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Press Release: Chris Trakel Announces Run for State Senate, District 11

By • March 1, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Chris Trakel, a Republican candidate for Idaho Senate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Caldwell, Idaho – Chris Trakel has announced that he has entered the race for State Senate, District 11.

“These past few years we have had people arrested for going to church, going to public parks, attending government meetings, going to work, just to name a few. This all happened while my
opponent stood idly by, and in some instances participated, while Idahoans were stripped of their liberties. It is time to eliminate the government’s ability to make this happen again. “
“As a member of the Idaho State Senate, I will fight for our state sovereignty and our ability as Idahoans to make our own decisions without state and federal government overreach. I will
fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, our choice in education as parents, and for the rights of the unborn. In these times of inflation, higher gas prices, the rise in housing costs, we need to focus
on lowering our tax burden by fighting to repeal grocery taxes and reform our property tax laws. While many Idahoans are hurting, lobbyists and special interests are benefitting.”

“Since I retired from the Marines and returned home to Idaho I have talked with others as our frustrations grew over the lack of our officials to deal with many issues. I will be a true representative of Idahoans at the State Capital.”

About Chris Trakel:

Chris was born in Boise and had the pleasure of growing up in the wonderful Treasure Valley. He graduated from Meridian High School in 2000 and in March of 2001, he joined the United
States Marine Corps as a rifleman and eagerly shipped off to boot camp. Deploying to Iraq in support of combat operations in 2004 made Chris decide to pursue this as his career. While in
the Marine Corps, he learned the importance of discipline, leadership, commitment, and loyalty among many other traits. He retired in 2016 and moved to Caldwell, Idaho with his high school
sweetheart, Nicole. Chris and Nicole started a small business doing woodwork. They enjoy living in Caldwell along with their three children.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Chris Trakel Announces Run for State Senate, District 11

  1. Chris Trakel you are needed in this position, thank you for stepping up.

    Chris’s opponent, arguably, is yet another one of Idaho’s most liberal and clueless rinos.

    Vote Freedom, Vote Chris Trakel for the win.

  2. Chris, as a fellow military retiree I initially like your post. The red flag for me was that you served from 2000 to 2016. Why the 4 year early separation? Other than That I like the things you said, but have you been active in ANY community efforts that we could review and evaluate. It’s easy to talk, but hard to do when the chips are down.

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