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Press Release: City of Boise to Ensure Services and Protect Community with Vaccine Requirement for New Hires

By • December 16, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the city of Boise. Note: Press Releases sent out by cities do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Effective January 3, 2022, the City of Boise will require all newly hired employees to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19. This means they received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson, two weeks before their start date.

“We need to take action to ensure uninterrupted city services and programming, and to protect the health and safety of our community, especially our most vulnerable, our children,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “We will soon hire hundreds of employees for our Spring/Summer activities, like pools and Playcamps, and those new employees will be coaching and teaching thousands of children. We need to do this now to keep our kids safe.”

This will be a requirement for all employee classifications, including temporary and contract employees. This does not impact current employees, but the city continues to recommend any employee who can get vaccinated or get the booster, to do so.

“We have an obligation to our employees to do what we can to keep them as healthy as possible,” added Mayor McLean. “Vaccines are a big piece of that.”

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18 thoughts on “Press Release: City of Boise to Ensure Services and Protect Community with Vaccine Requirement for New Hires

  1. The Woke Covid Cult is alive and well in Boise! Great, mandate the clot shot, you’ll be re-posting the job position over and over and over again. Boise and Sun Valley need to be dug up and moved over the state line into the People’s Republic of California.

    1. I hope not one person applies for any job that requires the death jab. McLean tries to be a bully tyrant and has little respect from the community . Looks like Boise might be the next NYC.

  2. Nincompoop mayor mcclean’s continued illogical and dictatorial actions sure line up with a true communist agenda.
    Let’s hope she’s long gone soon.
    This socialist leaning idiot needs to leave Idaho asap!

  3. What the hell is wrong with Boise? I can buy them a bus ticket to LA, Portland or Seattle so they can see how liberal BS works!

  4. Only required for new hires=she doesn’t want to risk current employees leaving by the droves if they are “mandated” to get the clot shot. With all the news of deaths and disabilities after being injected, let’s hope those new hires never materialize.

  5. I wonder how much of a kickback she is getting from big pharma and the dictator in chief? Do not comply with these ridiculous mandates! That’s the only way we can get out from this scamdemic!

    1. It is increasingly evident that the only protection we have is at the ballot box. The Dems and RINO’s need to be punished severely at that location…

  6. 94% of NFL, NHL and NBA players vaccinated
    are Co-Vid positive and the leagues are having to bring in the unvaccinated to play the games?
    Allowing illegals to cross the borders untested. 2 million to date. Flying them at tax payers expense in the middle of the night to towns all over America.
    Refusing treatments that work. Mandating those that don’t.
    Looks to me like they are mandating the spread of the FauXi virus and not trying to eradicate it.

    1. Agreed, Gus. It’s laughable to read on the one hand, Brad is joining other states to reinstitute the stay on OSHA’s vaccine mandate; on the other, he’s completely silent when LOCAL government enforces a vaccine mandate.

      It’s not an individual liberty question for Brad; it’s who should have the authority to institute a vaccine mandate. If Brad has a check list, it probably looks like this:

      Authority to mandate a vaccine:
      FEDERAL goverment – NO
      LOCAL government – YES

      Good luck with that re-election, Brad……

  7. This will never end. Every new variant will spawn a new booster requirement. This is now a subscription program, not a “vaccine” program. Fully vaccinated just became a contradiction in terms.
    What happens when the “fully vaccinated” employee gets Covid sans symptoms? They spread it to others anyway. How does this protect anybody? Why are we not promoting early treatments that we know work Why are we relying solely on these ineffectual gene therapies?

  8. Boise truly is your San Francisco, isn’t it. Damn. That’s really sad. There simply is no state where the cancer isn’t alive and spreading. We’re in deep red NorCal where the cancer from San Francisco and LA has destroyed our way of life. Literally every friend we have and about 80% of our family members are all leaving. All conservative… and all getting out. But all we’re doing is racing against time, because the bullshit is spreading everywhere… even conservative havens like Idaho. Truly sad.

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