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Press Release: Code 3 to 1 Endorses Ed Humphreys for Idaho Governor

By • February 8, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Ed Humphreys, a Republican gubernatorial candidate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Dear Mr. Humphreys,

We are writing you today to acknowledge our support for your position statements, work, dedication, and effort you have put forth to date toward your candidacy for the Governor’s Office. You have shined a light into some dark places and initiated conversations that need to be held in the open.

Although it is still very early in the campaign, and the Republican primary is still some (90) days off, we believe you should know that the issues you have raised, and the transparency of your message is in line with what we believe is good for our membership, the men and women still serving in public safety, and vicariously anyone who lives, works, or plays, in Idaho.

You have created a conversation that is particularly good for all Idahoans to consider. Reflecting on the past, present, and future of this great state is vital to ensure the participation of everyone, from every background, and every corner of the state.

Your idea of phasing out state income tax is obviously appealing to many people. Your plan sounds logical. Cut waste, utilize the line-item veto, create a tax payer bill of rights, and give control back to the people on when and how to financially support the state, all the while not impacting services. Further your idea to eliminate Idaho state agencies from employing lobbyists as staff is something that makes great sense to us.

Your plan to empower parents with a school choice option is something that has eluded our educational system for a long time. Your idea of actually implementing this long sought-after concept would be revolutionary and would create competition in the market and raise the tide for all. We like this kind of thinking and there needs to be more of it. Children are our most precious resource. We stand for anything that improves their circumstance in life.

We encourage everyone to read your platform and participate in this process. Whether it is about your positon on Pro-Life, Property Tax, the Second Amendment, Medical Freedom, Critical Race Theory, Housing and so much more. Your position statements are clear.

Best of luck going forward and we support your efforts.


The Board of Directors

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9 thoughts on “Press Release: Code 3 to 1 Endorses Ed Humphreys for Idaho Governor

  1. I’ve researched all the candidates. Ed Humphreys is the best candidate to keep idaho red. Humphreys has great ideas, including eliminating income tax, grocery tax and ban CRT in schools and support school choice.
    Vote for Humphreys in the primaries on May 17th!

    1. I agree. I used to be on board with Janice, but Ed is a better communicator and is more knowledgeable, as well as more personable.

  2. I’m a third-generation Idahoan, and I’m voting for Ed Humphreys for Governor of Idaho. This endorsement from Code 3 to 1 reflects his strong commitment to law enforcement. I also approve of his policy statements on education, tax reform, immigration, medical freedoms, and 2nd Amendment freedoms. I applaud his support for the Constitution. This is a critical time in our nation’s history, and we need a committed leader for our state.

  3. I attended a townhall event Mr. Humphreys held in Nampa a couple weeks ago. First impression was that he spoke very eloquently and with conviction when he explained his platform positions. I was very impressed how he freely spoke and answered hard questions without notes or cards to read off of. He seemed very approachable and had a certain command presence. His opinions and beliefs strongly aligned with my wife’s and mine. I think we are leaning towards voting for him, although we would really look forward to and appreciate seeing a debate between all of the candidates. I’ve seen Little and McGeachin speak at different times, and don’t really know much about Bundy. A healthy debate would be beneficial to all of us who are still trying to make an educated responsible decision as to who our next Governor should be. This election is extremely important for Idaho and my family doesn’t take it lightly.

  4. Code 3 to 1 is a fraternal club for retired Law Enforcement personnel living in Idaho.
    This is an important Endorsement for Ed Humphreys.

    I agree with Robert’s comment: We need a healthy, informing debate between Ed Humphreys, Janice McGeachin and Ammon Bundy so that The People have better insight on who to vote for in the primaries.
    Little’s campaign is probably relishing the fact that his opponents are in a bit of disarray and not unifying behind one candidate.

    Asking Janice McGeachin to STEP UP to get this accomplished asap. Ed Humphreys and Ammon Bundy are more than ready to debate.

    Probably either the Idaho Dispatch and/or Idaho Freedom Foundation could provide the fairest platform.

  5. I have asked some members of 3 to 1 and the executive board pushed his endorsement. There were a number of retired California law enforcement behind him. One worked on the campaign for McMillan who ran and LOST badly against Boise city council member Lisa Sanchez.

    Please remember that Janice McGeachin has had her platform poached by Ed. He is too arrogant!

    1. Good to know!! That would be a perfect opportunity for them to face each other and articulate their respective platforms so we the public can see for ourselves.

  6. I like Ed Humphreys but am leaning toward Ammon Bundy. Ed speaks well and I like what I’ve heard from him but Ammon has the background to back up his talk. I’m concerned that if McGeachin takes office she may be another Little. She talks a good talk and puts on a good show but does she have the honesty and grit we need to keep Idaho free? I’m not convinced she does.

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