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Press Release: Governor Brad Little Lies Repeatedly in His Press Release

By • March 9, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by the Freedom Man PAC. Note: Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Governor Brad Little, the Governor of Idaho, just released a press release stating that he will be ending the “public health disaster emergency declaration” on April 15th. Nearly every single sentence in his statement is a bald-faced lie. And the worst part about it is that most Idahoans are too ignorant to know the difference. Don’t let your friends, family, or neighbors accept the lies. Arm them with the facts:

Governor Little said: “I kept Idaho open, banned vaccine mandates, never issued mandates for vaccines or masks, and successfully challenged Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandates in court.”

“I kept Idaho open…” This is a lie. He did not keep Idaho open. Idaho was shut down. Businesses were closed. People and companies were classified as “essential” or “non-essential” and travel was controlled by his edict. If Idaho was not shut down, then why were people arrested for having churchgoing to the park, or just keeping their businesses open? Brad Little is lying!!!

“[I] banned vaccine mandates…” He did not ban vaccine mandates. Idaho companies, particularly health companies like St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus fired employees who refused to get vaccinated. So did many other companies in Idaho. Governor Brad Little did not BAN vaccine mandates. This is a bald-faced lie.

“[I] never issued mandates…for masks…” He did force mask mandates on Idahoans. More specifically, Governor Brad Little had his Chief of Staff, Zach Hauge contact the health districts and THREATEN them to force them to enact mask mandates so that Governor Brad Little could claim that he himself didn’t do it. So yes, Governor Brad Little is responsible for mask mandates in Idaho. He is the one who ordered it done—and he did so using threats! Don’t let him lie!

“[I] successfully challenged Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandates in court…” This is quite a specious statement since it was other states that initiated this lawsuit, and Governor Brad Little essentially just added Idaho to the list in a “me too” attempt to score political points and to look good to his uninformed voters who ignorantly believe whatever he says.

His statement went on to say: “The emergency declaration never violated or restricted any rights of Idahoans, never put Idaho on lockdown, and never allowed for mandates for masks or vaccines. These are the facts.”

This might be the most egregious lying statement of all! We have already documented 8 Ways the Constitutional rights of Idahoans were violated in this video here. This includes Idahoans being arrested for having church, others arrested for sitting in the press box at the Capitol, others being arrested for protesting peacefully, the use of contact tracing against Idahoans, the infringement on our right to travel, the elimination of jury trials, and the classification of citizens and businesses as non essential or essential. These acts violate the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Simply put—Idahoan’s rights were violated by Governor Little’s Emergency orders!

The Press Release went on to say “Only the Governor can lawfully end an emergency declaration.” This is another absolute LIE! The Idaho State Statute for emergency orders not only limits the time frame for an emergency order to 60 days (therefore it is a violation of state statute to have kept us in a continuous state of emergency for over 2 years), but the statute itself says, “The legislature by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time.” Idaho § 46-1008. Read it for yourself—the Governor is lying!

Brad Little and his goons and cronies should be ashamed of themselves for openly and impudently lying to the people of Idaho. I immediately call for the resignation of Governor Brad Little for pathologically lying in his press release, for illegally keeping Idaho in a state of emergency for over 2 years, and for violating the Constitutional rights of Idaho’s citizens.

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24 thoughts on “Press Release: Governor Brad Little Lies Repeatedly in His Press Release

  1. Obviously this group has a failed reality. Idahoans are going to re-elect Governor Brad Little. As a lifelong Republican who’s investigated the other candidates and their ties with the Idaho Freedom Foundation, the dark money, and the white supremacy values they have as an ultra Fringe organization; I think the state is blessed to have Governor Brad little.

    1. Americans need to remember that our founding fathers and soldiers in the Revolutionary Army were all wanted men snd considered to be the extreme fringe of their time.
      Go to
      and read their criteria metric for evaluating and scoring Idaho legislators.
      If you are for LESS GOVERNMENT, LOWER TAXES and PROTECTION OF YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS then you should be sharing the Idaho Freedom Index with everyone!

      1. If we didn’t have IFF, no one would know how their representatives were voting and in this age of Rino, it could be a very different story than the one of unicorns and rainbows you read in the lying media.

    2. Again, here’s the village idiot, Tamarack Congregation. A supporter of Rino policies and a supporter of liberal antics.
      Why don’t you find another place to post? There are tons of websites that are inline with your socialist values, bub.
      Just go away already…

    3. Tamarack, you must be benefiting from Little’s policies.

      None of the other candidates are getting dark money. In fact, Little’s donors are big pharma, woke companies, the healthcare companies that fired unvaccinated workers and big insurance. And, look at all the $$ Little has taken from the feds. Obviously, you don’t care about our sovereignty.

      We need honest non politicians in office to save Idaho.

      After all my research, I’m voting for ED HUMPHREYS. We are done with Little!

    4. The white supremacy dog whistle is a dead give away as to who you really are. Crawl back to California or whatever blue state you just came out of. We are sick and tired of being denigrated and our history erased. Bottom line is this country was founded by “white nationalists” and the product has certainly served people of all colors and creeds very well. We will not be ashamed of where we have come from. RINO season is open and the Little RINO is fair game.

