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Press Release: Giddings Campaign Kicks off at Pocatello Liberty Dinner

By • June 28, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird) on June 27:

Boise, ID – This past weekend, at the Liberty Series Dinners in Pocatello, State Representative Priscilla Giddings kicked off her campaign for Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor race.

“Idahoans don’t need yet another career politician,” declared Giddings. “Whether it’s supporting individual liberty, opposing Marxism in our schools, or doing away with the grocery tax, I’m the only candidate in the race with a conservative track record.”

Donations to Giddings’ campaign can be made here. Giddings enjoys strong grassroots support, and needs your help to get her strong conservative message out. Every dollar goes to protecting liberty in the state of Idaho.

Here’s a little about Giddings:

“I am running for Lieutenant Governor because Idaho deserves to be represented by a proven conservative,” said Giddings. “Idahoans know what they’ll get with me, and I have the record to prove it. As Lieutenant Governor, I will champion limited government, fight for our Second Amendment rights, and advocate tirelessly for the unborn.”

“The outgoing Lieutenant Governor is leaving a vacancy in Idaho leadership which is critical to fill with a principled conservative,” continued Giddings. “Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor needs to have a solid record of conservative leadership to effectively combat our state’s move away from our constitution and our conservative values.”

Conservative Record

Giddings’ conservative record has earned a 100% conservative score from the Idaho Freedom Foundation[1] and a 96% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union[2].

*Fought for the grocery tax repeal
*Strongly supported and cosponsored pro-life legislation
*Helped pass pro-2nd Amendment laws
*Co-chair of the Lieutenant Governor’s Education Task Force to combat Marxism in the schools
*Military Service

Priscilla has a distinguished record of service to the people of Idaho and the United States.

*Major in the Air Force Reserves
*Nine years on active duty with the Air Force, accumulating nearly 1,000 combat flight hours and nine air medals through three combat deployments
*Awarded “Top Gun” as an A-10 fighter pilot
*Education and Family

Giddings graduated from the Air Force Academy with a B.S. Degree in biology, and competed there in Division I athletics. She also completed an online program earning an M.S. in physiology from California University of Pennsylvania while serving overseas.

Giddings and her husband Matt live in White Bird with their children. She is a lifetime member of the VFW, the American Legion, and the NRA. She was recognized with Idaho’s 2018 Outstanding Woman Veteran Award, and is active with many community organizations.

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7 thoughts on “Press Release: Giddings Campaign Kicks off at Pocatello Liberty Dinner

  1. Priscilla Giddings always protects our Freedoms, the Constitution and Idaho.

    As Lieutenant Governor Giddings will excel, she knows her responsibilities and will act on those correctly.

    Idaho needs Priscilla Giddings.

    Let’s make sure our Support and Votes are there.

  2. Yeah, no. She’s done nothing but waste taxpayer money and complain and she’s offered no conservative solutions to any of these problems. I don’t care about her touting her “credentials.” What is she going to do for US, NOW?

  3. I’m a life member of the NRA too but I wouldn’t brag about it anymore. Most gun guys have moved on until someone besides corrupt Wayne is voted in. Problem, he has rigged the board so it’s almost impossible to replace him or anyone else. For the love of God, even Larry wide stance Craig is still there.

  4. She has a solid conservative track record and worked hard to pass 2A protection. If you want to know more about her, read her book. She has my vote.

  5. As a Vietnam Era Vet with over 40 years of combined service with the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard I am embarrased and disgusted by what Giddings represents! She should be removed from office and loose her commission in the Air Force. She proves that what appears to be an honorable Veteran can really be a fascist terrorist! Anybody check where she was on Jan. 6? Everything she stands for is anti-American!!!

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