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Press Release: Idaho Dispatch Owner Miste Karlfeldt Announces New Mission Statement

By • April 24, 2023

A message from Idaho Dispatch owner Miste Karlfeldt. Take note of the Idaho Dispatch’s new mission statement!

Idaho Dispatch New Mission Statement (

Idaho Dispatch is a non-partisan, independent, unbiased news source designed to be your local media ally in Idaho. In stark contrast to legacy media, our mission is to bring you political news that offers both sides of the story. Stories that corporate media often refuse to cover find their way into print at Idaho Dispatch.

We accept opinion editorials on a wide variety of topics that interest Idaho residents. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of Idaho Dispatch.

We encourage polite comments and discussion in the comment section under each article, and we strongly discourage name-calling and ad-hominem attacks.

Please contact us via this email form. Please click here to donate.

About Idaho Dispatch – Idaho Dispatch

From the video – definitions:

Journalist- one who conducts or writes for a public journal

Journalism- a collection and editing of news for presentation through media

Bias- a leaning of the mind

Unbiased- free from bias, free from undue partiality/prejudice, impartial

Dispatch- to send promptly or with speed

Independent- not subject to the control of others

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho Dispatch Owner Miste Karlfeldt Announces New Mission Statement

  1. I love the ID. No bs. No foreign investors.
    No Marxist ideology. Just common sense fairness(truth)- the very thing the enemy hates and will obfuscate and lie to destroy. The enemy being all those who publish lies/half-truths/skewed or even pure propaganda…., that is now global media Du Jour. The father of lies…..

  2. I realize you have to make money to support this effort but when I look at this page there is more advertising than there is content. While space does not allow for discourse about google I refuse to read anything with google ads, good luck in your endeavor.

    1. What? I have no google ads on my page! I have no idea what you are talking about! Jeesh! Complain, complain, complain. Did you send any money in support of this endeavor? If not, then you might want to be quiet and just appreciate you get to read something for free.

  3. When driving on Idaho highways, one can drive by signs that say ,”Idaho is too great to litter”. Enough said.

  4. Unbiased-simply reporting the facts is a lost art in the media these days. ID Dispatch is unique, informative and unbiased.

  5. I throughly enjoy the content in Idaho Dispatch.
    It is refreshing to see more of the type of news I grew up with. Just the facts and editorials based on fact versus mob think.

  6. Hi Idaho dispatch and good morning all.
    Thank you Miste for defining what REAL journalism actually is. Yes it has become a lost art. Some or many of your readers may not appreciate this not being a safe haven or safe space for only right wing ideology and a flogging room for those that write articles and news not aligned with a particular political BIAS or persuasion.
    I am a “right winger” lol. That’s what I’m called now. But I understand the value of booth points of view and we must have booth other wise it’s not Journalism. I don’t always agree with all writers and their content or point of view/bias. But it is good to know what the other side is thinking.
    This is a valuable news media organization and defamatory name calling is not a good tool for communication nor does it build bridges in a community. It divides.
    I often find my self wanting to respond with an “emotional outburst” my self but obviously is not the mature and reasonable thing to do.
    We must respect each other at least as much as possible and remember we all live in Idaho, we are all neighbors, live in the same republic of the “United” states of America.
    No need to go beating the front door down of your neighbor in a violent manor. Protest, digress, and disagree peacefully. A soft word turns away wrath!
    Keep up the good work Idaho Dispatch I’m a supporter and value what you do.

  7. It’s almost impossible to find unbiased news sources these days. Thank you Gregg and Miste for starting and furthering this outlet. Personally, I have really been enjoying Sarah’s articles. Such a brilliant mind and now I feel she has the perfect outlet to help inform and educate the Idahoans that truly care about truth and facts over emotion and virtue signaling. Miss your faces!

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