 so our kids can stay in school and for the continued health and prosperity of the people of Idaho.”

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31 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho exploring legal action against Biden’s COVID-19 plan

  1. What do we really expect from Little and Wasden… two very much “establishment” or even RINO-types. Are we expecting them to string us… the freedom-loving folks… along until nothing can be done to correct the tyrannical madness? Or will this be a time for the “establishment” types, D and R, to come together and, yet again, take more of our freedoms away.

  2. Weak……sounds like something from Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney, but even they might be able to feign a little more passion in defense of the Constitution and the American way of life.

  3. He needs to be the most aggressive Gov in the country right now. Set the tone, pass a resolution banning this in our state or any mandate for that matter.

  4. I read this and think, Great, he seems to be taking a stand. But then again, I live in Washington where Jay Inslee is not only in full agreement, but likely working a plan to extend this to companies under 100 employees as well.

  5. Little’s feigned moral outrage rings hollow while he maintains the ridiculous state of emergency and steadfastly refuses to exert any effort to protect the jobs of Idahoans thrown out of work because of refusal to comply with dictatorial “vaccine” mandates. And we have not forgotten his attorney general’s refusal to throw in with Texas when it petitioned the Supreme Court concerning election fraud. He must figure it a good campaign strategy to get all blustery now, but sorry, too late, too Little. This does nothing at all to dissuade me from wanting to see him replaced by Janice McGeachin. Had she been at the helm already, we would not be dealing with Little’s many failures to hear and act upon the will of the people instead of the will of IACI.

  6. What an absolutely spineless response. A Governor MUST put the citizens first, always. This Gov certainly hasn’t done that. He needs to defend Idahoan’s individual rights… and until he puts a stop to the gross overreach of corporations happening RIGHT NOW, his words regarding Biden ring hollow.

  7. So let get this straight, Brad: you are OK with hospital administrators making “jab or job” mandates, but NOT ok with Biden basically ordering the same? Seems to me you have no problem with mandates but rather who is making them.

    Brad: YOU ARE A FRAUD. Your job is to protect the INDIVIDUAL right of each Idahoan to be safe and secure in his person and his property. My health is MY property; my health is an integral part of MY personhood. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY to violate it force me to violate either AND YOU HAVE A DUTY to stop anyone who does. YOU HAVE FAILED. Go back to potato farming–and maybe you can take a copy of the US and Idaho Constitutions with you into the fields to read and enlighten yourself.

    “Liberty must, at all cost, be preserved.” John Adams. Chew on that for a while, Brad.

  8. I am a nurse. I am done listening to “safe and effective.” This injection is neither and it is not a vaccine. I will not take the poison death shot. I had SARS, which was inconsequential to my health and is for MOST who contract it. I will not pretend I do not have an immune system. I will not recommend that anyone take this, regardless of their health status- the healthy of all ages do not need it and the unhealthy are now at risk for major illness- I’ve seen everything from seizures and strokes to fast growing cancers. I’ve seen people get “Covid” after being fully injected.
    I will not comply.
    Fire me. Starve me. I won’t take it. F Biden and F Little, Winder and Bedke.
    Welcome to the nursing shortage

    1. I just heard on a “Shawn Baker MD” YT video that as of 9/24, a hospital in NY will no longer be delivering babies due to shortage of staff!! This is where it’s going folks and not just in delivering babies.

  9. Obviously, Little hasn’t done his homework- the deadly shot is neither safe NOR effective. But then again, he’s the same guy who banned hydroxychloroquine for covid use, then sought immunity against those who died of the Chinese virus because they weren’t allowed therapeutics in this state. He is the ultimate hypocrite.

    1. Marilyn: he is parroting Dr. Patrice Brugess, St. Alphonsus “physician” and Chairwoman of the State’s Covid 19 Response committee. I know: I have to listen to St. Al’s internal online town halls from time to time–Dr. Burgess, et al, are whispering in his ear “safe and effective” “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and so many other falsehoods. St. Al’s employees get this EVERY DAY, as does those working for St. Luke’s, Primary Health, etc.

      Stay away from hospitals at all costs–they will kill you through willful incompetence and/or complicity with big Pharma to push this vaccination on you. (Doctors get kickbacks from big Pharma reps, catered lunches for them and their staff, etc. Ever respond to those TV commercials instructing you to “Talk with your doctor if is right for you.” Too late: big Pharma has already talked to your doctor, and they both conveniently agree: is “safe and effective.” for you) STAY AWAY….

  10. Too Little to Late. Goes for the docile Attorney General also.
    Both need replaced.!

    I haven’t seen Wadsen AG do a damn thing to protect us !! Remember this !

  11. We need a governor that will grow and maintain a backbone and stand up to the feds. We need someone that will remind the feds, in no uncertain terms, about state rights. We need someone to point to the one page document called the constitution that lists the limited rights afforded to the federal government and stating that all other rights and responsibilities are in the purview of the states.
    Fight or die.

  12. Elmer Fudd….er, sorry, I meant to say Gov. Chicken Little…..should have come out SWINGING IN 2020 on behalf of the people of Idaho, like DeSantis did for Florida and Floridians.

    Instead, he played along with the “follow the science that we approve of” crowd on the left, was mealy-mouthed in his defense of our liberties, and then did absolutely nothing to defend Idahoans when St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, and Primary Health all forced their awful vax mandate on their staff – people who worked thru’ the pandemic right from the start.

    Now all of a sudden he is “thinking” about …”exploring”….joining a lawsuit against Beijing Biden and his Cabal of Cronies??? What is there to think about? GROW A DAMN SPINE, GOV. CHICKEN LITTLE!!! Janice McGeachin has more “cajones” that you do, you lame RINO!!!

    All I have to say is that Janice or Ed are both looking better and better in 2022!! NO MORE RINOs!!! KEEP IDAHO FREE!!!

  13. Governor Brad Little of Idaho was acting like a tyrannical power hungry dick-TATER. Demanding lock downs,
    masks up
    and Vax.  
    UNTIL …
    Bye-Done said He was going to mandate Vax…lol then all of a sudden, LITTLE files papers against Federal government overreach.
    How do you like being bossed around Little? Not fun is it.

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