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Press Release: Gov. Little comments on recommendation to expel Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger

By • April 29, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little on April 29, 2021:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little issued the following statement today following the recommendation of the House Ethics and House Policy Committee that the full House of Representatives suspend Representative Aaron von Ehlinger for the remainder of his term.

“I applaud Jane Doe and the other brave women for their courage in telling their stories and participating in this process to hold Representative Aaron von Ehlinger accountable for his deeply damaging and shameful actions. I fully support the House Ethics and House Policy Committee’s recommendation to expel Representative Aaron von Ehlinger.

Representative von Ehlinger’s inappropriate and alarming actions stand in opposition to the values and behavior state elected officials must uphold. Being elected by the people and serving in a legislative body carries immense weight and responsibility to act with dignity, civility, and integrity at all times.

State elected officials are held to a higher standard. As a former state senator and Lieutenant Governor, I personally understand the importance of preserving the credibility of the legislative institution so the people of Idaho can have confidence in their state government.

Now, the public expects the full Idaho House Representatives to carry out the recommendation of the committee and ensure the integrity of the Idaho Legislature.”

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16 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little comments on recommendation to expel Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger

  1. I do not applaud any hidden individuals nor anonymous complaints. If the charges were real, than out he goes.

    Now, maybe our elected officials will get back to the business demanded by Idaho residents. END THE EMERGENCY!

    Our state senators are showing the white feather and give no actual reasons for not acting on bills to protect Idahoans from the governor’s overreach. We were told that they were going to do so at the start of the 2021 session; however their true colors have been flown repeatedly.

  2. Was there a trial? Has Ehlinger been found guilty? If not, Brad Little has no business making a statement like this.

    1. He has no business speaking at all he has all ready commited fraud, treason the list st goes on, not to mention hypocrisy, from little tyrant who isn’t following the law that we gave him, his integrity, honor, and all good things he may have had at one time, which I doubt he did, are gone out the window

  3. This should go to trial like any other criminal case. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Little is allowed his opinion like any one else, but in the position he is in, he should stfu until after a trial. Like the saying goes, “if you want a good judge of someone’s character, give them power.”

  4. I like Brad Little less and less each day. He’s running the state of Idaho as if it’s a sheep ranch.

  5. I moved to Idaho to avoid the leftist’s of Oregon and Washington. I had thought that where I had moved to was a solid Red State and the conservative thought process was the rule. I now see that for the better part, our governor and senate are the worst of the RINO’s and are nothing more than spineless leaders that only want to avoid making any tough decisions!!!

    1. Wrong. Sorry, but your wrong. Have you not seen the mass amount of protective bills being passed to protect our ways ? We’re massively covered with red conservative. Little makes some dumb calls, but that doesn’t change the fact Idaho has led and is leading the way with Critical Race Theory teachings BAN, Vaccine passport BAN, strengthening our SAPA 2nd Am Gun rights 1205 AKA 300, LT. Gov task force to weed out Marxism, abortion laws, on and on. So yes. Leaving shithole Oregon/washington and bringing your conservative vote with you is phenomenal, but not believing Idaho is a stronghold (your wrong) just because the red ship is solid, doesn’t mean we don’t have blue cracks. We all do our part, and the ships sails as it should !

  6. In communist or otherwise tyrannical countries, you are presumed guilty unless you somehow get really really lucky and are allowed to prove you are innocent. If he is indeed proven guilty, then throw the book at him. Otherwise, lets get back to being America.

  7. Wow, Brad “Tyrant” Little who trashes Idaho’s Constitution and vetoes Constitutional limits on his unlawful power and feeds at the pig trough of Federal Funds by declaring and continuing and lying about a non-emergency “Emergency” has the gall to get on his moral high horse about anyone else’s behavior. Von Ehrlinger never had a chance with all these RINOS going after him. He/They are so corrupt and self-serving it is unbelievable! It is NEVER about truth and/or justice with them, only power and money.

    END THE EMERGENCY and IMPEACH BRAD LITTLE for damaging Idaho and trampling all over our Constitution. DO NOT ADJOURN and go home! Now or never legislators!

  8. Wow- just wow. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Unless they know more than we do. There is no witness except his word against her word. If he is innocent and this is all a fabricated lie, what a horrible way to have processed and judged this man.
    Is there more we don’t know? I see his word against hers. That would never stand up in court without other witnesses.

  9. Great! So glad Gov. Little supports the integrity of Government held offices, and is doing what is right.

    Now, Governor Little please put an end to this State of Emergency! All people need to flood his office with calls or correspondence demanding he lifts this non emergency, non pandemic!

    It all must end for Idaho! Be more like South Dakota!

    WE THE PEOPLE, will hold You accountable!!!

    1. AMEN !

      Brad Littleberries will not be re-elected. It will be pretty cool to see whom will take his spot.!
      No MORE BULLSHIT state of emergency. Because little, you look like a fool having wacky Boise Mayor rule you and allowing her to mandate the mask this deep into recovery !

  10. Gov Little can override Tyrannical Boise Mayor’s wacko mask Mandate just as Florida Desantis did today. Take BACK BOISE and hound Gov little to step up and show spine !!! OVERRIDE WORTHLESS Boise Mayor Mask Mandate. It will be the Achilles for his Re-Election ! Flood the Gov to override Crazy Boise Mayor Mask Mandate in our soul Gem Boise !! If you don’t, who will ??? Come on Idaho citizens, send the calls and emails.

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