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Press Release: Humphreys Calls Mandatory Experimental Vaccines Immoral – Calls on Legislature to Act Immediately to Stop Mandated Vaccines

By • August 6, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the Ed Humphreys for Governor campaign:

Our hospitals, our churches, our businesses, and our children all face the onerous onslaught from the conformist movement in Idaho. I’m grateful to the great nurses, physicians, and other staff at St. Luke’s who did an incredible job helping us to bring our baby girl, Ruby, into this world. They were great people. After many private chats with different nurses during our recent hospital stay, I’ve walked away with a unique perspective.

Many nurses expressed to me that they feel it’s wrong for the hospital to force them to undergo an experimental medical treatment as a requirement for their employment. Some have extensive experience and tenure, yet their loyalty is rewarded by telling them to shut up and get whatever medical treatment they’re told to. It’s the height of arrogance when corporate executives feel they’re the most qualified to make healthcare decisions for healthcare professionals. It’s heartbreaking and immoral.

Sadly, much of our leadership in Idaho and in America today celebrate mass conformity and any question from us regular folks are scorned as ignorant. But conformity and conscience don’t go hand in hand. Forcing others to undergo medical treatments to satisfy your need for control is wrong, plain, and simple.

Not only is the need to control your neighbor an immoral one but equally distasteful is the obvious conflict of interest in which the hospitals have undertaken. St. Luke’s alone has received almost $130 million from the federal Health & Human Services Provider Relief Fund. On top of that is a COVID-19 Coverage Assistance Fund which guarantees healthcare providers money for each vaccine administered.

Herein lies the conflict of interest; being compensated to administer an experimental medical treatment and then mandating your workforce to receive that same treatment.

This issue isn’t just a political one for my family, the concern hits home. My wife, Holly, is a Nurse Anesthetist at St. Luke’s and she is currently breastfeeding our newborn baby girl. Holly received an email from St. Luke’s which effectively told her to get the vaccine or don’t come back to work from maternity leave. Interesting to me how a healthcare provider could have so many processes in place to address postpartum depression and then also feel perfectly comfortable telling a healing mother that her job is at risk if she doesn’t expose her newborn baby to an experimental medical treatment.

The legislature MUST act immediately to prohibit employer mandated experimental medical treatments. About 100,000 Idahoan’s work at only 10 employers in the whole state. St. Lukes and St. Al’s collectively have about 20,000 (excluding contractors). When your entire workforce is approximately 750,000 then it’s clear this is a huge problem. Do the right thing, protect Idahoan’s ability to protect themselves.

Ed Humphreys
4535 W. Prickly Pear Dr.
Eagle, Idaho 83616

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Humphreys Calls Mandatory Experimental Vaccines Immoral – Calls on Legislature to Act Immediately to Stop Mandated Vaccines

  1. Absolutely correct Mr. Humphreys! While there are legitimate concerns with the safety and efficacy of the Covid 19 vaccines in particular, the bigger issue is the basic principle of individual liberty. The entire point of the founding of this country as a Representative Republican form of government was to protect individual liberty against abuse by those in positions of power, and the tendency toward mob-rule of the majority. I cannot adequately express how disappointed I am with the failure of the supposedly Republican leadership of this state to stand against this blatant assault on individual Liberty. The very people we elected to represent these traditional American values have abandoned us, and the sense of betrayal for many of us is profound.

  2. There are legitimate concerns about this chemical/gene soup that is being pumped into gullible people, even as hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin have been withdrawn from the public’s ability to buy them. One only has to look at the number of deaths/injuries on people who have had even one dose and worse if they’ve had two.

    There is just too many qualified studies regarding the ingredients of the mRNA and what its potential for harm to the human body. People are uninformed about what the gov’t and businesses can and can’t do with regards to mandating medical interventions. has a plethora of information (backed up by the law) on this situation.

  3. The Legislature’s main job is to protect the People. By not going into session to eliminate these unconstitutional and immoral mandates both House Speaker Scott Bedke and Senate Pro-Tem Chuck Winder are negligent in their duties.

    Get the job done boys or resign and get out of office.

    BTW: Remember Governor Brad Little is not protecting the People either on this issue. Luckily he’s not running for Governor again (yet)…..Let’s hope it stays that way.

  4. Mr. Humphries, Thank you for posting your comment. I am deeply concerned about the push for mandated vaccines, esp. because no long term studies have been done with this genetic modification inoculation that does not even qualify to be called a vaccine. I have read many studies and listened to many scientists, immunologists and doctors who are very opposed to the Mrna spike proteins because they damage the body in many ways. Just check the VAERS site and this is only a fraction of what is reported. As you may know, the MSM and social media are working overtime to keep the truth hidden. My family moved to Idaho last year for medical freedom. I am praying Idaho will not allow mandates, masks, nor passports to become a way of life. Thank you.

  5. 100% Correct and thank you Ed Humphreys !! You’re 2022 Governor race is looking GREAT !

    Look at Idaho Covid data’s website. Covid FATALITY RATE in Idaho IS 1.09%. ALL OF THIS CRAP FOR A 98.91% survival rate HAHAHA
    Immoral !

    Idaho equals Protection of Freedom. Which were NOT getting now. Vaccine and mask mandates in our children.

  6. Genetic Modification !!!!! HELL NO will my family get it!! I’ll take my 98.91% survival rate when I contract Covid !!!!!!!!!

  7. Profound indeed. This issue has enabled all of us to see the true colors of several charlatans posing as conservatives in our state legislature and the executive branch. Very disappointing. They must be voted out in the name of liberty.

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