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Press Release: Idaho cities start receiving new round of federal relief dollars

By • June 23, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little’s office on June 21:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and State Controller Brandon Woolf announced today Idaho cities with populations below 50,000 will start receiving their share of $54 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Governor Little and the Idaho Legislature unanimously accepted the federal funds, which will be used by local government in Idaho to respond to COVID-19 or invest in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure.

“From the start, I emphasized the need to direct the billions of dollars allocated for Idaho from the American Rescue Plan Act into long-range investments that will benefit our children and grandchildren. The funds going to cities starting today add to the significant investments we’ve already made in infrastructure to support the next generation of Idahoans,” Governor Little said. “I urge cities to leverage these dollars for investments that will reduce the property tax burden that Idahoans will face in the future.”

The $54 million distribution is just the first tranche of funds that will be distributed to Idaho cities. Another round of $54 million will be distributed to cities next year.

At the request of the Idaho Legislature and Governor Little, the State Controller’s Office has delivered an easy-to-use portal for all Non-Entitlement Units of Local Government (NEU) to receive the Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. An NEU is any city in the State of Idaho with a population less than 50,000 that is not otherwise receiving direct funding from the U.S. Treasury.

“The State of Idaho was better prepared to receive, distribute, and report on CARES Act funding thanks to the robust Transparent Idaho portal,” State Controller Woolf said. “I am proud to expand Transparent Idaho’s functionality to funnel ARPA funding to cities across our great state.”

Unlike coronavirus relief funding utilized in CARES Act grants, the State of Idaho is not the primary recipient of this funding and will not be reviewing expenses for eligibility, but rather act as a pass-through entity for distribution purposes only. The State Controller’s Office will work with NEUs to provide an expedient distribution.

If an entity is interested in receiving funding and has not previously registered to receive CARES Act funding, it will be required to register to receive ARPA funds. To complete an entity registration, visit the ARPA portal at Transparent.Idaho.Gov.

Once an entity has registered to receive funding, it will be required to complete a request for funding. If an entity has any issues registering or requesting funding they are encouraged to call the Idaho State Controller’s Office at 208-334-3100 for assistance over the phone.

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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho cities start receiving new round of federal relief dollars

  1. Yay, Congress borrowed money that the Federal Reserve printed out of thin air and gave us some!

    Meanwhile, housing prices are up 24% year over year, gas is up 60%, used cars are up 33% and food is inflating. Can’t imagine why.

    Thankfully, the Federal Reserve reassures us they will keep inflation at only 2%. Yay Federal Reserve! Print us some more money!

  2. What strings are attached? There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Follow the money….connect the dots…..Now we know why certain politicians made certain decisions in the last 2 years.

  3. The Governor could have refused the Fed $$$. Piles of CARES Act and ARPA dollars can be like CRACK to our weak and vulnerable political leaders. The money always comes strings attached, puts us all further in debt and adds to unnecessary inflation from printing funny money than our economy cannot support.
    Maybe I’m old fashioned but “the people” need to learn how to take of themselves and not look to the government, state and federal, when “the people” are having difficult times. It always leads to overreach and loss of freedom. I for one can’t afford to loose anymore.
    Sadly, Governor Little acts like it is totally normal to take 1.2 billion dollars from the federal government that we did ask for. A “real” conservative would never have put us in this situation and would have managed the China Virus crisis while leaving our freedoms and way of life in tact. It will be a great day for Idaho when Lt Governor Janice McGeachin moves upstairs to here new office and Brad Little is back on the farm.

  4. Brad Little is so corrupt. He forces Idaho to bow the knee to the Fed to receive more funds on a fraudulent basis. Then he even brags about it! By the way, he belongs in prison, not back on the farm enjoying his ill-gotten gains!

  5. Guess who’s going to be stuck with the bill for that money printed out of thin air? Covid money has coerced people into believing in the biggest hoax in human history. More and more and more keeps coming to keep the hoax alive.

    Little is paid to keep the hoax going. He is a WEF puppet.

  6. Listen up all you cities, churches and businesses who have taken or will take any federal money related to Covid: YOU will be forced to enforce mandatory vaccinations and mandatory vaccine passports, because the government now owns even more of you. Are you ready to take this on? Because this won’t end well in a state that is 45% fully vaccinated.

    How will they own more of you? Read the fine print: the federal government retains for itself the right to demand all that money back, PLUS interest PLUS fines, if you do not use covid money as the feds think you should. Who among our cities, churches and businesses could survive that? You are selling yourselves into slavery–ain’t that rich irony after just celebrating INDEPENDENCE Day?? Covid dollars = chains, pure and simple. I guess it is true: fools are easily bought.

    Gov Little–we can only hope your days as governor are numbered and the ballot box next year will send you back to the farm. You are a disgrace.

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