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Press Release: Ed Humphreys Responds to Ammon Bundy Dropping Out of the GOP Primary

By • February 17, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Ed Humphreys, a Republican candidate for Governor. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

(Soda Springs, Idaho) This morning Ed Humphreys was briefed that Ammon Bundy is no longer running in the Republican Primary and that he is, instead, running as an Independent in November. Ed had this to say:

“After speaking to thousands of Idahoans in all corners of this state it’s clear to me that Idahoans are tired of career politicians. My team and I remain committed to offering Republicans in Idaho a choice for bold, new and energetic leadership at the top of the ticket. We have many people who attend our events who have never been involved in politics before. This gives me great hope for our future.”


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12 thoughts on “Press Release: Ed Humphreys Responds to Ammon Bundy Dropping Out of the GOP Primary

  1. Ed Humphries seems to make a lot of empty noise. Todays his “press release” illustrates that, verbiage with no real message. McGeachin has my vote.

  2. McGeachin not only seems a lot more qualified but more electable with a better chance of defeating Little. Her attempted policy changes while little was out of state show she not only supports conservative causes but will act in their support. Many politicians are just empty windbags these days. Hopefully Humphreys will drop out too so as to not pull votes away and end up with Little again.

  3. Little– Rino

    Humphreys–a fresh butter bar 2nd Lt–Lots to learn.

    Ammon–a good field captain, doesn’t mind getting dirty in a battle if he gets recognized for it. Lacking in bigger picture tactics.

    McGeachin– senior officer. Clever with strategy, dedicated to the Constitution, experienced the swamp, fearless when calling out the truth.

  4. Janice McGeachin is the only real conservative running, and I have heard it posited that Ed Humphries is just another recruited vote splitter much like Tommy Ahlquist from the last Governor’s race. Little’s campaign team even bragged about that strategy for winning the seat for Little the first time he became Governor. The Establishment knows they can’t win in an honest fashion!

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