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Press Release: Court halts implementation of Biden’s healthcare worker vaccine mandate in Idaho

By • December 5, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little commented today on the action by a Louisiana court granting a nationwide injunction today in the “CMS case,” which temporarily stops implementation of President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on healthcare workers in Idaho.

Governor Little and Attorney General Wasden filed the lawsuit on behalf of the State of Idaho earlier this month.

 “The courts are recognizing President Biden has no legal authority to force hospitals and other healthcare facilities to require their employees to get vaccinated. His illegal attempt would intensify a problem confronting our country – we already have a short supply of healthcare workers available to handle the pandemic. As I’ve stated before, Biden’s coercive, threatening attempts to increase vaccination rates damage a country already divided. He is breeding a level of resentment and distrust of government that will take generations to heal. His actions simply are not good for our country, now or in the long term,” Governor Little said.

 At Governor Little’s direction, Idaho is party to two other lawsuits challenging Biden’s mandates – one involving federal contractors and another involving private employers with 100 or more employees. The Biden administration already suspended implementation of the OSHA mandate on private businesses. Courts elsewhere have halted implementation of the federal contractor vaccine mandate in other states, which does not directly affect Idaho but it bodes well for Idaho’s case. There is a hearing Friday morning to determine whether the court will stay the federal contractor vaccine mandate in Idaho.

 Idaho’s involvement in all the lawsuits was facilitated by Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and his office.

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27 thoughts on “Press Release: Court halts implementation of Biden’s healthcare worker vaccine mandate in Idaho

  1. I’m a nurse and still lost my job because I am unable to stand up against business mandates for bodily autonomy.
    Our constitution defends the liberty of the individual. Our government defends the liberty of private business OVER the individual. Private business protections are about the individual’s right to financial autonomy and self-sustainment. A business does not have the right to violate another person’s property (their own body). I am not and will refuse to be someone’s hourly wage slave.
    Oh and I had Covid and it was just a flu. Nothing is worth what we see today. What a farce.
    Oh and the vaxx kills and injures. Prepare for heart failure.

    1. There are two major centers of power in America joined at the hip that dominate the citizenry: Government and Corporations. Corporations lobby and influence government to grant special privileges, and government monitors and controls the citizenry through the corporations.

      Governor Little acknowledges some individual freedoms with respect to government but allows corporate power to go unchecked. He has one foot in the arena of individual freedom and the other in tyranny.

      In this case, the glass is half empty. A half-tyrant is still a tyrant.

  2. Ironic that he’s tooting his and Wasden’s horn regarding the federal “mandate” injunction, but couldn’t lead the State in passing legislation making it illegal for federal mandates to be recognized. Time to clean house in the primary.

  3. I am dismayed that so many, including Governor Little, rely on the courts instead of just doing what is right. While I applaud this ruling, so often a single judge makes a terrible judgment. In the case of these experimental injections, this ruling comes too late for many healthcare workers, and others, who have either lost their jobs or suffered disastrous side effects from the clot-shot.

  4. Thank for the French Fry, yet Idaho deserves the Whole Potato.

    This is not hard people, study/follow the lead of Governor’s Noem and DeSantis.

    Idahoan’s Demand:
    1.) Therapeutics available over the counter, zero doctor involvement.
    2.) Making harmful Masks and Synthetic Pathogen Injections Illegal in the state of Idaho.
    3.) Patient advocacy rights in any and all situations.
    4.) Prosecution begun for the illegal actions of Hospital Administrators, Central District Health Officials, School Officials that violated our Constitutional Rights, overriding clueless Mayors and University President’s harmful decisions, making clear to both Public Entities and Private Business that violating our Constitutional Rights will be met with penalties and jail time.
    5.) Demanding Appropriate Compensation for those that were forced to leave their jobs because their Constitutional Rights were not protected.
    6.) Asking for or demanding the resignation of politicians that stifled our rights.

    Thanks for the French Fry, yet Idahoan’s demand the Whole Potato.

    1. Spot on! Little RINO touts some sort of victory while still allowing Idaho hospitals to fire employees under their company mandates. It’s time for this Governor to go!

    2. Well put, Idaho Steven! I especially like and support #4. Having worked in healthcare and walked away instead of getting jabbed, I would so love to see the administrators of St. Al’s, St. Luke’s and Primary Health perp-walked into court, found guilty of violating state and US Constitutional Rights, and fined AND thrown into prison. That goes for the most doctors and staff too (you know who you are).

      I would add to your prosecution wish list in #4 the members of Little’s Covid Advisory Committee–that would clear out A LOT of these communist healthcare administrators.

  5. Tell that to Medicaid and Medicare. The reason hospitals are still mandating it is because federally funded healthcare will not be reimbursed without implementing it. We need our own state funded healthcare program so we are less reliant on federal funds.

    1. Yes!! Nail on the head. We are in this situation because of the federal incentivizing of a narrative being played out by foreign and domestic enemies of the People. Without the money, the narrative will fall apart.

