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Press Release: Dorothy Moon Elected Republican Party Chair

By • July 17, 2022

Note: The following press release was sent out by Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-Stanley). Press releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Moon’s Message to Reinvigorate Fundraising, Modernize Infrastructure, and Lead with Commonsense Civility Resonates with Republican Party Faithful

TWIN FALLS: “I’m humbled to have received this honor from my fellow Republicans. Throughout our convention I’ve reminded friends — both new and old — that our task is to serve the hardworking men and women of our state and to bring our cherished principles to bear on the challenging times confronting Idaho and our republic. I’m ready to begin that work

Serving as chair is often a thankless task. But I thank Tom Luna for his service to our party and our state and I commend him for his hard work during this convention.

I promised my fellow Republicans that I will lead our party with civility and conviction. That is also my promise to our fellow citizens throughout Idaho who are not currently members of the
party of Lincoln. In serving the greater good with decency and with real ideas for how to make life better for all who call Idaho home, I hope our party will show those who’ve yet to cast a vote
for a Republican what it is we believe and why the Grand Old Party is the natural home of all who love liberty and this great state.”

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Dorothy Moon Elected Republican Party Chair

  1. Perhaps the best consolation prize Odaho could have received. Dorothy would have made abgreat SoS, but will be an excellent party chair.

  2. Tom Luna’s lawsuit of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee was ill advised most likely was a contributing factor in his defeat to seek re-election as State Republican Party Chairman.

    1. An even bigger factor was a reminder regarding the Luna-cy of Kommon Kore – which Tom championed. He’s not the kind of Republican I want.

  3. I recently removed myself from the Republican Party and am now an Independent voter. I did so as a protest to the RINO infested swamp that Boise has become. Mrs Moon May be the right person to get this back on track.

    1. I agree, it looks like common sense leadership is on the way and will bypass establishment corners and focus more on the good of the base. Maybe we have a real voice now. This seems very hopeful.

  4. Glad to see some conservative leadership elected. I register republican to vote in the primaries but consider myself a constitutional conservative. We have way too many RINOs in elected office and leadership positions. Republican doesn’t make you a conservative.

    1. Everyone needs to understand now that it’s become a democrat strategy to run as a republican. Democrats have been caught on tape now admitting it. Be very very careful who you vote for from now on. Do not go on what they say anymore- find out about their background. If their speeches sound too good to be true, they probably are. It’s bad enough that elected repubs have turned due to bribery and blackmail, but going forward democrats will be figuratively wearing halloween costumes in their campaigns. We also need to spread the word when a pretender is revealed, and post the evidence if there is any.

  5. Very pleased to see Dorothy elected to Chair of GOP. She needs our prayers and wishes to clean out the nest of vipers that hamstring freedom and liberty in Idaho.

  6. She would have been a great SOS and great for election integrity, but this may be a better interim step (she is a rising conservative star, IMHO).

    Think about it: election integrity is important, but recruiting CONSERVATIVE, MAGA-minded individuals for state-wide offices is vital. The state GOP hasn’t been doing that for a while; with Dorothy at the helm, this could change.

    I hope she rolls a few establishment heads out of the party, while she’s at it….

  7. Dorothy Moon will make you proud to be a Republican again.
    The time to unite under the Republican Party is now! The need to be registered Constitutionalist, Independent or Libertarian is no longer necessary as it once was.
    Dorothy Moon is a constitutional conservative patriot who loves this country and this Great State we call Idaho.

  8. What a Shame that another “Trumplican” has ascended to higher “Party affiliation”. The Extremist Views expressed by Ms. Moon will just further divide the Idaho Population, which defeats the ability of “Politicians and Legislators” to work towards COMPROMISE for the good of ALL Idahoans.

    1. Feel free to join the democrats. They’re probably more to your liking anyway. If you hate Trump that much, then you aren’t a true conservative anyway. Say what you want about your ‘freedom to support anyone you want” … you still reveal yourself as a non-conservative. But I’m sure you have your own definition of “conservative” too. And a different set of values. Or else you’re just a Left-wing troll.

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