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Press Release: Humphreys Challenges Lt. Governor to Christmas Charity Challenge Debate, Now Over $25,000

By • December 7, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Ed Humphreys, a Republican gubernatorial candidate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

(Eagle, Idaho) Ed Humphreys, GOP candidate for Idaho Governor, has challenged the Lt. Governor to a live debate, moderated by Kevin Miller, with a $10,000 Christmas Challenge that has now reached over $25,000.

“The conservative field needs to be whittled down to one candidate so that the strongest candidate can take on the Governor who is openly receiving support from Democrats and left-wing groups,” Humphreys said.

“We started the challenge with $10,000 from one donor who will give the dollars to charity. Since the announcement on our FB post late last week additional supporters have pushed the debate Christmas charity challenge to over $25,000,” he added.

“I’m sure the Lt. Governor is not afraid to share her ideas with the State of Idaho in an open, fair debate with a conservative moderator,” he concluded.

Visit for more information about Ed Humphreys and his campaign.


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16 thoughts on “Press Release: Humphreys Challenges Lt. Governor to Christmas Charity Challenge Debate, Now Over $25,000

  1. The lieutenant governor probably won’t do it, who knows she’s still up for contempt of court. But I welcome the debate and appreciate the Humphreys campaign pushing it. We do need just one conservative candidate. Statistically with a divided primary along with some historical notations Governor Brad little is going to win this contest hands down if he declares this candidacy. Conservatives in Idaho need to focus on the Idaho house in Idaho Senate. While there have been small gains in the Idaho house for conservatives you can count them on two fingers in the Idaho Senate. A conservative Governor at this time would only have limited options with the current legislative conglomerate we have now. Idaho voters have been consistently and historically electing this legislative body for years. Conservatives need the legislature right now, not top offices. I predict the McGeachin campaign will fold before the primary election takes place due to their own ineptness and campaign chaos.

  2. No sidebar debates that are privately setup by one campaign and might possibly be skewed in said candidates favor. A debate is necessary and should include all candidates that are eligible in the primary, Gov. Little included, if he announces. Moderator needs to be agreed upon by those involved in the debate. This is a sophomoric ploy by Humphreys.

    1. Agree. It does, however, totally fit the humphreys/tommy alquist campaign mode, right down to lots of money from outside backers funding his latest attempted circus. On one thing we completely agree, and that is we need one quality candidate, and the other paid spoiler should drop out. He doesn’t have enough class to back Janice when he fades away, but just disappearing will be sufficient in his case.

  3. Before any said Republican starts throwing up the “Conservative” mantra, let’s do appropriate and very deep disclosure on any Republican claiming to be such. True Christian Constitutional Conservatives are tired of local and State Republican Central Committees pushing out, “approved” RINOs instead of REAL C3 candidates.

  4. Gary is right, WE Idahoans need to get the Idaho State Senate skeletons OUT of the closet, and replace rhinos with true conservatives that ADVOCATE for the PEOPLE’S RIGHTS and INTERESTS. However, I disagree with Gary about the Governor’s seat. This position of power and influence needs to be carefully wielded by a genuine Constitutional Conservative, which Janice McGeachin is. Make no mistake, her role is tumultuous right now because she is in the MIDST of BATTLE. The real question here is: Are Idaho men “man enough” to follow a strong woman for a few years?? She is Idaho’s best advocate for top-end transparency in Idaho politics at this time. Have you attended any of the “Capitol Clarity” meetings that she hosts at the Capitol building, weekly, during Session in Boise? She helps Idahoans “plug in” to Legislature’s hot topics as they emerge. Every concerned Idahoan should attend, or view from the Legislature’s Website. God used Deborah to lead Israel to victory in a time when there was a lack of strong male leaders. I believe God can use Janice McGeachin to lead Idaho out of the Federal Debt-Slavery that Little has led us into. I will vote for her!

  5. Janice has no reason to debate Humphreys. She has nothing to gain. After all she was endorsed by Trump and why is Humphreys only wanting to debate her? Do the research on Humphreys past life and work life. He is not remotely qualified for Governor.
    I guess any millennial such as Humphreys believes you start at the top without working your way like most successful people.

  6. Janice has no morals and neither does Ed. she cheated on her husband. he paid for his girlfiends abortion. ask them both about it and see how they respond. its all true.

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