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Press Release: Bryan Smith Announces Campaign for Idaho’s Second Congressional District

By • October 2, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Bryan Smith, a Republican candidate for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District. Note: Press Releases are sent by campaigns, companies, and organizations and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Idaho Dispatch.

Idaho Falls – Today, conservative Republican Bryan Smith will be announcing his candidacy to run for Idaho’s second congressional district against career politician, anti-Trump Washington insider Rep. Mike Simpson.

“As a husband, father, grandfather to six, I am concerned about the future of our country. Every day we give away more of our precious freedoms to the federal government. We are on a slippery slope of allowing socialism to overtake our Republic. Career politicians like Mike Simpson are not doing their job. They have been in office far too long. If we don’t send strong conservatives like me to Congress, our future is uncertain. Idahoans deserves better than a liberal, far-left so called Republican representing them in Washington like Mike Simpson,” said Bryan Smith.

He continued, “We have an open border, a vulnerable election system, and leaders in Washington putting other nation’s priorities above our own. I have never been more certain than I am now that we must send Mike Simpson packing. He has been there so long he is now even in the pockets of environmentalists who want to destroy four dams on the lower Snake River and lose irrigation water vital to farmers and ranchers. He spends more time handing out cash to special interests than worrying about our national debt. Simpson even voted in support of “reg flag” gun laws last week, threatening the Second Amendment rights of military personnel. This is why I am proud to announce my candidacy for Idaho’s second congressional district as the true conservative in this race.”

As a part of his announcement, Bryan Smith will be speaking at the Libertyfest 2021 event in Twin Falls today to hundreds of his fellow conservative Idahoans.

Bryan Smith is a hard-nosed political outsider who will win fights for Idahoan’s conservative values in Congress. He is the real conservative Republican running for Idaho’s second congressional district. He is running against career politician and anti-Trump Washington insider Mike Simpson. Bryan and his wife live in Idaho Falls.


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6 thoughts on “Press Release: Bryan Smith Announces Campaign for Idaho’s Second Congressional District

  1. Too many Idaho politicians are RINO’s that have made careers of avoiding taking stands for American values and actually leading. I need to know more about Mr. Smith before getting on board, but I am motivated to send Simpson packing.

  2. This is really good news!
    Thank you Bryan Smith for stepping up.
    Changing our Representation in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District is of utmost importance for the entire State of Idaho.
    Best to you and family.

    We will support you in this endeavor.

  3. Debt collection attorney Bryan Smith is no “new face” in Idaho politics. He ran once for Congress and lost, then ran for Republican National Committee and lost. He says he’s for Term Limits but opposes the only way you could impose Term Limits on Congress (through State-ratified amendment of the Constitution). He’s nothing but a fraud. Conservatives can do better.

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