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Press Release: Health Freedom Idaho Event in Rexburg Friday, April 14

By • April 13, 2023

The following press release was sent out by Health Freedom Idaho. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Rexburg, ID – Health Freedom Idaho is excited to announce a community event aimed at increasing awareness of the potential dangers of wireless radiation.

On April 14, 2023, at 7pm, the Rexburg Senior Center will be the site of a screening of the documentary Generation Zapped. The event will also feature a lineup of guest speakers, including Cathy Cooke, a local Building Biologist, Peggy Burt Edwards, a concerned mother fighting the power company to protect her autistic daughter from a smart meter, and Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt and Sarah Clendenon, Co-Executive Directors of Health Freedom Idaho.

Generation Zapped is a documentary that explores the scientific evidence showing that wireless radiation may be robbing us of our health and well-being. The film features interviews with industry experts, medical doctors, and health researchers who discuss the potential risks of exposure to electromagnetic radiation from technology such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and smart meters.

The goal of the event is to bring together the community to watch the documentary and participate in a discussion about the dangers of wireless radiation. With the rise of technology in our everyday lives, many people are unaware of the potential risks associated with it. Health Freedom Idaho and the guest speakers hope to educate and empower attendees to take steps to protect themselves and their families from wireless radiation.

Cathy Cooke will speak about how Building Biology can help people create a healthier living environment by identifying and mitigating environmental pollutants in homes and workplaces. Peggy Burt Edwards will share her personal story of how she has fought to protect her autistic daughter from the harm caused by smart meters. Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt and Sarah Clendenon will discuss how Health Freedom Idaho is working to protect the health and well-being of Idahoans.

“This important issue is affecting local families,” said Karlfeldt. “So this event will be a great opportunity for the community to come together and learn more about exposure and what you can do to protect your loved ones.”

This event is open to the public, and admission is free.  Donations are appreciated.  The Rexburg Senior Center is located at 40 S 2nd St W, Rexburg, ID 83440. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the event begins at 7:00pm. Light refreshments will be served.  Seating is limited.  Please reserve seats at the event website:

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Image courtesy of Waking Times.

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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Health Freedom Idaho Event in Rexburg Friday, April 14

  1. The RF in the backyard of my house is as strong as when my microwave is being used. My neighbors who are not willing to admit what is really going on are complaining of headaches among several other issues that could relate to the 5G towers.

  2. I received the Idaho Dispatch related email notice this morning (April 17th @ 7:02 AM) announcing an event that has already occurred…on April 14th. Instead of notifying your readership of something that’s already happened, perhaps a post-event report would’ve been more timely and informative.

    1. It was sent out before the event as well. Might want to check your emails again because I received it well in advance. This organization is doing great things for the community!

  3. I too, was disappointed to learn that the event took place four days ago. Is there going to be a community showing and discussion in the Treasure Valley soon?

  4. Please don’t send spam emails to subscribers for events that have occured in the past. Did not receive the event email timely; only today.

  5. Health Freedom Idaho is excited to announce a community event aimed at increasing awareness of the potential dangers of wireless radiation.
    I couldn’t help wondering when our government will address the other issue so blatantly obvious in the picture accompanying the article.
    Is anyone else out there concerned or troubled by the Chem Trails crisscrossing the sky above the tower. Any idea what kind of chemicals and heavy metals they are releasing above our heads DAILY? Any idea what these chemicals are doing to our bodies, our food and our water??? Not to mention the fact that it is blocking out the sun so our crops don’t grow properly anymore!!! It’s no wonder we are all getting sicker and sicker!

  6. Here we go with the Chem trails again. Total baloney. I’m a pilot and they are called contrails. (Condensation trails) They are formed when harmless water vapor is expelled from the engines and freeze in the very cold high altitudes. When you start your car on a very cold morning, the same thing happens. I think everyone has seen the cars expels steam until the engine warms up. Wake up America.

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