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Press Release: Free Event in Nampa: How to Detect and Defeat Critical Race Theory in Idaho Classrooms

By • January 3, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Brian Lenney, a candidate for State Senate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at Idaho Dispatch.

Nampa, Idaho – Brian Lenney is proud to announce a local community event in Nampa, Idaho featuring Anna Miller of the Idaho Freedom Foundation along with a special guest speaker from Boise State University.

The event titled, “How to Detect and Defeat Critical Race Theory Idaho Classrooms” will be held at the Nampa Public Library on Tuesday, January 11th from 6 to 7 PM MST.

“‘I thought nobody in Idaho was allowed to teach “Critical Race Theory!’ you might say. I hear that a lot when the topic comes up and that’s why this event is important. Because nobody (besides BSU and some of the universities) flat out announce ‘we’re teaching Critical Race Theory to your kids!’ But we have rock solid proof that it’s happening in Idaho classrooms and Idahoans deserve to know about it. I mean, our legislators even voted for S1193 (nicknamed the ‘toddler indoctrination act’). This would give $6M in federal grant money to a radical leftist non-profit to push social justice, wokeism, and CRT on ‘0 to 5 year olds.’” Lenney says.

Critical Race Theory pushes the idea that America is a fundamentally racist country, white people are to blame for all of it, and that our institutions and constitution are inherently racist and need to be dismantled.

“There’s not a scorecard for this. There’s no local database exposing it. But there are experts in Idaho who are keeping track of this and two of them are showing up Tuesday night to tell you how to detect and defeat it in our schools.” Lenney says.

This event is free and open to the public. To learn more or RSVP, visit the event Facebook page at:


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5 thoughts on “Press Release: Free Event in Nampa: How to Detect and Defeat Critical Race Theory in Idaho Classrooms

  1. You can pretty much bet if the current Senate Pro Tem, Chuck Winder, gives a nod to a school budget, there will be CRT hidden in that budget somewhere.

  2. A little bit of history got you feeling triggered and uncomfortable? I thought you all weren’t living in fear? What a bunch of scared little snowflakes.

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