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Press Release: Governor Little Declines Idaho Public Television & KTVB Debates

By • September 20, 2022

The following press release was sent out by the Ammon Bundy for Governor Campaign. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Two gubernatorial debates were being planned in Idaho, one by KTVB and one by Idaho Public Television. Brad Little, Stephen Heidt, and I were invited to debate in both of these. I was looking forward to the opportunity to provide more information to Idaho voters in these debates. However, I was recently informed that Brad Little refused the invitations to debate and give the people of Idaho a chance to see their candidates together and hear their responses in a debate format. Though Brad Little declined, I was still willing to debate the Democrat Candidate, but Stephen Heidt has also declined.

According to a statewide poll, 88% of Idahoans believe this is either a very important or the most important election in Idaho history and now we face the reality of having no gubernatorial debates in either the Primary or General elections. There is only one primary reason that Brad Little would decline debating in front of the people of Idaho…he does not want his actions to be exposed; actions that most Idahoans would not condone if they understood the path he is leading Idaho down. Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. Refusing to debate in a gubernatorial race is a significant disservice to the wonderful people of this great state.

Ammon Bundy

Candidate for Governor of Idaho

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52 thoughts on “Press Release: Governor Little Declines Idaho Public Television & KTVB Debates

  1. I’d never looked at Bundy but Littles actions have my family taking a look. We will be in Lewiston, ID this Thursday to hear what he has to say. Little is in trouble b

    1. I won’t vote for Little. People always want to holler you’re splitting the vote. At this point, if anyone is splitting the vote, it sure isn’t me. How many times do people need to see that the two party system does not work? How many times do we need to see that it isn’t working for us, the people? How many times do we keep doing the same thing and expect different results (for us, not the two party system) before we change what we’re doing?

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful time at the Lewiston event!

      1. I agree with your comments, The 2 party system nationally and locally is failing. These incumbent establish Elected officials have convinced Idahoans that they are republicans yet some won’t even sign the Republican platform. We need to get back to voting for the person not your party.

        1. How could little receive more votes than the number of registered voters?
          We don’t vote for non-debating candidates! Every eligible voter, and those who have not registered, must get out to vote in-person when possible with proper ID.

      2. Why? Could every voter write in the name ED HUMPHREYS on the November 8 ballot?
        If every voter wrote in the name of their choice, little would rcheceive NO votes. ???

        1. Bundy has my vote for Governor, Cleveland (NOT Crapo) for US Senate. Idaho has a chance to start righting the ship of state this election; I hope we do it. Labrador for AG, too. No incumbent Republicans that I am aware of on the ballot will get my vote. Little, et al: suck rope, y’all….

    2. We attended the Bundy meet & greet in Lewiston. Bundy convinced us that he is the person we will cast our votes for this Nov.

      Keep Idaho, Idaho –

    3. Maybe a serious look at the Democrat is in order! Bundy is just a far right extremist so even Little is better but the fact remains this state needs less extremism and more rational ideology. Having a democrat for governor would help balance out the extremists! I know it hurts to think that but sometimes we have to do hard things!

      1. Yes, we see and read daily just how well adjusted the left is.
        Drag queen show for children
        Child genitalia mutilation
        CRT in children’s schools
        Transgender surgery for children
        Highest inflation in 45 years
        Energy deficit once again
        450B loan forgiveness by exec. order

        The list goes on and on. I hear CA, OR and WA have just the governor’s you’re looking for.

  2. If the debates are declined, I think any willing candidates should get the TV spot and stage to present their ideas uncontested!

    Unfortunately Little and the other Democrat will not be able to retort!

  3. Let Ammon do a Town Hall style meeting with the time that would have been used in a debate. Brad Little has to go, he is a destructive force for the traditions and values of Idaho.

  4. I suggest that the other candidates get together and hold a debate anyway. Don’t let Little Brad oh I mean Chicken Little set the narrative. By pass him altogether

  5. I agree with some of what Brad Little stands for. I question his associations with special interests and lobbyists. He has not made a moral stand on CRT and the Transgender program at St. Luke’s. Education and health care are his weak points, but it is now obvious to me that his leadership on moral issues is lacking. Any candidate for any position asking for my vote should be willing to present themselves before the voters and debate their political positions against all opponents. To not do so is an act of hubris and arrogance and is disrespectful. Weak candidates either don’t beleive in their positions or they aren’t confident in themselves. Any candidate not willing to debate will not receive my vote. Hiding in the shadows like Joe Biden did in 2020 and what John Fetterman is doing in Pa. only confirms how weak a candidate really believes themselves to be and how weak his political backers know him to be. One question I would to ask any candidate running for Governor in Idaho: “Would you be willing to support legislation requiring the DHW and Dept. of Education to undergoe independent outside audits to be made available to the people of Idaho via the legislature on an annual basis, and would you require any vender, company or non-profit that receives more than $100million of transfer payments be required to undergoe annual outside indpendent audits as a condition for future transfer payments?” The answer to that question will determine who I vote for. I bet nobody in the media has the courage to ask it!

