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Press Release: Gov. Little: Tax Relief on the Way as Inflation Hits New Historic High

By • March 13, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Gov. Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little commented today on the news that Bidenflation just hit another 40-year record high.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released new inflation data showing a nearly 8-percent increase from this time last year. The bump marks another 40-year record high increase in annual inflation.

The price index jumps mean consumers are paying more across every sector of the economy, with the most painful increases in the following areas:


  • Gasoline index is up a whopping 38.8-percent since last year
  • Food index is up nearly 8-percent since last year
  • Energy index is up 25.6-percent since last year
  • Used cars and trucks are up 41.2-percent since last year
  • Utility gas is up nearly 24-percent since last year

 In his January 10 State of the State and Budget Address, Governor Little said given the soaring inflation we need to deploy immediate tax relief for Idahoans, and the Legislature quickly passed Governor Little’s “Leading Idaho” plan for historic income tax relief.

 Governor Little’s comment on the country’s worsening inflation follows:

 “The Biden Administration’s failed economic policies, failed foreign relations policies, and failure to control national spending have all contributed to the soaring costs of all things Idahoans need to simply live their lives.

 “Thankfully, at the state level we are sending immediate tax relief to help counter soaring Bidenflation. Idahoans can expect a 12-percent income tax cut as soon as this month, and we also secured long-term income tax relief this year so Idahoans can keep more of what they earn in future years.

 “My ‘Leading Idaho’ plan provides this historic tax relief and strategic investments in schools, roads, water, and other areas that impact daily lives. Idaho is once again leading the country in responsible, accountable government that works for the people.”

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little: Tax Relief on the Way as Inflation Hits New Historic High

  1. So how about eliminating the grocery tax, Brad? Everyone has to eat and that would be an immediate 6% reduction in the 20% inflation we are seeing. The RINO GOP is letting us down badly on this one.

    1. Grocery tax… locking in property tax like a CA Prop 13 approach… lots of things that can be done to help.

  2. Your reign has been “DISASTROUS” ….. Pal.

    Step Down and Step out of Idaho Politics Permanently.

    Go live a happy retirement.

  3. This, is just a political ploy by Little to benefit his political campaign to be re-elected for more Left-Leaning politics by the RINO. It’s time for a RIGHT change for Idaho, and it is for McGeachen to become the Right governor for Idaho… or even Dr. Ryan Cole who just entered the race. Lowering grocery tax is nothing if Property Tax continues to rise dramatically forcing homeowners to sell and possibly leave Idaho…. or is that the plan of the left?

  4. I agree, please step down Little, you’er a lier and a trader to you constituents. You sold us out the Federal gov for money, now Idaho is their prostitute. They will demand we obey, and you Mr. Little have done nothing to fight for our liberty or freedom to chose when it comes to our bodies. What happen to “Our body our choice”?
    Take your little refund and shove up where the sun doesn’t shine. People need relief from inflation now not at the end of the year where it doesn’t even ad up to the cost enccured all year. Get your head out of your little ignorant bubble.

    1. NOPE! ….. However we will gladly Prosecute Him for not following the Constitution or Protecting our Freedoms.

    2. That is scary. Governor Little is not good for Idaho. He has kept us under a state of emergency for two years so the federal government gives us money that we are beholden for. Nothing is better under his reign. No love lost for Little.

    3. Sorry!

      NO WAY!!!

      He did not protect employees of firms that mandated dangerous shots! He allowed small businesses to be closed and ended under bogus health claims! He takes Fed $$$ with strings attached that only benefits cronies! He doesn’t care about native Idahoans who can’t afford their first homes! He is the Establishment tool….he doesn’t really work for US!

  5. This is pie in the sky promises from Little. Doesn’t he know many who live in Idaho barely pay an income tax because they are on a low and/or fixed income (pensions or Social Security)….so they will have to wait for a few CRUMBS from the Little govt. at the end of the year? How compassionate! (I’m being sarcastic for those liberals reading this)…..We’ll go for Lt. Governor Janice for Governor, who has President Trump’s endorsement. She is for the people, not the World Economic Council like Mr. Little.

    1. Totally agree, Little is providing Little to no tax relief to retired citizens. Massive reduction in property tax and removal of grocery tax would show that Chicken Little actually gives a $hit for a large segment of the population.

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