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Press Release: Gov. Little joins with Idaho GOP in supporting Texas lawsuit on election integrity

By • December 10, 2020

Governor Brad Little has put out the following press release regarding the Texas lawsuit that Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has refused to support:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today he proudly stands with the Idaho Republican Party in supporting Texas in its efforts to ensure American’s elections meet the highest standards and expectations of the U.S. Constitution, and he will file an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit.

“Idaho’s elections are safe and secure, and we expect the same of other states. Protecting the sanctity of the voting process is paramount to ensuring a strong democratic process, and our citizens need the confidence that their vote counts,” Governor Little said.

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13 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little joins with Idaho GOP in supporting Texas lawsuit on election integrity

  1. I was hoping for more than just an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit. But I guess it is better than nothing.

    Shame on the AG for declining to join in the actual lawsuit.

    1. I am suspect of Little, can’t he persuade Wasden? Little knows fully that the Amicis doc. does not carry the same weight.


    Total cop out from our elected officials to not be joining the great state of Texas in this lawsuit. Amicus brief…..give me a freaking break Chicken Little. You just showed your hand to the entire country and it’s dirty as hell with Chinese money. Which all makes perfectly good sense since we already know you’re on the CCP “China Friendly” governors list along with your good buddies Newsome & Kemp. Need to cover your ass so you don’t have an unfortunate accident like Harrison did……..

  3. Brad Little is selling out our Idaho to China. This is why he won’t get behind Texas- he has his own agenda. He thinks his ‘letter’ will make people think he is actually doing something. Every Idaho Resident should watch the first part of this Video from US Secretary of State in a talk to all the State Governors, warning them about becoming ‘friendly’ with China. He says right in the speech, that there are already Governors who are listed in China’s “friendly’ list and Brad Little on that list. I just moved from an area where an Asian firm bought one of our mills in North Idaho. He needs to be removed immediately in 2022. He is going to ruin Idaho. Spread this info to all Idaho Residents so they are not fooled by Brad Little. Here is the video: and here is his name on that list: (page 20)

  4. AG I’ve been a registered voter in Idaho for 46 years. I hope you change your mind. It is imperative that we join Texas in this law suit. Our Country needs to pull together and that includes Idaho.

  5. So now Newsweek and all the other propaganda machines are saying IDAHO is refusing to support this suit as a ridiculous waste of time, and quoting

    “Idaho’s GOP attorney general joins at least 4 other high profile GOP lawmakers in opposing Trump’s long-shot Texas lawsuit to overturn 2020 election”

    You hear that Gov? Idaho’s Republican Attorney General Lawrence Wasden
    has just decided he can’t tell the difference between voter fraud and unconstitutional actions by other states that inflict harm on US HERE IN IDAHO. He has in effect shamed us as well as spoken for us OUT OF TURN!
    Those our OUR VOTES that many gave their lives for, not yours or theirs or the press or the politicians. Don’t want to join is one thing, that statement Wasden made was an insult to us all.

  6. People need to contact the AG and voice their displeasure. His email address is We have too many moderate/ liberal republicans in office. Vet the candidate. Republican does not mean they are conservative. Lefties have learned that they usually can’t be elected running as a democrat so they run under the republican banner and get elected.

  7. Look again at Little’s true actions regarding this. He did not support the brief. He drug his feet until the 11:59 hour and then when he was sure there was minimal political fallout for him from the libs, he claimed to support it. Hogwash! This guy is likely going to go down as the worst Governor in the last 100 yrs. He seems to be standing pretty close to his two best friends in the Western Governors Association – OR – Brown and WA Inslee. He is gulping their koolaid.

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