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Press Release: Idaho-Based National News Site Launched

By • May 11, 2024

The following press release was sent out by Greg Pruett and The D.C. Beat. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Rigby, Idaho – A new national news site has been launched to help combat the mainstream media.

Greg Pruett, former owner and editor of the Idaho Dispatch, has launched “The D.C. Beat,” a national publication focused on the White House, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and national elections.

Pruett released the following statement regarding his effort to bring Americans national news without all the bias and agenda built into the articles:

“I loved the Idaho Dispatch and bringing Idahoans local news that wasn’t full of bias and slanted in any particular direction. We had readers who were liberal, in the middle, and conservative who liked reading my articles because they didn’t feel I was trying to shove an agenda down their throats.

The national media has gotten really bad over the last decade. Both sides have their own outlets that they like to use, and the bias is deep. Most outlets are either very liberal or very conservative. Even outlets like Fox News don’t hide their bias and agenda.

My goal is to provide people with news from the national scene so that they can read all sides of what is being said or done and then decide for themselves what they want to believe. I don’t think Americans have to be told what to think. Give people the information and then let them decide.”

Pruett went on to say that the only way to fight back against the mainstream media agenda is to support outlets that are trying to do news the right way.

You can sign up for free notifications from The D.C. Beat at and stay up to date on Greg’s latest articles.

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2 thoughts on “Press Release: Idaho-Based National News Site Launched

  1. politcal hackery is the problem w the media, not bias. maybe the dc beat isnt for me. nobody is special cus they’re a moderate. being mushy and luke warm is extremely mediocre. pick a side, or just be a spectator. Theres a reason the media doesn’t cover the donor class, the federal reserve, politicans who hate their constituents, and corporations who hate their customers. Its because they want a good job and a nice paycheck. so lets be real..

    1. so you’d rather be coddled with lies and misinformation then? Got it.

      What’s so hard about reading what’s happening without any slant whatsoever on the actual stories? Do you really need someone to tell you how you should feel about what you’re reading?

      This is why the country is in the toilet. People like you who would rather side with whatever the news is telling you, rather than making your own observations based on facts only and nobody else’s opinions.

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