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Press Release: Deceptive Campaigning

By • May 1, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Michael Hon, a Republican candidate for the Idaho House. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

On Friday, April 29th, 2022, during a broadcast on the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO radio, two callers indicated they had discovered that the URLs and were both redirecting to my opponent James Holtzclaw’s campaign website. My campaign was unable to purchase either of those domains as they had already been purchased by someone else. As a result, I purchased the domain, which is my only official domain at this time.
According to the website, both of the domains that I wanted, and, appear to have been registered by an entity called “Domains By Proxy LLC” on March 12th, 2022, the day after I turned in my paperwork to run for House of Representatives District Seat 20B. I am now in possession of documented proof that both of these domains have been redirecting to the campaign website of my opponent, James Holtzclaw. This was obviously a coordinated effort by my opponent’s campaign.
I find this to be a perfect example of how the Establishment Republicans will do anything to stay in office, even to stoop to the level of effectively “stealing” their opponent’s web traffic and redirecting it to their own website. This is the type of behavior we expect from DEMOCRATS, not supposed conservative Republicans. But frankly I am not surprised by my opponent’s unacceptable and unethical behavior.
Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, “Is this the type of behavior you want from an individual that represents you in District 20?”
At a bare minimum, my opponent should do the honorable thing and order his campaign to stop redirecting those URLs to his website. This is a test of the content of Mr. Holtzclaw’s character. He has already failed the first part of the test; let’s see if he fails again.
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13 thoughts on “Press Release: Deceptive Campaigning

  1. Most of Idaho’s republicans are democrats I’m disguise.
    Democrats are not the problem and haven’t been for a while. They are open and honest about their hate for everything good, it’s the Marxist con artist Republicans at the local, state and federal level who are the problem.

  2. Definitely tactics straight from the socialist playbook. James Holtzclaw is definitely not someone that we want serving the citizens of Idaho. When an incumbent cannot campaign successfully on their merits, that right there is an admission of guilt, that they have already failed the citizens and do not deserve another opportunity.

  3. EVEN IF, he claims he ‘didn’t know’ ….. it speaks volumes about the people and mindset of the people that represent him …… Top down examples by their ‘leader’ ……

  4. Not sure what you all are crying for. Have you went to and tracked this guy? Votes yes on key items such as, banning Covid vaccines, banning gender swap confirmation treatments, yes on low taxes, votes yes to ban mask mandates, limit Gov power during emergency. Do some research instead of just following the, HES A RINO trend. I’ll vote yes.

    1. Hon has my vote. Holtzclaw only has a 40% Idaho Freedom Foundation rating.

      Plus, Holtzclaw never responded to my emails regarding his position on the vaccine mandates. He never showed up at the Capitol to bring the legislators back early to vote against the vaccine mandates.

      Hon is ready to fight for Dist 20 freedom and liberty under our constitutional rights. Hon has my vote.

    2. Totally agree!!! These people who just go blindly following media only and not bothering to do their own homework… I too as well looked at his voting history, he is for the freedom of Idahoans and stands with us on the huge issues!!

      1. Take a long look at Holtzclaw’s voting record. Look closely & carefully.
        Did he stand with healthcare workers to protect their rights and the safety of patients or did he retreat?
        How did he vote on removing the pornographic books from our public schools & libraries?
        Is he a true conservative?

  5. Look at the voting record people….. that’s where you see the true character of Holzclaw. He has a very clean record and his votes truly represent Idahoans! Michael Hon has very little to go on. And I believe if there was shenanigan’s going on with Holtclaw’s campaign, they all should come forward and as this can tarnish him as most people don’t look at voting records and just go off media hits!!

  6. More and more evidence that Republicans_TM are Dems and real Republicans are liberty republicans.

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