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PRESS RELEASE: Federal Judge Upholds Idaho School Bathroom Law

By • October 12, 2023

The following press release was sent out by the Idaho Family Policy Center. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

October 12, 2023 – BOISE, IDAHO – Idaho Family Policy Center, a pro-family Christian ministry, celebrates the federal court ruling today that allows our school bathroom law to go back into effect.

Senate Bill 1100 – which was drafted by Idaho Family Policy Center and is sponsored by Sen. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) and Rep. Ted Hill (R-Eagle) – requires public schools to maintain separate restrooms, showers, and changing areas for biological boys and biological girls.

The law also ensures that schools provide reasonable accommodations for any student who is unwilling or unable to use a multi-occupancy facility designated for his or her biological sex.

The law had gone into effect on July 1, 2023, but was blocked in August when Judge Nye issued a temporary restraining order pending further court action.

A statement from Blaine Conzatti, President of Idaho Family Policy Center:

“All students—but especially our girls—deserve safety in vulnerable places like school bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers.

“We’re thrilled that the federal judge agreed with what we’ve been saying all along—that this law is constitutionally sound and protects the privacy rights of all students.

“This law is incredibly popular statewide—more than 71% of likely Idaho voters want schools to keep biological males out of bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers designated for girls. I’ve spoken to a lot of parents across the state about this issue, and no parent wants a biological male showering next to their daughter after gym class.”

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5 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Federal Judge Upholds Idaho School Bathroom Law

  1. But 30% of Idaho were in favor of trannys using the girls bathroom… That tells you we have that many mentally ill people in this state.. We better stay strong a vigilante..

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