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Press Release: Gov. Little details his plan to help secure U.S.-Mexico border and protect Idahoans

By • July 7, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little on July 1:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today the details of his plan to send Idaho State Police (ISP) troopers to Arizona to help secure the United States-Mexico border and curb the flow of illegal drugs into Idaho due to failed Biden-Harris immigration policies.

“The crisis at the Unites States-Mexico border and the alarming bump in illegal drug activity are direct results of failed polices of the Biden-Harris administration that harm the people of Idaho,” Governor Little said. “Drug seizures for meth, fentanyl, and heroin have doubled since Biden took office and we’ve seen the highest number of illegal crossings this year in 21 years. Biden reversed numerous Trump policies that kept the American people safer, and now our nation’s governors must step up to protect Americans because the Biden-Harris administration won’t. The State of Idaho proudly stands with our fellow Americans along the United States-Mexico border.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent a letter to the nation’s governors in June pleading for extra manpower through other states’ law enforcement agencies to help secure the border. Governor Little quickly committed to supporting their efforts.

Since Governor Little’s office received the letter, the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) and ISP have been working closely with the State of Arizona to determine how Idaho’s resources can best support the mission. The collaboration resulted in an emergency mutual aid compact (EMAC) that Idaho will fulfill to support Arizona’s efforts.

Idaho will send a specialized team of five ISP troopers on a 21-day mission commencing July 6 to assist Arizona Department of Public Safety with intelligence gathering and investigative work related to drug interdiction at the border. The specialized team of ISP troopers will act as a “force multiplier” to augment Arizona’s drug interdiction team.

“We did our homework and worked closely with the State of Arizona to determine the true needs and how Idaho can help in a meaningful, impactful way without compromising public safety here at home. States frequently assist each other through the emergency response system with fires, floods, and other emergencies, and this situation is no different,” Governor Little said. “Our specialized team will help curb the flow of illegal drug smuggling and organized crime into our country and our state, and the troopers will gain valuable hands-on training that will improve their ability to serve the people of Idaho when they return.”

The ISP troopers will be cross deputized with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and will act under the same authority given to Arizona state troopers. The support will cost the State of Idaho $53,391 – $16,149 in travel and other costs and $37,242 in personnel costs. The ISP leadership is ensuring the troopers’ duties at home are covered while they serve their mission.

With his plan, Governor Little joins Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts in lending support.

“Idaho will continue to evaluate our resources and the border states’ needs to determine if we can do even more to help in the fight to protect Americans against the Biden-Harris inaction,” Governor Little said.

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little details his plan to help secure U.S.-Mexico border and protect Idahoans

  1. 5??? Idaho sends 5??? Really??? …..While South Dakota already has made two deployments equaling 150 troops.

  2. How about imposing a bounty on each illegal turned in by an Idaho citizen? To be funded by seizing all property and bank accounts of said illegal.

  3. Maybe that’s a good place for Idaho State Troopers instead of arresting ordinary people at OUR Capitol or at OUR Public Health Departments.

  4. Gov Little, Good Job on jumpin in. But seriously??? A total of 5 Humans ? Holy Crap, there’s more on my neighborhood street that could rally together and go there to help. Really, 5 ? That’s like a sand fart In Iraq. Almost comical.
    Gov Little’s grand children on Christmas (well thank you grandpa Little, that’s exactly what we wanted was 5 candy skittles out of an entire pack) so yummy and gracious of you Grandpa, may I have another please)

    Really man ? You send 5 people ?
    Well, hell, at least ya threw our name in the hat and decided to party, that’s cool! But 5 ?

  5. Was National Guard even a consideration? Are you sure you can spare 5? Maybe you should consider 4, or maybe 3. What an insult to our state, and country.

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