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Press Release: From Tragedy to Transformation: A Cry for Help Advocates for Crucial Overhaul of Police Tactics

By • June 2, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the nonprofit organization A Cry for Help. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

In the wake of tragedy, the Banach family speaks out to advocate for reform in law enforcement practices, shedding light on the urgent need for accountability and compassion within our public services. The heart-wrenching loss of Jeremy Banach on June 15, 2022, has spurred his family, as well as many others, to action, urging for systemic changes to prevent further unnecessary loss of life.

Jeremy’s uncle, a former police supervisor, Jim, who embarked on a painstaking investigation following the tragic incident, reveals critical discrepancies in the handling of the encounter with law enforcement. From the initial interaction at Jeremy’s home to the fatal shooting. Jim’s assessment uncovers concerning lapses in protocol and judgment, highlighting the need for thorough reforms to prevent similar tragedies.

Skip Banach, Jeremy’s father and a retired police officer himself, emphasizes the necessity of unbiased oversight in law enforcement investigations. His firsthand experience stresses the importance of impartial scrutiny in such cases, emphasizing the need for oversight that is free from undue influence or bias. He advocates for a fair and thorough examination of law enforcement actions, ensuring that all aspects of critical incidents are rigorously evaluated to uphold justice and restore public trust.

Gina Banach, Jeremy’s grieving mother, paints a poignant picture of her son’s vibrant spirit and enduring love. Through her heartfelt tribute, she challenges societal prejudices and stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health, calling for a more compassionate and inclusive approach to supporting vulnerable individuals in our communities.

The Banach family’s and many others’ courageous advocacy echoes across our nation, resonating with countless families impacted by similar tragedies. This effort will continue to fight for “Justice for Jeremy” by urging the Ada County prosecutor to have the attorney general’s office investigate this case further with an unbiased party, demanding the retraining of officers in their current policies, procedures, lawful processes, and de-escalation/crisis training.

As these voices join the chorus of those demanding change, an undefeatable stance united in the pursuit of a brighter, more just future –one where every life is valued, every voice heard, and every heart embraced ensues.
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4 thoughts on “Press Release: From Tragedy to Transformation: A Cry for Help Advocates for Crucial Overhaul of Police Tactics

  1. Jeremy is not the only victim and the Ada is not the only county dealing with lack of training or accountability. This is a widespread problem and the biggest issue is the brain dead mentality that the police do no wrong. I’ve been to far too many jury trials in Idaho where criminal cops (a thug is a thug) violate rights and the jury says it’s ok. It’s not ok. And just like doctors holding doctors accountable or judges holding judges accountable, it doesn’t work. Doctors go on killing people, and judges go on manipulating court games to ensure the outcome they have already decided, cops should not be the ones holding their own accountable. It doesn’t work. The prisons are full of people who didn’t commit crimes and prison is a horrid inhumane broken system. If you think you are not at risk for prison time because you are a good person, think again. In a world where the real criminals are CEO’s, politicians, judges, and cops, anyone is at risk for prison. Just ask Trump. And if you think a jury trial in Idaho for Trump would have gone differently, think again. It would have gone the same here. I know this because I’ve seen too many people be convicted of non-crimes by stupid juries manipulated by rotted judges at the bequest of politicians. Look in the mirror, folks. The problems lays with We The People, who have not kept our Constitutional Republic.

  2. Might be worth the time to go read the independent prosecutors review of the actual facts surrounding the shooting. The family is understandably upset, I get that. I am genuinely sorry for their loss. But their viewpoint and “independent investigation” is neither unbiased or impartial.

    Not sure what society expects the police to do in the future when they encounter an intoxicated, high, uncooperative, armed subject who points a stolen gun at them. Perhaps the best solution would be to have 911 operators just tell people reporting stuff like this to call them back “when it’s over” and someone will drop by to take a report later. Yes, that must be the solution.

  3. I don’t know the details. I’m responding based on the tone and narrative of this article. “Police bad, violent criminals good !” The victimizer was really the good guy and a victim them selves.

    Sounds like the “Gentle Giant” syndrome. You know the 7 foot tall 300 lbs guy that was a career criminal, drug dealing/addicted, gun wielding home invader putting pregnant women on their knees and robing them in there own home at gun point under threat of murder, a dead beat sperm donor that abandoned the mother of his child and child.

    This person was so loving and had a great spirit. They didn’t know no better. They were truly and asset to our moral and civil society. How tragic.
    Yes tragic indeed. It is sad.

    Sad that these people’s family, friends, associates, neighbors never held these people to a standard of accountability and responsibility that even the average person is capable of holding them selves to.

    A society that is in rapid moral decline and because ultimately parents are a miserable failure at best the last four decades and God is disdained, forgotten, and ushered to the exit door, under the shadow of humanism and self worship. They, family and friends want to project their failures onto law enforcement and every one else to cover their failures.

    It’s all tragic. Everything is upside down and backwards. Good is evil. Evil is good. Injustice is justice and justice is unjust. Sin and lawlessness is the ultimate culpret.
    This mentality is unsustainable.
    Sorry for the loss. But it may have been just.

    Don’t be a criminal and don’t point guns at police.
    You’re likely hood of being killed dramatically decreases. Believe it or not.
    No law, No law enforcement, no accountability, No personal responsibility………..No civil society.

    1. I couldn’t agree more.
      I wonder where we can read and/or see the details of the case for ourselves. I guess they can’t let an opinionated public [with the predisposition that police must be “bad” anytime a criminally acting person bites the losing end of the law], in on the facts, because it might sway them the “wrong way”.

      I’ve been noticing that news isn’t really news anymore. It basically just tells you that something happened, but never the important details, so the source can color it with a hint of what you “should probably” think about it. In this case, by referring us to those who are by no surprise upset by police doing what you’d expect police to do.

      And since it didn’t go they way the lawless wanted it to, someone’s got to pay, just not the trouble maker who was clearly asking for it, since the parents themselves called the police, and now want to blame them. Interesting that they didn’t seem to have an unfavorable opinion of the police when they called them on their own son.

      What were they expecting? Someone trained to compensate for their poor parenting? That’s what they want police to be now. Just read what they keep saying about overhauling the normal job of police. They want government babysitters and social workers to take the place of law enforcement.

      But given a 39 year old son who was enough of a mess that his own parents called the law on him, it’s also not a surprise that those who raised such a kid are now looking for a way to blame someone else for their abject failure as parents.
      We all know where this is leading. And we know they plan to replace the police with an institution designed for political persecution, because they need a one party solution to everything. Police already don’t respond to so many things they used to, due to defunding. Because you know, Ukraine needs that money, and illegal voters need free housing and healthcare. It seems anyone but Americans deserve it, because they aren’t voting democrat enough.

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