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Press Release: Constitution Party of Idaho Opposes Prop 1

By • August 20, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by the Constitution Party of Idaho. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. Greg Pruett serves as the State Vice-Chair of the Constitution Party of Idaho.

Coeur d’Alene: This November, voters in Idaho will have to decide on a ballot initiative question known as Prop 1.

Far-left extremist group Reclaim Idaho is pushing the initiative. The group also pushed for Medicaid Expansion several years ago. Expanding government is the organization’s goal, and Republican legislators seem unwilling to challenge the organization’s efforts.

Prop 1 was designed to dump $323 million into the education budget by taxing corporations more and creating a top tax bracket that would rival the one in communist California.

However, Reclaim Idaho’s insane tax hike is even worse than proposed because the tax cuts this year will be reversed, according to the Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office. If the tax cuts are reversed, the bill for Idahoans will be over half a billion dollars.

At a time when Idahoan’s citizens and businesses are struggling, there is no need to do a California-style, Bernie Sanders’ loving tax increase.

The education system in this country is broken. No amount of money can fix it.

There are solutions to fixing the education system, but none of it is going to be fixed with more government and more money. States all across the country struggle to find teachers who want to teach because the system is failing them. Rather than focus on simple education for our children, teachers are forced to deal with the “woke” agenda plaguing this country.

The Constitution Party of Idaho opposes Prop 1 and encourages all Idahoans to vote against the measure.

Additionally, we encourage businesses to come out and reject the proposal. If the measure passes, you can expect these larger businesses to simply pass the extra taxes onto their consumers.

Prop 1 is a tax on all Idahoans, not just the “rich,” as Reclaim Idaho claims.


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9 thoughts on “Press Release: Constitution Party of Idaho Opposes Prop 1

  1. The dumb Tv watchers have to stop voting in tax increases to support the criminal government schools and their unionized teachers. School shortage needs to be addressed by those buying the new houses since they are the cause

    1. I agree with Cynthia, furthermore, new residents with kids in public schools should pay more and all home owners and renters without kids in public school should pay way less. Public school is a poor return on investment and those without kids should not be forced to pay for a poor service they don’t use.

  2. I am educator of 22 years. I support SCHOOL CHOICE. When parents choose what’s best for their children, students excel. This is what our education needs. Check out what Arizona is doing to service their students with Education savings accounts (ESA) for ALL students. This is what is needed: school choice! Children learn in a variety of ways.
    To continue to fund public schools is to continue to promote failure. Every school, both public and private, should be challenged to be their best. Competition is what is needed. School choice is what is needed. Let the money follow the students!

    1. You sure hit the nail square on the head. And I am amazed that the voters are stupid enough to swallow the same line. Over and over. It’s definitely NOT for the kids. It’s for fat cat administrators and government “woke” programs. I said in another post charter schools spend far less per capita than public schools, and produce successful students. They always rated better than public schools. And several books could be (and probably have) been written on the successful methodology of charter school curriculum. Idaho charter schools have CONSISTENTLY placed higher in the entire United States education system than public schools. It involves parental involvement and the curriculum being taught, not how much money you dedicate to the education system. They teach basic core subjects, not socialization principles. One of the best things that ever happened was when Idaho got rid of Luna in education management and the Idaho Republican Party. Now it’s time to start working properly on education and political entities that administer the state education system. If we do we may still have a chance to fix it.

  3. I will be voting NO on this abomination…regardless of whether it was written correctly or not. Our education system doesn’t have a money problem….it has an administration problem.

  4. Things change quickly.
    Now the Marxists Brothers, AKA: Little/Bedke/Winder want:
    1.) To spend more of The People’s money to further promote Idaho’s teachers unions and failed public school system. Instead of say “School Choice”.
    2.) Give a small palm greasing dollar bribe to the public to attract votes because they are failing. Instead of say eliminating the Grocery Tax completely.

    Better be calling our Legislators to get these vote getting tactics and communist enhancing school tactics shut down now.

  5. I work for the schools and am underpaid and you can bet your life I will not vote to pay for my salary. Big NO

  6. It’s not new people. It’s not old people.

    It’s horrendously mismanaged school systems. They don’t bother to budget because they know the taxpayers are ignorant fools who will vote for almost any increase “for the children”. They do this because they are crappy parents who don’t raise their own children, and they rationalize if they vote to throw money at more bureaucracy, buildings, and laptops – they have done all they could for their children.


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