  2. If Governor Little’s leadership during the pandemic counts as conservative, then Idaho isn’t red.

  3. Many of our Constitutional Right’s and Freedoms were violated by Brad Little, the House and Senate Leaderships, Judicial Branch, Central District Health, Hospital Administration, Insure Companies, Mayors, etc, etc.

    When will the prosecutions begin?

    1. I agree 110 % Little and his puppets are not good enough for Idaho. When will they be prosecuted for putting Idahoans in harms way? I would even say he has blood on his hands. New leader ship is need from the top all the way down.No more politicians, all new people are needed and they are running for all the offices. I am sick and tired of all the corrupted,Rinos politicians in this state and the people and businesses who have the money to buy these so called representatives of the people off. Our state government has committed treason on ALL Idahoans. For what? MONEY, POWER, GREED !

  4. So me losing my Nursing career at St Luke’s must be all in my imagination? Brad Little did nothing to protect my job and now It’s been 6 months of unemployment. I would have stayed at St Luke’s till I died. Not because I loved St Luke’s, but I loved my team and my patients. Thanks to over reactionary mismanagement and clearly allowing politics to enter the medical environment, St Luke’s allowed their team to be destroyed. Teams that have been intact for years. The public has no idea what happens behind the scenes. Question your doctors and nurses every step of the way. Inexperience and incompetence runs rampant especially when the watchdog nurses are no longer there to protect the flock. I’d love to have a little sit down recorded meeting with Gov Little. He can explain to myself, my wife and our kids why a nurse that dedicated 18 of his 25 year nursing career to the state of Idaho is left in this position. I’d love to hear his response.

  5. If you want Idaho to be free, then you need to copy and share, both in print and email, etc, this news release!
    If there was not an upcoming election, Gov Brad Little would NOT be ending his illegal state of emergency.
    When the Idaho State Senate refuses to even consider bills passed by the Idaho State House, then it is time to elect new senators. And new House members as well. The most important election is the PRIMARY ELECTION in MAY.
    Now do your research, educate others and get people to vote in the PRIMARY.
    Remember – the R after a candidates name may really mean RINO.- Republican In Name Only . Find out BEFORE you vote for him!

  6. Stupid is as stupid does. Little is as Little does. Little has a very “liberal” view of how he “helped” the State. When it really came down to standing up to Washington DC, Little just fell in line, nothing bold, nothing appropriate and definitely not with the needs and desires of the people of Idaho. RINOs must be cleaned out of leadership, top to bottom, no more senators or representatives, mayors, school board members and teachers that follow leftist (socialist) policies.

    Stand up and use your vote to rid Idaho of leftists and their policies

  7. To the Tamarack Congregation,
    Facts are facts and history is history. The more you carelessly toss around unfounded and unsubstantiated terms like “white supremacy”– the more you distance yourself from reality. YOU are the definition of “fringe” organizations when you become blinded by your own zealotry.
    The truth is that Little is guilty by his own actions and in-actions. Perhaps his goons did the dirty work, but to think otherwise is to engage in revisionist history— something the woke mob is very good at.

  8. They have started with the fake profiles posting comments on Idaho dispatch. They will always say something that sounds like an MSNBC anchor would say, and then say oh by the way I’m a lifelong Republican or some such nonsense. See tamarack congregation post above. Don’t be fooled by this.

    1. Tamarack is part of the woke blue wave that trying to take over Idaho. We won’t let that happen, unless they cheat! Everyone needs to step up! 3/11 is the deadline to run for PC and open elected positions. Don’t let RINO’s and Dems run unopposed.

  9. Don’t forget brad little himself suppressed the use of hydroxychloroquine when he declared his emergency. This is big. It shows he was aware of HCQ’s effectiveness in this emergency. He could have provided HCQ and zinc to our most vulnerable and prevented his emergency.
    By suppressing alternative treatments, Big Pharma was allowed to roll out it’s poison, skipping animal testing. Big Pharma used humans as it’s test subjects without informing them.
    Brad little is 100% complicit. He pushed their poison as safe and effective… in a relentless ad campaign. Does this make brad little a bio-terrorist for profit??? He and the NGA he belongs to, followed instructions from the WHO, a foreign entity, without his own due diligence or input from hands on doctors…
    In my humble opinion, brad little belongs in prison, with every other politician who participated in this farce. Including Idaho Senators who refused to end his emergency, because they wanted Federal money…

    1. By suppressing hydroxychloroquine, Brad Little participated in mass murder. That treatment could have saved many, many lives.

  10. Read Isaiah. Unfortunately, we may need more shakings before people wake up and look past the cowboy hat and stake president’s cloak to see the truth. 🙁
    I wonder whether willful ignorance will be a valid defense.

  11. Governor Little has the bully pulpit, and is using that office to further his own agenda, while masquerading as a friend of the people. His recent speech pretty much proved that he is willing to rewrite history to shape public opinion.

  12. For those of you that said we needed new people, top to bottom, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! That’s especially true of the GOP machine that could (and should) be exposing those RINO’s that infiltrate the system instead of trying to infiltrate the liberal Democratic Party. Just an R behind a name doesn’t mean a damn thing! And the comments about Little are spot on. He tried to avoid the appearance of putting Idaho thru the Covid ringer, but as described in the op-Ed everything they said about Little is spot on! So I’m hoping that we as citizens can pointout/identify candidates that really are conservative Republicans by deed or actions, and get those names out for us to act on.

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