      1. Yep, Little is a dufus and just a establishment good ole boy! Will not vote for him and haven.t. According to our very conservative state rep, Little has screwed up tax relief for Idahoans and stopped ridding us of the grocery tax! Also he and the state senate have screwed us on property tax relief…..No More Little

      2. We do have mindless people in this state who do vote. They are the ones who would vote for Little. Ammon Bundy is the only clear choice. He is a common sense patriot who loves this state and this country. Vote Bundy, he is the best.

      1. Agreed. Is that why he does what resident biden tells him to do? Are there any leaders who are not ccp? Is the reason we have been losing our freedoms, sovereignty, and safety in America because of ccp communist indoctrination and propaganda agendas?

  6. People don’t seem to get it. We have voting machines. Little has already won. There is not going to be an election, there will be a selection.
    As long as you place your vote on a machine, you have forfeited your right to vote.

    1. You are partially correct. As a chief judge at one of Boise’s precincts, I can tell you that the only thing connected to the internet (and actually, just the SOS office/database, as we are told) is the ePollbook where you state your name, address, etc. The ePollbook tells you if you’ve already voted, if you’ve been sent an absentee ballot and not returned it, if your are in the right precinct, etc.

      The machine you feed your completed ballot into is connected to a wall outlet for electricity, that’s it. It counts the number of votes deposited into it, it does NOT tell me, as chief judge, at any point during the day who is ahead/behind in any race. In short, the machine tallies the NUMBER of votes cast, it does NOT count the votes for each candidate.

      At the end of the night, each election judge seals and personally transports the paper ballot boxes to their county clerk election office, where the COUNTING of ballots for each candidate takes place. If there is any shenanigans that take place with elections in Idaho, it’s where the COUNTING is done, not at the polling stations.

      I believe it was Stalin that said something along the lines of “It’s not who votes, but who COUNTS the votes, that matters.” Not sure who is at the county clerk election offices making sure the counters are honest, but it may be something we should all check out…..

    2. Exactly! Get rid of the machines!!! Vote in person when possible and voice your support for proper voter ID. Encourage everyone you know to be sure to VOTE!!!

  7. I’ve been looking at Mr. Bundy since last spring when my wife and I had the good fortune to hear him at a gathering in Eagle. Governor “DO Little” will NOT get our vote but Ammon definitely will. I only wish there could be a debate to let the people of this state see what their choices are. Vote Bundy!!!

      1. Absolutely correct, Dwaine. Flood the zone.

        All that early/absentee voting gives politicians and the state government (SOS, etc) a somewhat good picture going into election day who is ahead. They know how many democrats, republicans, libertarians and independent who have voted early or sent in absentee ballots, thereby have a good approximation of not only who is “winning,” but approximately how many votes have to be found or counted to make sure the selected candidate actually “wins” the ballot count.

        However, election day voting is a crapshoot for these same officials, as they don’t know who is going to show up (more dems? more repubs? etc.) Ergo, the more people who show up on election day, wait in line and cast a ballot, the less officials know re: how many votes they have to find/manufacture/flip.

        My advice: keep them guessing. Flood the zone on Election Day, even if it means getting to work later because you have to stand in line. Make every effort to avoid absentee and early voting–you may think it’s a convenience for you, but it is a BIGGER convenience for state government and politicians that you do NOT want them to have.

  8. I AM A BUNDY SUPPORTER. THERE, That said is how my home will vote here in northern Idaho. But What many people don’t realize is that the political battle will be won or lost in Boise/Twin Falls. It will be just like Illinois and New York. The majority of those states are overwhelmed by the liberal Chicago and NYC vote. The population of those cities coupled with the other large cities, easily outnumber the conservative vote. I feel it’s probably going to be that way here in Idaho. The liberal population of the Boise/Twin Falls areas will probably be the deciding.factor. And RINO Little will be concentrating on those.numbers to carry his liberal agenda. With that thought in mind Bundy May still have a chance if he can get the proper conservative vote out of those areas, and concentrate his efforts properly. But those efforts require a substantial staff and support. Let’s hope that the conservatives republican voters (like me) can see the value of voting the 3rd party way for Bundy.

  9. Brad Diddle would NEVER allow an opportunity for a straight shooter like Ammon Bundy to dismantle him on camera. Diddle’s management re unmet promises like inaction on property taxes, grocery taxes, $400 million boost to failed education and the recent IDHW kiddie porn plans….his gross treatment vs individual liberties during the Covid Scam….his taking Fed $$ to please DC tyrants all hand powerful ammunition to Bundy who would easily wield it against him.

    Bundy would illustrate that even though Diddle might advertise how he is keeping Idaho “Red” re abortion and guns and ostensible “low taxes”…he is letting the enemy slip in the back door. It happened to Colorado and is happening in other Red states too.

    Diddle CANNOT allow that display on camera.

  10. Little appears to be doing same as Biden did in presidential campaign. Hide out and hope no one is paying attention. He sure is willing to go on camera and lie about his roll during pandemic. UN rebutted of course.

  11. Little can barely struggle through a press conference, let alone a debate. I watched plenty of them (press conferences) during Covid. Plus his inaction forced my spouse to be jabbed against our protests in order to maintain employment.

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