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Press Release: Health Freedom Defense Fund Helps Former Nike Employees Sue Company For Damages Over Covid Policies

By • November 16, 2022

The following press release was sent out by Health Freedom Defense Fund. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.


Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) is helping former Nike, Inc. employees to sue the company for punitive damages for religious discrimination, medical discrimination, and battery due to Nike’s COVID-19 injection mandate.

Nike holds itself up as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive employer and has even developed reams of policies and procedures to guarantee religious freedom and privacy, but Nike ignored years of policy when it came to COVID-19.

Plaintiffs Doug Kerkering, Wanda Rozwadowska, and Hannah Thibodo were valued, senior employees at Nike – until they got caught up in Nike’s aggressive COVID policies and were fired or forced to leave the company due to the company’s COVID vaccine policy.

“We are helping the plaintiffs to sue Nike because we want to send a loud and clear message to corporate America that their employees’ rights are not negotiable and that their employees are not disposable,” said Leslie Manookian, president of Health Freedom Defense Fund.

Nike coerced one plaintiff, the sole breadwinner for her young family, into receiving the COVID injection which caused an autoimmune reaction rendering her unable to work and forcing her to leave the company.

“Nike displayed blatant disregard for its own privacy policies and violated state and federal law by denying religious and medical accommodations to those who sought them,” said HFDF attorney to the plaintiffs, Scott Street.

By the fall of 2021, the CDC recognized that the COVID injections do not stop transmission or infection.

But Nike persisted with its policy. It continued enforcing the policy even after the Supreme Court struck down the OSHA mandate for large employers to require their employees to be injected.

“How has a once well-respected company lost its way to such a degree that it was willing to trample not only the rights of its own employees but its own policies over COVID?” said Manookian.

The case, Doug Kerkering, Hannah Thibodo, and Wanda Rozwadowska vs. Nike, Inc., was filed in US District Court in Portland, OR, November 15, 2022.



Health Freedom Defense Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which seeks to protect and advance health freedom, educating Americans on informed consent, advocating for human rights and bodily autonomy for all people, and legally challenging unethical mandates, laws, and policies when necessary. HFDF won a major case overturning the federal travel mask mandate. For more information visit


Disclaimer: Idaho Dispatch Owner Miste Karlfeldt and Idaho Dispatch Reporter Sarah Anne are members of the Board of Directors of Health Freedom Defense Fund.

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Health Freedom Defense Fund Helps Former Nike Employees Sue Company For Damages Over Covid Policies

  1. Can you also look into St Lukes, St Als, Central District Health’s original bad actors promoting bad policy, the Governor etc for pushing this hoax, killing people with hospital protocol, firing employees needlessly.
    Many people will go nowhere near these corrupt institutions for fear that their deadly protocols will kill them.

      1. It’s a shame you were forced to leave your place of employment, as your rights were completely ignored ⚠️

        The manufacturer’s given absolute immunity regarding the liability involved, as though the have the right to destroy lives while the people suffering the destruction have absolutely no say in regards to their own well-being ⚠️

        It’s all so much bigger than the average mind can comprehend, it’s like wishing for the impossible to happen and the masses spring to consciousness, and awaken from the deep sleeping comma state of existence that so many are not even aware that they are existing in⚠️

        It might take planets colliding to stop this train wreck from going on⚠️

        I’m sorry places like the hospital lost employees like you, because it just makes it that much more hard to trust who’s left if I’m ever forced into needing the medical attention
        I’m not paranoid, just reality based thinking, in a time when human right’s are not growing stronger unfortunately in my opinion
        It’s nice though to see people smart enough to make that choice even at that cost
        I hope things work out for those willing to stand up against this Evil of sorts!

      2. So did I, April. It wasn’t easy, but I’m an independent contractor now–and happier and better off than under St. Al’s tyranny. Admin, staff and physicians can burn in hell–same goes for St Luke’s and Primary Health.

  2. I feel a part of me truly wants to see the undying drive of making as much right of the wrongs the state, country, and world population has struggled and suffered in Lou of the obvious injustices that have become to being such as the Covid 19 bunch of absolute crap!

    And I’m not saying it’s some kind of hoax, as much as I’m coming from my gut feeling regarding the whole inception of its existence!

    (And it’s just one recent example of a colossal occurrence that’s affecting everything)

    I feel an honest oversight organization must be established formed with however possible some neutral party that’s transparent, and able to take on and defeat public and private organizations at the highest level!

    People like Dr Fauci, former past presidents such as Bush (both father & son) but especially the son who looks like the character from MAD magazine!

    Also including Hunter Biden, and his sluggish criminally saturated father Lawless Joe Biden, as well the obvious insider trading of Nancy Pilosi & all the criminal activities gone on and still going on by elected low life scum bags who have some kind of Diplomatic immunity going on, the Hillary Clintons that avoid prosecution all the while there’s regular citizens doing life for something so petty as a joint of marajuana in a honest sense!

    People being forced to get untested vaccine while 100% of the liabilities involved for these monstrosity pharmaceutical organization’s, Incorporations are given absolute immunity regarding the damages which are yet in full to be revealed!

    But no doubt it’s killing people, killed countless, and will continue to kill innocent people.

    If innocence actually does truly exist?

    It’s true on average people aren’t well enough informed to know what’s going on, and so easily persuaded to dance along in support of engineered situations that have no concern about the outcome and damage being done to the masses!

    The top 1% or 2% wealthiest globally still live as though the rest of the population are no more than lab rat’s, Guinea pigs, servants completely disposable to their desires!

    It’s time they get dealt with and eliminated, for the rest to eventually awaken from this global comma like ignorance that exists!

    How does Monsanto even exist producing products that do what they do, Big Pharma⚠️ Corrupt governments⚠️

    But okay for them to cripple, kill, and cause suffering that can never be overcome ⚠️

    Where’s the justice ⚠️⚠️⚠️

  3. What’s next in the global elites’ campaign to install a totalitarian regime in America? Perhaps another “pandemic” with an even deadlier virus? Stay diligent!

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