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Press Release: Conservatives of PAC Endorses Janice McGeachin for Governor

By • May 9, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by the Conservatives of PAC. Note: Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Conservatives Of PAC has enthusiastically endorsed Janice McGeachin in the race for governor of Idaho. The fastest growing conservative organization in Idaho joins the high octane company of Michelle Malkin, Alan Keyes, and President Donald Trump with their support of McGeachin for the top executive office in the state. Founder and CEO of Conservatives Of PAC Winston Sanders says of the endorsement, “Although we have several good conservative candidates, Janice stands out for a number of reasons. She has a strong conservative record in the legislature. She has been uncompromising in her stand for conservative values, freedom, and individual rights as lieutenant governor, especially as the incumbent’s disregard of constitutional liberty was made evident during his two year state of emergency. She enjoys the trust of Donald Trump, and she has certainly earned ours.” He adds, “She is the conservative candidate most likely to garner the most votes to unseat the incumbent and win the election.”

So just who is Janice McGeachin? She announced her platform in a press conference held on the steps of the State Capitol Thursday, March 17. Her ten point plan begins with a commitment to end the medical tyranny practiced in her state – along with every other – under the pretext of the pandemic. She will prohibit medical mandates of all kinds, including mandated vaccination of children. She will work to implement affordable free market alternatives to Obamacare. She will launch an investigation of all arrests and enforcement actions related to Little’s lockdown and return the money Idahoans have paid in fines for violating lockdown provisions. Perhaps most importantly – unlike the incumbent – she will respect all of the constitutional rights of Idahoans, and see to it the federal government respects the rights of the great state of Idaho.

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11 thoughts on “Press Release: Conservatives of PAC Endorses Janice McGeachin for Governor

  1. Politics as usual. People should really take a hard look at these candidates and decide for themselves, instead of being brainwashed into thinking one candidate is better than the other based on some bs endorsement. McGeachin is not what people portray her as being, a savior for Idaho and a option to get Little out. She’s absolutely terrible. She has no vision and can’t make a coherent sentence without a teleprompter or notes, and even then it can be difficult. Her financial management has proven horrendous. Trump endorsement could have been gold, except for the fact she squandered it and hung her hat that it was going to carry her to the finish line. I once supported her but as I dug deeper into her ridiculous sound blurbs, attempted speaking engagements and media interviews, I realized she’s a talking head. Bought and paid for. No way I’m voting for her now. I figured her out. A vote for her is a vote for the status quo. No thanks.

    1. That is some status quo that enacts proper conservative policies when the RINO Governor leaves the state. I’ll vote for her on what she attempted to do. The RINO and the vote splitting plant, Humphreys, are the actual RINO status quo.

    2. I don’t care for McGeachin honestly but Little is taking too much money from pharma and the federal govt. Please inform yourself of the WHO treaty that is scheduled to be signed on May 22nd by the Biden regime. You want Little in charge of the next plandemic?

  2. In the races for Attorney General the vote for Labrador and the LT Governor the vote for Giddings are very clear and obvious.

    The Governor’s race is a bit murky, however the only vote that has the ability to win at this point and crush this RINO establishment, is the vote for McGeachin.

  3. want to respond to the Ed is “splitting the vote” and needs to leave the race talking point. Between Janice and Little, they have spent about $800K on out-of-state political strategists. Little’s strategy: “My record is undebatable. I am the inevitable winner.” Janice’s strategy: “If conservatives unite, I can beat Little.” Neither of these talking points reflects the actual dynamics of the race. In our state GOP, we have two competing factions that are very polarized. Janice represents one faction, Little represents the other. These 20-year politicians are therefore competing for the establishment vote. The truth is, Janice was never going to attract votes from the Little camp. They hate her association with white nationalists, her mismanaging her budget, and they think her executive orders were grandstanding. Janice has therefore struggled to grow her base as evidenced by the fact that she had to put $220K of her own money into her campaign, even after a Trump endorsement. The idea that Little is an inevitable winner ignores the fact that he only won with about 72,000 votes (37%) in 2018 and is more unpopular than ever because of the way he handled mandates and the grocery tax. Ed has energized a grassroots movement of people who don’t like either faction of the state GOP, who will NOT vote for another 20-year career politician. Ed has out-fundraised Janice for the past two months. As more people find out about Ed, they love him! Ed has raised about the same amount of money as Janice when you subtract her self-funded $220K. By the end of the race, his donations will likely top hers. This race is a David and Goliath race between Ed’s grassroots movement versus two establishment career politicians. With 150,000 new Republican voters, there are plenty of votes to go around. A vote for Ed isn’t splitting the vote, it is a WINNING vote.

  4. Conservatives of: has demonstrated that they are nothing but establishment Republicans supporting another career politician. To endorse any candidate who wont debate, who cant manage a $183,100 budget, who used their office to align our our state with a white nationalist group, is inexcusable. What happened to true conservative principles? Let the establishment have their phony mess, I am voting for Ed Humphreys.

    1. These are all fake posts by Ed Humphreys campaign, which is funded by the same leftist interests funding Brad Little.

  5. Janice is the greatest hope for Idaho. Little has proved that he is not a “Constitutional” Conservative. If anyone digs into his record on key issues, they will be appalled!

  6. Anyone who cares to think about it has to realize that a vote for anyone but Janice McGeachin is in fact a vote for Brad Little. That is just what happened last time and why Little is in office. A majority did not want Little, but that majority was split between two candidates so Little won. If you want four more years of Little then by all means vote for Humphreys. The reality of politics in Idaho is that the big spenders are supporting Little. You wonder what he owes them. We need to get him out and the best way is to support McGeachin. Thanks. Jim Hollingsworth

    1. Move this comment to the top. It sums up all the others. First and foremost get Little out.

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