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Press Release: Humphreys Calls on Governor for AG Investigation into St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, & Primary Health

By • August 21, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Ed Humphreys who is running to be the Republicans nominee for Governor:

Ed Humphreys, Republican candidate for Idaho Governor, is calling on the Governor to request an immediate Attorney General and Ada County Prosecuting Attorney probe into St. Luke’s St. Al’s and Primary Health for possible coordination and collusion of abusive labor policies along with an investigation into any possible misrepresentation regarding COVID-19 treatments in a ploy to receive more taxpayer funded grants.

“If I was your Governor, I would require the AG and the Ada County Prosecutor to open an investigation into any potential scheme to increase earnings by misrepresenting health data and forcing experimental medical treatments from St. Luke’s, St. Al’s and Primary Health.” said Humphreys.

Humphreys pointed to Idaho Code 67-802 which grants the Governor the authority to “require the attorney general or prosecuting attorney of any county to inquire into the affairs or management of any corporation existing under the laws of this state.”

“All three major healthcare providers announced on the same day they would require employees and contractors to submit to experimental medical treatments as a condition of employment. This noteworthy coincidence affects a sizable portion of Idaho’s working class,” he said.

“Idaho’s working class deserves an honest answer to a fair question; were the providers motivated to mandate their large workforces receive the treatment because the providers themselves would be compensated for administering it?” he added.

Humphreys said the investigation should extend to their healthcare delivery processes to determine if internal practices have been manipulated to maximize their receipt of taxpayer-funded grants.

“Were patients diverted or diagnosed in any way to increase revenues from the government? Was the recent labor policy change motivated in any way to increase hospital revenues, both by treating their own workforce or by encouraging other companies to adopt abusive practices so more treatments could be administered?” Humphreys asked.

President Reagan always said, “Trust but verify.” Humphreys called these fair questions every taxpaying Idahoan deserves an honest answer to.

“I’m calling for an investigation into the possibility of abusive corporate practices by some healthcare executives. When hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are going to healthcare providers in Idaho, it is more than fair to get to ask some fundamental questions. There are those who will ridicule me for asking the tough questions. But it is the nature of elitists to mock any who do not accept their opinion as absolute truth. Remember, as much as they may scream, we are entitled to know because it is our money!” Humphreys concluded.


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6 thoughts on “Press Release: Humphreys Calls on Governor for AG Investigation into St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, & Primary Health

  1. St. Luke’s, St. Al’s and Primary Health’s and others “Non Profit” status needs to be revoked immediately. This will pave the way for actual health care and competitiveness that will challenge their unconstitutional acts and mandates.

    We encourage our Doctors, Nurses and Staff to break away from these socialist organizations and form independent healthcare facilities for their own sake and for the people.

  2. It will be interesting to see if Little is even willing to do this. How much campaign money does he receive from those medical groups and Big Pharm? Is he willing to possibly loose that money by having an investigation done? I for one seriously doubt he is or will.

  3. Bravo! It is well past time to interrupt the tight knit group that is clearly colluding. Tough questions must be asked and answered. We, the people, are not to be trifled with any longer. The lack of open dialogue, the self-proclaimed experts, the exclusion of any opposing or alternative thought is tyrannical & must cease. The people of Idaho are displeased.

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