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Press Release: Humphreys Calls for Idaho Legislature to Stop Companies from Forcing Experimental Treatments

By • July 22, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Humphreys on July 15:

Ed Humphreys, GOP Candidate for Idaho Governor, called on the Idaho Legislature to come back into session to stop Idaho companies from forcing employees to take any experimental treatments.

Humphreys’ message to the Legislature expressed, “Please don’t weigh the lobbyists opinions without going down to a hospital and hearing the opinion of the people on the frontline. About 100,000 Idahoans work for just 10 companies. Our workforce is only ~750,000. We can’t ignore the great everyday people and continue to make decisions with input only from the C-Suite and “K-Street” types.”

Ed Humphreys spent 3 days recently at a hospital from the delivery of their daughter, Ruby. During that time, he connected with many staff members and feels strongly that the legislature needs to get broad public input before dismissing these serious concerns. “Our great nurses and health-care workers are hesitant to participate in an experimental treatment. We can’t abandon them when they need us most.” Humphreys said.

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7 thoughts on “Press Release: Humphreys Calls for Idaho Legislature to Stop Companies from Forcing Experimental Treatments

  1. Humprhey’s for Governor! Ed, thank you for making this statement. The hospitals are making Hero’s into Zero’s by refusing to hear them. The legislators needs to return and vote on this issue and prevent employers from being able to mandate vaccine’s.

    Note: there are known early covid19 treatment drugs available in lieu of a vaccine; HCQ, ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, C, etc. American Frontline doctors is suing the government for failing to make these drugs known. Shame on doctors for failing to provide these early treatment drugs and letting patients die.

    A friend of mine is going to quit St Lukes if they mandate her to take the vaccine. I also noticed that big Pharma and Hospitals donated to Idaho Legislators – the special interest legislators need to be replaced.

  2. Thanks for your strong stand, Ed. A dear friend who is a nurse is leaving her job. She has had the vaccine, but the staff shortage that will arise from the vaccine mandate will make her job unbearable. She told me that they have been given a packet to use for each patient to push the vaccine. She wonders how she can add that to the heavy load of mandates they also have to explain to patients. The hospitals are letting the federal government’s financial incentives ruin the workplace.

  3. Great article Ed. We need common sense leadership and notobby controlled decisions. It would also be great to see these non profit taxpayer subsidized hospitals taken off the taxpayers back.

  4. Not to split hairs here… but that’s not really the key, is it? That’s like saying don’t let Pelosi ban 30 round magazines, when the actual stand is “don’t let them infringe on the 2A at all”. In this context… no… no one should be allowed to force ANYONE to take ANY treatment, experimental or not. If the FDA suddenly changes it’s stance on the EUA policy for the covid vaccines and decides to consider them FDA approved, the government’s, or any other corporate entity’s right to force me to take it hasn’t changed in the slightest. They DO NOT HAVE THAT POWER. So stop ceding ground in the fight by playing their stupid word games. Take a real stand.

  5. First the guy who headed cdc and now has retired had and still has an interest in big pharma, Johnson n Johnson. Also, big pharma is making over billions on this experimental drug. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a “flu” shot. It lowers your immunity, it can cause deathly illness n you still have to wear a mask. It’s true you can use the same drug that is mentioned above by Be Heard comments.
    If you want to hear the truth go to After the first 10-15 mins he’ll get into the truth of what’s actually going on.
    Also folks the states have the power to deny the federal of the want to.. unless someone is getting paid. Js

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