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Press Release: Capt. Ted Hill, U.S. Navy, launches campaign video explaining the loss that motivates his race for the Idaho House

By • April 13, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Ted Hill, a Republican candidate for State Senate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Tragedy, Action, and Results

Eagle, ID – Capt. Ted Hill, a 38-year U.S. Navy naval aviator and Republican candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives District 14-A, Monday launched a new campaign video that explains the “why” of his candidacy.

“This video briefly explains why I’m running for the Idaho legislature,” said Hill, a soon-to-be retired U.S. Navy F-18 Hornet pilot. “After 38 years defending America and keeping her safe, I have more to give, and I believe the proper place to focus my energies now is serving my neighbors in Eagle and Emmett.”

Hill’s video explains what motivated him to seek the opportunity to serve his community after nearly four decades of serving his country in uniform. It recounts the death of Hill’s teenage daughter, Shauna, after an automobile accident at the intersection of Highway 16 and Floating Feather Road.

Motivated by the loss and a sense of mission to protect others from the same danger, Ted successfully pressed the Idaho Transportation Department and Ada County Highway District to install a traffic light at the intersection near where his daughter’s fatal accident occurred.

Ada County Sheriff Matt Clifford, who served as Eagle Police Chief, said “the stretch of Highway 16 between Emmett and Eagle desperately needed attention from the highway department. The traffic light Ted Hill fought to get installed at Beacon Light has undoubtedly saved lives. The sheriff’s deputies who patrol that stretch of road are grateful for the light that has prevented countless senseless deaths.”

Star Mayor Trevor Chadwick said his daughter was a close friend of Shauna Hill. “After her tragic death, I watched Ted work tirelessly in the background to get this light installed here. This has saved the lives of many people who traverse this valley from Emmett, Star, and Eagle.”

The video also details Hill’s collaboration with former Congressman Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. After Shauna’s death, Hill attempted to transfer his unused G.I. Bill educational benefits from Shauna to his surviving daughter, Haley, but was stymied by an unintended roadblock in the V.A.’s internal policies.

Hill worked closely with Labrador in writing and introducing the “Shauna Hill Post 9/11 Education Benefits Transferability Act,” which was signed into law by President Trump in 2017.
“Working with the Hills has been a profound honor,” Labrador said. “Through unspeakable loss, they told a compelling story that has changed the law of the United States to help veteran families in times of greatest need. Now, Shauna Hill’s legacy includes providing solace to countless veterans in the future.”

Hill’s video lays out what his campaign supporters call a record of tirelessly and effectively pursuing positive change. They cite his relentless push to get the slow-moving bureaucracies of local government moving and challenging the seemingly-immoveable federal bureaucracy.

The video clearly demonstrates Ted’s ability to accomplish whatever mission he sets his mind to.

The Hill campaign said they intend to distribute the “Ted’s Why” video on social media, local mainstream media, digital campaigns, and on the campaign website

Ted’s wife and spokeswoman for his campaign, said “although Ted is retiring next week from the U.S. Navy, he’s never lost his ties to Idaho. We’ve maintained our home here for the last 22 years while Ted commuted from Idaho to the widely-known ‘Top Gun’ training facility in Nevada. Ted has a history of working to resolve local issues, and this video is just a small window into the life of selfless public service Ted has lived.”

Capt. Hill is the longest-serving Naval aviator in U.S. history after serving three combat deployments and flying 78 combat missions. He officially retires April 18th after a distinguished and decorated career, after which he hopes to continue his career of service in the Idaho House of Representatives.

To view the video:
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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Capt. Ted Hill, U.S. Navy, launches campaign video explaining the loss that motivates his race for the Idaho House

  1. Great. So a traffic light entitles him to be a State Senator. At that rate, I’ll lobby for a new stretch of pavement and run for president.

    I don’t give a rip about his traffic light; or his personal history; or his military career. I want people elected who will defend the freedom of Idahoans. The rest is window dressing – meaningless.

    1. This race is a joke. A do-nothing country boy from emmett, a trust fund newcomer backed by Victor Miller and the establishment, and a carpet bagger with the nickname Lurch. There is only one qualified candidate in this race and she has been fighting for Eagle for years. I watched her as she personally took back Eagle from the democrats. We personally brought Charlie Kirk here to teach us about being a true conservative. She knows the local issues. She is a retired cop and knows what it takes to be tough on crime. The other candidates are there to split the vote. Only Tracey can win this race. You guys need to get your heads on straight.

    2. Legislator… different than Senator.. shouldn’t be complaining when you don’t have your facts straight.

  2. I agree in one sense, the video explains a tragic event, but doesn’t tell the whole story. Id like to have a chat with Mr. Hill because it seems his heart is in the right place, but I can’t find contact info on his website outside of the “volunteer for” tab. If someone has his info, even email, please let me know. Thanks…–Nate

  3. Ted Hill…when you meet him and hear his story and listen to his list of accomplishments in his home community you can’t help but donate to his campaign and support him. He will represent District 14 well! He believes in bridging the gap within the party instead of widening the divide. There are others who are campaigning that use nefarious tactics, divisive strategies, Marxist censoring, and other conduct unbecoming. Ted rises above the fray (literally, he is a giant) with his personal code of ethics and professional statesman etiquette. He has shown his effectiveness working through bureaucratic red-tape at the federal and local levels. I fully support Ted Hill.

  4. I would like to know why he chose to run against TRACEY KOELLISCH, A proven conservative, who has done so much for the conservative party, and worked so tirelessly. Through her efforts, we were able to retire Eagle’s former liberal socialist mayor and city Council.Why did Ted Hill not run against Scott Grow and Thayne, who both have abysmal voting records? Why do the Republicans keep Shooting themselves in the foot? I too looked for what he stood for on his website. There is no place to contact him personally. From an outsider looking in, it looks like someone who thinks that “his time has come,” and he just wants a job.
    It’s easy to spew out all the conservative bywords and phrases, but how does he intend to implement them? Through all the establishment legislators that he has known for 22 years?

  5. I believe that Ted will make an excellent Representative both for his family, Idaho and the Republican Party. I look with some humor at the folks that chose to ridicule his enormous efforts to enact change at different levels, the successes he’s had, how well he works as a team and, how I hope anyway, that he will work to allow Idaho to be governed at the lowest local levels instead of considering “local” to mean “state” only as the legislature seems to currently believe. Perhaps those folks should exert more effort to enact such change instead of merely whining about those who do.

  6. I have to agree with CW and he should have ran against rino Grow. We need true conservative candidates to primary and replace the rino ridden legislature. taking out conservative candidates keeps the swamp full.

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