    2. Correct. Which means we have to stop paying federal taxes, so the funds we are already paying for can be used here. This is elephant in the room. Everyone seems afraid to do the one thing that will actually work. Never pay another federal tax dollar. It isn’t just immoral, is evil to send money to these people say this point.

      1. We could all stop paying taxes tomorrow, but remember: the government owns the printing presses. If not tax dollars came in from We the People, they would just print the difference. They’ve been printing dollars with impunity for years to pay for their spending over and above what is collected.

        1. If the Federal Reserve was dissolved and the United States put 100% back on the Gold Standard, big government would no longer be able to print money out of thin air or be a glutinous abuser of Our Tax Dollars.

  6. Any action that protects the rights, liberties and freedoms of We The People surely have not been initiated or actively, loudly supported by Gov. Do Little Too Little. When he had the chance to be the first in line here in Idaho to take a stand and protect us, the average everyday people of Idaho, he totally wimped out. RINO Brad Little is sadly NO Ron DeSantis, unfortunately for us Idahoans. I hope he is RESOUNDINGLY thrashed in the mid-term elections in 2022 and thrown out of office post haste.

    1. Brad receives campaign contributions from Pfizer (a few thousand $ the last I checked). More importantly, the “medical experts” on his state Covid Advisory Committee whisper in his ear all the bovine excrement you hear coming out of Brad’s mouth. When your governor is brain dead, it’s easy for “medical experts” to take over health policy.

  7. Lots of well-read and studied-up folks making great points. God bless the nurses (and the few physicians) who get it. Nevertheless, until the primary is cut down to the a “best shot” against the RINO-establishment, it will be four more years. Sadly, no less than three egos now queueing up in the primary show the likely result of making it four more years. If only the resistance could get it together.

  8. Though I applaud Gov. Little for taking a stand against Federal mandates, it’s not enough. And under most circumstances, I’m against most government interference in private companies, I think all vaccine mandates should be against the law. Extremely liberal Blaine county, there are still mask mandates and some businesses are requiring vaccine passports. It’s time to follow Ron DeSantis lead and insure all Idahoans medical freedoms.

  9. Don’t be fooled (no one here posting is, I know)–Brad only has problems with the FEDERAL government imposing a jab mandate. But businesses? He’s all for it. He says he doesn’t want to meddle with a business’s decision to require the jab, but he was all for meddling in the business community by telling businesses if they could stay open or had to close because they were “non-essential.” When it suits his power trip, Brad is all for it; when he has to show a spine, he lives up to his name: “Little” to no courage to do what is right.

    What he and so many others fail to acknowledge is that this isn’t a “who has Constitutional authority” question. It’s more of “Who the he** do you think you are, Mr. Employer-Mr. Congressman-Mr. President-Governor???NO ONE other than the individual has the authority.” So simple, yet individual liberty escapes Brad and his merry band of “medical experts,” woke businesses, forced mask mandaters, etc.

    And when they piously opine about it’s for the public good, we need to remind them: if collective rights (the “right” of a community to not get sick) trumps individual rights (the right to make a living, to engage in civil society, etc.), then there are no individual rights, only mob rule–and what the mob gives one day, it can take away the next.

  10. Little is a weak governor and needs to go. If he had a spine he would work with the legislature and pass laws protecting workers from from employers pushing this experimental vaccine.

  11. All sounds so great Brad……..but we know IACI calls your shots…..which is making all of us get the unwanted shot in the arm!

  12. Every Biden (or any other President going forward) who issues unconstitutional overreach Executive Orders whether directly or indirectly via government agencies or non-governmental organizations (CDC, NIH, etc.) must be held personally accountable and given a vote of NON-CONFIDENCE. EVEN RECALL, especially this unelected goof ball, Biden and Biden’s mentor…. Obama.

  13. This is an 11th hour stunt by little to not lose next year’s May primary. Little took $18.1B fed money and renews the emergency Order every 30 days so little created the business shutdown, job loss, Idaho problem and where is the $18.1B??? Idaho was the first state to sit down a business and a church. Little is a criminal tyrant and should be prosecuted and imprisoned. Wasden is his crummy lackey puppet, so is Bedke. If like hadn’t take strings attached fed money, Idaho wouldn’t be suffering the losses LITTLE CREATED. Little is a communist dictator no different that than communcrats.

  14. Too little to late ! Plus he won’t end the emergency nor pull power from
    School board on masks.

    Time for Janice and Raul !!

  15. Can we stop calling the Covid vaccine, a vaccine? It is not a vaccine! A vaccine stops a disease like polio or small pox or tetanus with one (1) shot! Not 2 or 3 or 4! Have we ever seen booster shots for polio or measles? NO! Big Pharma is a Scam! These shots may be therapeutic and lessen a disease/virus but they are not a vaccine.

    CDC has now changed their definition of a vaccine from making you IMMUNE from a disease to NOW the vaccine is protecting you from the effects of Covid. HA! That’s not even true! Check out their CDC website for this change.

    These CDC people are now demonrat politicians, legislators and government law enforcers. Who gave them their power? Not the U.S. Constitution. Where is Joe our Pres? Hiding under his desk?
    Where are the fearless standing up to the Lawless? God help us! We look to You.

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