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Press Release: Gov. Little, Controller Woolf unveil new Townhall.Idaho.Gov web site

By • March 27, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Gov. Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and State Controller Brandon Woolf announced the new Townhall.Idaho.Gov web site today, an online one-stop-shop for all public meeting information for state executive branch agencies.

“Enhancing Idahoans’ confidence in their state government has been a key priority of mine since day one, and Townhall.Idaho.Gov makes it easier for the public to understand and engage with their government. I deeply appreciate State Controller Brandon Woolf and his outstanding team for delivering this important service to the people of Idaho,” Governor Little said.

“My top priority remains increasing government transparency to inform, educate, and engage the citizens of Idaho,” Controller Woolf said. “In partnership with the Governor’s Office, my team spent several months building and testing this necessary tool to foster greater citizen engagement with state executive agency meetings.”

On the site, users can search and find information pertaining to public meetings for state agencies and state-affiliated commissions. The goal is eventually to include local government entities’ meeting notices on the site.

In addition, Governor Little proposed, and the Legislature is actively considering, $2 million in new funding to enable agencies to stream public meetings online through the Townhall web site.

Governor Little also signed a proclamation instructing State of Idaho executive branch agencies to post meeting notices, agenda, and minutes to the web stie on or after April 15, 2022. The Townhall Idaho posting requirements do not alter Idaho State Code requirements for physical postings.

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5 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little, Controller Woolf unveil new Townhall.Idaho.Gov web site

  1. Oh Good: Surely this will quickly expose the spending, payoffs and indiscretions of items such as:
    1.) Zuckerberg/Meta’s 50 million tax break, Kuna city council, ada county commissioners, state legislatures and executive branches involvement in this clandestine destruction of Idaho.
    2.) How Bedke ran his Kangaroo Courts along with Judge Manweiler and Holland and Hart.
    3.) Exactly how CDH, Insurance Companies, Hospital Executives were paid off or compensated for refusing viable treatments and killing or harming many of Idaho’s Citizens through the pandemic hoax.
    4.) And so many, many more – Please chime in.

  2. Check, check and check. He’s trying to be so “transparent”, we can see clean through this facade! It’s election time boys and girls.

  3. How f*cked up are Idaho voters? Little has a huge lead over his nearest challenger.
    THAT is why Idaho is slowly turning purple to blue. You elect RINOs instead of honest politicians–Little is the classic example. Then you blame the “new comers” for Idaho’s political mess.
    Listen “native” Idahoans…you have been lulled to sleep for years by lying RINO career politicians–have not done your own homework–you’re too damn lazy. “What’s the problem, Idaho is such a red state”, you claim.
    Take a step back and look at the big picture. You’re all making a huge mistake!

    It isn’t the recent surge of political refugees from California, Oregon and Washington. Why would those escaping the liberal chaos of those cesspool states want to re-create the same political, social and cultural crap they left? The fact is that those conservative migrants are working harder and screaming louder to warn all of Idaho of the impending liberal lean in this fine state. After all, we’ve seen it before. We sense what’s coming. Now if the “natives” can understand this problem and get on board–we can all work together to keep Idaho deep red!

  4. April 2nd was a stellar day for RINO Little. In the stroke of a pen he vetoed legislation that would have made it illegal for employers to make their employees and or applicants show proof of Covid vaccination as a requirement for continuing their Jobs or being hired. That FULLY supports Bidens plan to control the lives of American, destroy our sovereignty, and put us into a communist controlled world society. So for all you Little supporters that makes you a part of the efforts to turn Idaho blue and the destruction of the greatest country that ever existed. I understand why we aren’t seeing this action in the media, but I’m wondering why we aren’t seeing in the Dispatch – or did I just miss it?

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