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Press Release: Gov. Little celebrates historic legislative successes

By • April 1, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Gov. Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little is celebrating historic successes as the Idaho Legislature officially adjourned sine die today, ending the 2022 legislative session for the year.

“In all my years, I have never seen a more successful legislative session that produced so many positive results for the people we serve. We achieved what I never thought we could – ‘the trifecta’ – which is record tax relief, record education investments, and record transportation investments in one year.

“With our second year of a record budget surplus – achieved through a red-hot economy and years of fiscal conservatism – we were able to provide Idahoans with historic tax relief and unprecedented investments in schools, roads, water, and other important areas to improve Idahoans’ quality of life and keep up with growth.

“Effective leadership is about giving people confidence by staying focused and getting things done, listening, showing the way through humble strength, and embracing a spirit of service. I appreciate so many of my legislative partners for demonstrating these qualities this session and for moving forward so quickly in passing my ‘Leading Idaho’ plan. Together we will continue to do great things for the people of Idaho!” Governor Little said.

Achievements from the Governor’s “Leading Idaho” plan this session include:

RECORD EDUCATION INVESTMENTS – K-12 funding will increase by $300 million, the single largest increase in state history, with a 12.5-percent increase over FY22. Funding for literacy (the Governor’s top education priority) has increased five-fold since Governor Little took office after the state added an additional $47 million ongoing investment. We’re empowering parents with new grants that help families take charge of education expenses for their children, and we’ve strengthened our ability to recruit and retain quality teachers by giving them up to 10-percent pay increases plus bonuses along with opportunities for better and more affordable health insurance. The Governor’s plan also makes key investments in career and workforce training.

HISTORIC TAX RELIEF – Since Governor Little took office, Idahoans already have benefitted from $1 billion in tax relief on income taxes, property taxes, and unemployment insurance taxes, and Idahoans will receive an additional $1.5 billion in tax relief over the next five years, shattering the record for tax relief established last year. It includes one-time, immediate income tax relief to help Idahoans facing soaring inflation as well as ongoing income tax relief. Businesses will save $64 million over the next two years and Idahoans will also benefit from more than $34 million in property tax relief.

RECORD TRANSPORTATION INVESTMENTS – Last year, Governor Little championed historic investments in transportation without raising taxes or fees, and this year the Legislature approved his plan to add $200 million for local bridges as well as $200 million ongoing to help eliminate the backlog of transportation maintenance needs – once again without raising taxes or fees – to self-sustain our transportation system over the long term without relying on the whims of Congress.

CONSERVATIVE BUDGETING – Through conservative budgeting and economic growth, Idaho achieved a AAA credit rating for the first time ever in 2021, and the Governor’s plan continues the path of fiscal conservatism by paying off state building debt, clearing out the state building deferred maintenance backlog, boosting rainy day funds to historic levels, and leaving a larger-than-usual budget surplus.

PUBLIC SAFETY – The Governor’s plan promotes safe communities by making new investments in the Idaho State Police and “Operation Esto Perpetua,” the Governor’s new initiative to fight Idaho’s growing drug threat. His plan invests in a new prison as well as proven strategies to reduce crime and decrease the revolving door back into prison. In addition, we doubled scholarships for members of the National Guard.

STRENGTHENING RURAL IDAHO – The enacted budget makes the biggest investment ever in water quality and water quantity to support a thriving agriculture and outdoor sector. The Governor’s plan makes new investments to combat wildfire and enhance outdoor recreation, and continues upgrade broadband infrastructure across the state.

HEALTHY IDAHO – The Governor’s plan addresses long-standing public health challenges, including behavioral health and healthcare capacity. His plan makes new investments to promote the health and wellbeing of our veterans and seniors.

ELECTION INTEGRITY – Added investments in cybersecurity and proactive integrity audits boost transparency and security and ensure Idahoans have the confidence their vote counts.

A complete summary of the FY23 budget highlights from the Governor’s Leading Idaho plan can be found here:

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17 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little celebrates historic legislative successes

  1. 1.) Took away The People’s Constitutional Rights in many ways.
    2.) Used draconian ISP threats against The People.
    3.) Sided with the bought off medical and insurance companies instead of protecting The People.
    4.) Stealthily ok’d Meta/Zuckerberg’s communism into Kuna.
    5.) Still have a grocery tax.
    6.) Still have a property tax.
    7.) Sold our freedoms to the federal government and to hell with the Citizens.
    8.) Didn’t put Beke on trial for his kangaroo courts.
    9.) Where is the audit of those federal funds and where did you spend them.
    10.) Your little team has destroyed our education system while you sit there and gloat.
    11. ) There are so many more… are a disgrace, resign and take Bedke, Winder and Wasden with you.

    Yep, Ole Idaho is still known as the pothole state.

    NO VOTE PAL, you are a disgrace.

    1. Seven, you are right on all counts. He should give us Idahoans a break and resign. He is a disgrace to this state. I only wish more voters would open their eyes and minds to his underhanded dealings, and all the hell he put small business owner through with his dictatorial leadership. If re-elected, he will turn this state blue.

  2. “We achieved what I never thought we could – ‘the trifecta’ “, but it wasn’t
    tax relief, education or transportation investments, it was RINO Little with his 3 amigos Winder, Wasden and Bedke.

    1. The RINO’s need to go! They are all bought and paid for. People need to get out and vote in the primaries next month! SAVE THE DATE: MAY 17TH! Vote out LITTLE and all his KRONIES ie: Bedke, Wasden and Winder!

  3. Today, April 2nd 2022, is a historic day for Idaho. I just saw a post on Facebook that said that our RINO Governor Little vetoed the legislation that would have prevented businesses from demanding employees show proof of Covid vaccination as a contingency for employment. So once again he sold us out to the Biden administration and took steps to weaken Idaho sovereignty in spite of the legislatures efforts to eliminate this threat to our freedom. We desperately need to get him out of office – NOW!

  4. just an FYI tax surplus=theft, there should never ever be a tax surplus and if there is it should be refunded to the people not used to spend more money

    1. Agreed, Trevor. Anyone campaigning on a tax surplus is saying to me: “I took more money from every household in Idaho than I needed to. Vote for me!”

  5. Little is on the list of Governors working for the CCP
    He suppressed the use of HCQ when he declared his emergency…
    Little belongs in prison, should have happened by now

  6. All of that, BUT Screw your freedoms, he didn’t pass a damn thing in regards to vaccine mandates did he ? Or mask mandates did he ?
    As long as the other fluff passes he thinks we won’t see.

  7. I’m voting for Gretchen. When she flipped little’s no mask mandate last year, Idaho graduates were then allowed to walk the stage. She did it because it was unconstitutional and she felt that every citizen has the right to decide on their own regarding masking or not.
    Keep Idaho RED but replace Rhinos with true constitutional knowledge of the state and federal laws to apply or remove for our state.

  8. TY Idaho Seven! You summed it up perfectly! We need to VOTE Little out! I the voters see through him! I hope we have a strong candidate that can send him packing.

  9. I strongly agree with you Trevor. Why tax just so you can spend more on special pet projects. Then not spend quite ALL of it so that you can “give a little back” to make yourself look good and get re-elected.

  10. It doesn’t look like Little is fooling anyone here.

    He is using classic cheap tricks to create the perception of being “conservative” when he is really a secret socialist. We still have an intact corporate-communist model of government that is truly fascist in nature. The important anti-Covid drugs are still banned and the anti-liberty firms are still able to force jabs and masks and protocols on their employees and customers. Education is still a disaster. Infrastructure is still overrun with too rapid of growth. The Facebook infiltration is a disgrace. Purple is Idaho’s color.

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