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Press Release: Idaho Chooses Life Endorses Debbie Critchfield for State Superintendent

By • April 12, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Idaho Chooses Life. Note: Press Releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

The cost of an education cannot be the souls of our children

“I’m running for State Superintendent to put all of Idaho’s kids first,” said Debbie Critchfield. “I’m deeply honored by the endorsement from Idaho Chooses Life, and their confidence in my commitment to defend our children.”

(BOISE). Idaho Chooses Life announced today that it was supporting Debbie Critchfield in the GOP Primary on May 17th, and urged pro-Life voters to get behind the pro-Life candidate.

“I have had the chance to spend time in serious conversations with Debbie about her views on family, parental involvement and her core moral values,” Executive Director David Ripley said in a prepared statement. “I am impressed. We are convinced that Debbie has the temperament, skills, and vision to provide fresh leadership to Idaho’s public school system at a critical time.”

“But our focus is not so much on test scores as it is upon protecting the innocence of children,” Ripley continued. “Most Idahoans are concerned about the radical agendas at work across our society seeking to undermine family values by sexualizing children at ever younger ages.”

“Parents ought not to have to worry about sending their children to school – or having to choose between learning how to read and having their child’s innocence and identity shaken by unaccountable public school employees. The cost of an education cannot be the souls of our children.”

Ripley pointed to the mounting evidence that public school libraries and health curriculum in Idaho may be exposing young children to inappropriate sexual material as a major concern for the pro-Life movement.

“We know that many organizations, especially Planned Parenthood, seek to normalize premature sexual activity among school children,” Ripley argued. “That is a key component of their business model. And that agenda can destroy young lives.”

Ripley went on to observe that the threat to the well-being of our school children has grown more serious in the wake of radical new policy directives coming out of Joe Biden’s White House.
“We need new and effective leadership from our next Superintendent to protect our children from those radical agendas,” Ripley concluded. “Schools should be a safe place, focused on academic development. We are convinced that Debbie Critchfield is the person who can get the job done for Idaho families and our children.”


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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho Chooses Life Endorses Debbie Critchfield for State Superintendent

  1. Deb Critchfield is a great choice for Superindendent. Also Doug Traubel for Ada County Sheriff. We need all the strong and moral people like these we can vote in.

    All in order to combat the destruction of the current socialist, liberal leaning Trio of little/bedke/wasden. Vote these three out in the primaries.

  2. Whoa wait a sec.. Critchfield and RINO Bedke are cousins by marriage, I believe. If you want a MAGA candidate vote for Branden Durst.

  3. Someone above ☝️ mentioned career politician Labrador. Personally I keep remembering his inefficiency as a representative. Wasn’t impressed then, so not inclined to take that step again in the AG position. And as stated above Critchfieid and Bedke are too close, can’t bring myself to support either of them, in any capacity or position.

  4. Idaho Chooses Life showed their colors when they opposed the abortion abolition bill. The end of abortion is the end of their fundraising. Now they want to support the more money for schools esestablishment candidate?
    Branden Durst is the real conservative candidate!

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