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Press Release: Campaign Rally Location Cancelled by Boise Mayor and Officials

By • August 27, 2022

The following press release was sent out by the Ammon Bundy campaign. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise City’s recent park cancellation of the Ammon Bundy for Governor Keep Idaho IDAHO Rally once again highlights the attitude of discrimination of Mayor McLean and Boise City officials.

Mayor McLean’s 2022 Boise has become no better than Birmingham City in the 1960s, where Martin Luther King Jr. was discriminated against for organizing peaceful rallies to bring awareness to government abuse and injustice.

Mayor McLean has proven to stand only for those who politically align with her and persecute those who do not. Need I remind her of Martin Luther King, Jr’s wise words? “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Men becoming women is more probable than my political agenda aligning with Mayor McLean’s liberal, woke utopia. But does this mean that mayors should use their power to restrict free speech in cities, and if so, then where should I hold my campaign events?

If I was a gay Democrat would Mayor McLean’s Jim Crow type philosophy affect my ability to hold an event in Boise? I thought these questions were settled more than 60 years ago. So much for Mayor McLean being a “tolerant progressive”.

22 thoughts on “Press Release: Campaign Rally Location Cancelled by Boise Mayor and Officials

  1. Mayor McClean is a Communist: This is one of many negative results from Communist Philosophy.

    She must be removed from office.

  2. “Upon discovering that this park reservation was made under a different name, and for a different purpose, the city canceled the reservation.”

    He’ll have to learn to win within the rules of the game. I’m cheering for Bundy, but press releases like this, are not the way to victory.

    1. It’s pretty common for subordinates to reserve public venues. You’re making it seem as if Bundy is to blame here. Doesn’t change the fact that the Mayor, personally, pulled the event just because she doesn’t approve of his politics.

    2. Play by the rules. Who’s rules? If someone holds a birthday party in the park, but I choose to stand an speak as a political candidate that’s not a reason to cancel the permit for a party. Those types of rules are pure bull****. It’s actions like the Mayor used that drive the blue agenda. It’s press releases like this that shout “vote for Bundy”, and now I will for sure. May be a wasted vote but if RINO Little is re-elected it won’t matter, Idaho will be screwed by going from Red to Purple to Blue. Oh, and you can bet that if that were a blue politician related function this would never have happened. The mayor needs to go.

      1. The rules for events in public spaces laid forth by local governments. I dont know all the ins and outs, and Im not a fan, but that doesnt mean they dont exist. The Bundy campaign should have been smarter if they wanted that venue. Instead they gave them the excuse to cancel it by not playing the rules. I am also voting for him regardless.

  3. We all need to make a simple phone call to the mayors office and complain. They do pay attention to complaints! Everyone call is counted as 20. Have your friends and relatives called too. Let’s not sit on our hands and play couch politicians. We are, we the people, it’s up to us to push back everywhere we can.

  4. Since mayor McClean was elected I have been watching her and Brad Little progressevly turn the great state of Idaho slowley from red to blue. She must think she is doing a good job and being so compassionate as long as you go along with her way of thinking. Remember this the rode to hell was paved with good intentions. My vote will be for Mr. Bundy.

    1. I agree, I was done w/ her when she said homeless people can just sleep on the sidewalks, and the police can’t “bother” them. Last I checked the homeless folks don’t pay taxes for said sidewalks. The one way free bus ticket to wherever you want to go needs to come back.

  5. She is awful , she is a full on terrorist. She has needed to be removed from day 1. I have switched my vote to Bundy. I honestly don’t care about bad headlines. We need someone to get control of radical morons in our beautiful state and I believe Bundy can do it.

  6. SPOT ON Shelley! TY for speaking truth! The mayor of Bosie needs to GO! She is a Communist! She and RINO LITTLE must be voted out. They will lead IDAHO to a full blown BLUE state.
    BUNDY has my VOTE!

  7. Our “woke” mayor is an unmitigated disaster. Posing as a moderate, she fooled thousands of voters in order to win the election. I would call that being dishonest. This nightmare must end.

  8. McLean suppers Gay Pride and child abuse porn but deliberately blocks Bundy’s campaign rally? She obviously is discriminating and should be impeached.

  9. McLean supports the Gay Pride Festival and child abuse porn but deliberately blocks Bundy’s campaign rally? She obviously is discriminating and should be impeached.

  10. Initially I planned to be a no vote protest against Little but seeing how the left is targeting Bundy and Little being the pro illegal immigration big ag hack that he is, I’m giving very serious consideration to voting for Bundy.

    You folks down south need to clean house.

  11. Bundy will hold a meet and greet at Sunset Park, Lewiston, ID in 9/22/22 at 1800-2000. Get off the couch and attend. Little has to go.

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