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Press Release: Bundy for Governor Reacts to Roe v Wade Being Overturned

By • July 1, 2022

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade is constitutionally correct. I am grateful that we have enough justices, at that level, that finally recognize state sovereignty in this matter.

Now we will see if Governor Little and the legislature of Idaho do what is necessary to outlaw abortion in the State of Idaho. Piggybacking off of another state’s heartbeat bill, in my opinion, is insufficient in protecting the most innocent.

My heart is more at ease now that our nation has moved in this direction.

This press release was sent out by Ammon Bundy for Governor. Press releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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21 thoughts on “Press Release: Bundy for Governor Reacts to Roe v Wade Being Overturned

  1. I would be overjoyed if Mr. Bundy became our Governor but I’m not holding my breath that it will happen unless we fix our election process. Sorry to sound like a broken record but election integrity is the key.

    1. Bundy doesn’t have enough support to beat Little. If he did he wouldn’t have dropped out of the primary race. Little is pretty much locked in now for another 4 year term. It wasn’t even a close vote between him and McGeachin.

      1. Bundy clearly stated in an interview why he dropped out of the primary and ran as an independent. Look it up and quit jumping to conclusions based on assumptions. Some of us aren’t going to blindly vote republican no matter who they put in there. A pos is a pos no matter the party.

        1. I know why he dropped out, that doesn’t change the fact that if his support was big enough he wouldn’t have to run as an independent. The majority of the state voted for Republicans not Independent. That party wasn’t even represented in the ballot. Outside of R and D you had Libertarian and Constitution Party. Why didn’t he go with Constitution Party?

          1. What happened in the primaries? You had at least three major candidates in Little, McGeachin, and Ed Humphreys – not to mention a handful of other candidates. They all split the vote – not to mention the crossovers from the Democratic Party who voted in the Republican Primary (for Little).

            One should note that the Democrats didn’t even run a serious candidate to challenge Little, meaning that 1) they know a Democrat doesn’t have a prayer of upsetting Little in the Generals and 2) that Little certainly compromises enough with the Democrats that they get enough of what they want (not the extremists) to keep them happy. Just look at the lockdowns and Little’s COVID response.

            Does Bundy have a realistic chance of winning in the Generals? We’ll see. But it was actually very savvy of him – and selfless – to back out and give McGeachin every chance to beat Little in the primaries. If he had run, he would have merely segmented the vote further and eliminated any hope in the Generals.

            Personally, I would like to see Idaho move to run-off elections where the top two vote-getters participate in a run-off for their party’s nomination. That would really change the game in Idaho where we commonly have four or five “Republican” candidates running for the same position.

          2. 36,000 Democrats voted in the primary they will not be voting in the main election many more people and new registered voters will be voting the numbers actually are very favorable for Amon Bundy when you take the time to look up the voting record and you see the discontent in the Democrat party the time is prime for Ammon Bundy a real conservative governor for Idaho this will not only benefit Idaho this will benefit the country.

      2. Actually Amon does have a very good chance 36,000 Democrats voted in the primary for Brad Little they will not be voting in the general election also many others will be voting in the general election primaries are the real hard-core politically active folks there are many more who will be voting in the general election the Democrats are greatly divided if you look at all the numbers and has a real good chance and he would be a great conservative governor the benefit Idaho its people in the country of the United States of America is an example of fighting the federal overreach.

      3. Idahoans aren’t the brightest lights on the string. Their government is as corrupt as any in the nation and the Idahoans can not see it.

  2. Bundy wasn’t in the primaries because he is running as an independent. Little won for several reasons : 1. All the votes in the primaries were split up between a lot of other good canidates . 2. The liberals are registering as Republicans in the primaries to vote in a RINO because they know they can’t get a Democrat in here in Idaho. 3. The elections are fixed with drop boxes and machines.
    Elections should be one day, one vote, voter ID and no absentee ballets.
    If we all got behind Bundy in the general election we may have a chance to get rid of Little assuming no cheating by the Democrats.

