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Press Release: Gov. Little Joins Lawsuit Challenging Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

By • November 4, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Governor Brad Little announced today he joined a multistate lawsuit challenging President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14042, also known as the federal contractor vaccine mandate.

Biden’s Executive Order 14042 requires employees of federal contractors be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021, with few exceptions.

“President Biden’s federal contractor vaccine mandate not only harms Idaho workers and businesses that partner with the federal government, but it forces states to implement Biden mandates that are without legal precedent. Tens of millions in university research dollars are at stake. This is coercive federal overreach, and it must be stopped,” Governor Little said.

The Idaho Office of the State Board of Education is also party to the lawsuit on behalf of Idaho universities. The universities could lose up to $89 million in existing federal contracts, much of which involves important research.

Idaho’s participation in the suit was facilitated by Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and his office.

Georgia, Utah, Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, and West Virginia also joined the lawsuit. Florida filed a similar challenge this week.

In addition, Governor Little wrote a letter to President Biden today urging him to halt implementation of the federal contractor vaccine mandate because it harms Idaho businesses.

“Many Idaho businesses of all sizes engage in contracts with the federal government to provide products and services that ensure our country can function properly. Now, business owners who pursued the American dream and worked to fill important needs for our nation are being coerced into policing your vaccine mandates,” Governor Little wrote. “Some of these Idaho contractors have been in longstanding business relationships with the federal government, and changing their contracts midstream forces them to choose between losing their employees or giving up their business. It is just plain wrong.”

View Governor Little’s letter to President Biden here.

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21 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little Joins Lawsuit Challenging Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

    1. And what are you whining about? Idaho Dispatch doesn’t agree or disagree with ANY articles posted here! This is what a PROPER news outlet should look like, it reports just the facts, has NO OPINION WHATSOEVER, and releases as much information it is capable of finding. Opinions are left to the reader to decide.
      If you want a spin on every story, head over to any of the other news sources out there, I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

        1. Little is grandstanding for re election. He has dragged his feet on this mandate issue. He needs to look at DeSantis who did an executive order so businesses would not mandate vacs of any size. We have a small business and we are still effected even though we dont have alot of employees. We have lost won bids because of Micron, St. Lukes and St. Alphonses. I will not ask our employees to vaccinate. Little has danced around this issue in response to my letters.


  2. Why protest the mandate only for FERDERAL CONTRACTORS?? Why not make it simple, Brad: oppose the mandate for ALL Idaho workers.

    But that would mean you have to stop listening to your “medical experts” on the state’s covid advisory committee, and you’ve become best chums with them, havent you, Brad? Have any contributed to your re-election campaign? Inquiring minds want to know….but I digress.

    Mandate protection for ALL Idaho workers, not just selected groups!

  3. An executive order is not a law and this should be ignored. After all, the left ignores any federal laws they choose as well as the the constitution. In the words of Maxine Waters “What are they going to do about it?”

  4. The cognitive dissonance from Little is breathtaking. He opposes mandates for state workers and private businesses that are federal contractors, but does not protect workers for private businesses from mandates or private citizens from vax passports. The hospitals are mandating vaccines because of federal Medicare/Medicaid requirements, just like Biden’s mandates for federal contractors which Little opposes. The man blows in the wind and speaks from both sides of his mouth.

  5. Welcome to the Party Rino… G bet youre not doing this to save your career. Didnt your Lt. Gov. already solve this problem along with masks? But you undid her work didnt you? Why was that?

  6. Brad Little does not give a d@mn about all the federal employees in Idaho when he could at least make an effort. Always late to move with inadequate action. No-Risk-Little

  7. So Chicken Little is willing to push the No mandates for Contractors, is that because he has corporate ties that benefit from them contractors. But for norm Joe and Jane, he turns a blind eye. This is a total chicken shit approach, no means no, public or private period.

  8. Do-Very-Little strikes again! Outrageous that he would not include all businesses and join or start a lawsuit that includes violating his state’s citizens rights! Many demand that you vote for R next to the name but this is just more proof of what comes when you vote like cattle and follow the heard. You vote for candidates who align most with your values. Little does nothing but wait and see and go whichever way the winds blows. He doesn’t want to make waves. He has no spine or care for his citizens only for his pacs and contributors. He is a disgusting example of a Governor.

  9. The entire process of using OSHA to sideline the Constitution is because they know what they are doing violates every national and international law on the books.
    There is a reason they are covering up the injury and death statistics regarding the vaccine.
    I have already read articles where they are calling “guns” a National health crises so if they get away with this, guess whats next?
    You guessed it. The 2nd amendment will go the same way your freedom to choose what you put in your own body.
    First they killed the sovereignty of the nation
    By eliminating our borders.
    Now, the sovereignty of your own body.
    If China had a list of things they would love to see us do to destroy ourselves. Biden is checking them off one by one.
    Mental illness was never meant to be a political party but here we are.
    It took over Nazi Germany and it’s well on it’s way to taking over America.

  10. Good job Little ! Proud of you today. And yes, he’s just not protecting federal contractors, that’s what I thought at 1st and it pissed me off as I thought about the rest of us. But from what I seen, he’s suing for all vaccine mandates across the board 100 and up and 100 and below. I mean if not, then It would be worthless. Make it easy. Ban all Mandates !
    Let’s Go Brandon !!

  11. Governor Chicken Little is weak! I’m so discussed/disappointed in his lack of leadership! If he truly cares about Idahoans he would come out with a stronger message. NO MANDATES! Period!
    This madnesses needs to stop.

    1. I think you are reading more into this than it is. The lawsuit is in regards to Federal contractors. Unfortunately, he and the Attorney General have neglected private business in Idaho. Maybe the rest of Idaho citizen employees of private business are not important, but banks, hardware, auto etc. are political donors?

  12. Why has Governor Little drawn a distinction between Federal contractors and other private business entities? Federal contractors are private businesses. Idaho must joint the lawsuit also filed the opposes the mandatory vaccine mandate for all private businesses in our state.

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