  3. Bundy is the only choice and hope that we have for Idahos future, if we want to live Conservative values. Bundy is a good, honest, man whom I know to have the best interest in mind of Idahoans. Vote Bundy for Governor.

  4. In case one hasn’t recognized the main slime media in Idaho is quite biased against anyone who values life, family and country. Most media both print and tell-lie-vision are focused on social issues to divide Idahoans against what is truthful…I have given up on local commercialized public programming/reporting to learn anything going on as it is always slanted to a particular narrative and can’t be trusted. Hence, ID is one of only a couple places to learn about any issues concerning important issues.

    There is no perfect candidate for everyone! What one needs to consider is if this candidate has his heart and head in the right place for the people’s rights, respect of the Constitution and willing to fight for those values? I believe that everyone can recognize that Bundy has proven himself willing to do whatever is necessary to protect those rights against tyranny. Little locked us down, forced face masks, took funding for it all and now will be beholden to the controller by adding accommodations for boys in girls bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms state wide in high schools. All I can say is I remember being that age and I would have been so stressed out having to deal with this scenario I don’t know what I would have done! I’m glad I don’t have to and I feel sorry for every young lady who will have to deal with this in the next couple of years if Little is re-elected! If you have daughters/granddaughters in Idaho I would NEVER consider a vote for doo-Little on that issue alone!

  5. I do not say this to rile people up, but to share a different perspective. First off, I am very disappointed in our current governor as he was easily contained in his office and fed only the information that met the popular left-leaning narrative. HIs decisions were based on a limited amount of information, but when the dog and pony show was no longer the only thing he seen I felt he didn’t do enough. His actions seem to be kept hidden till it is too late to do anything about them or he does enough to keep both sides of the isle happy and that is why he didn’t get my vote in the primary.

    When Ammon Bundy first came into the spotlight because of the situation over near Burns I could stand behind him. Since then I feel he has become addicted to that spotlight and does things to raise a ruckus. I feel that he is a blow hard and doesn’t have a lot of thought behind his actions. If his campaign financials that were reported are accurate before switching to independent are accurate, I wouldn’t trust him to manage the budget of the local lemonade stand.

    I honestly think that more political parties will be our downfall and this is why. The Democrat party is united, calculated, and planned actions. They didn’t have a single run off in the primary unless I am mistaken. This saves money for the general election campaign and ensures that the person they want running for each position is picked and uncontested. If the reports are true that democrats have changed registration for the primary to ensure they republican candidate that they want is running in the general and then switching back to vote democrat, would that not be electioneering? For that alone we need rules in place that you have to vote for the same party in the general election as you did in the primary. It might resolve some issues generated by that. Second, the republican/independant/constitutional break down of the same voter base will do nothing but dilute the numbers of people with a conservative moral base so that none of the three will be able to pull the numbers to get their candidate elected over the democrat base.

    I was onboard for Ed Humphrey’s because I felt he was fighting the smart fight. Bundy and McGeachan are/were either playing checkers in a chess match or they were doing nothing more than dividing the voter base into small enough groups that none will win.

    Idaho is about to become similar to Washington, Oregon, and many other states I could name. Almost half the states population is in Ada and Canyon county and they will start to determine what happens for the rest of the state in the next two to four years and that scares the shit out of me as I have seen that where I have been stationed when in the military.

    If the conservative voter base can not rally behind a quality candidate that isn’t playing on emotions and has a quality game plan and will stick by it, I guarantee you will see the Idaho follow the path of Colorado.

    I hope my point is clear and that we can have an intelligent discussion on these things.

  6. Who will be forced to pay the welfare costs of the low IQ women and their who be daddy babies? The politicians and government employees are already robbing the taxpayers of their hard earned money. It seems Idahoans are like Californians, as they love paying high taxes and having a corrupt government.

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