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Press Release: Brian Lenney Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senate, District 13, South Nampa

By • December 6, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Brian Lenney, a candidate for State Senate. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Nampa, Idaho – Brian Lenney announced his candidacy for the Idaho state senate in district 13. Lenney is a tenacious Christian patriot, homeschool dad, and an America-first blue-state refugee.

“I’m running for state senate because Idaho is in TROUBLE. And if you think Idaho is free and “it could never happen here,” you’re not paying attention. Because even with overwhelming Republican leadership at every level – we’re on a dangerous trajectory. I’m convinced this is because we’re a red state but we’re not conservative.” Lenney says.

“Most Republicans in our state legislature are more interested in conserving the Republican establishment instead of fighting for the rights of Idahoans or advancing conservative principles. They’re loyal to the party – not to the people. For instance, the current district 13 Senator has an “F” rating with the American Conservative Union and the Idaho Freedom Foundation. He’s failing Nampa as well as Idaho. The Idaho Freedom Foundation even said he ‘regularly voted to impose new restrictions on businesses, expand government programs, and limit individual freedom’ in 2021. This man is a Republican and claims to be a conservative… yet his voting record says otherwise.”

“So after closely watching the dismal performance of our elected officials in 2020 and 2021, I decided that District 13 in Nampa needs an ACTUAL America-first, liberty-minded, small-government advocate in Boise. Someone who will FIGHT instead of running away. Someone who will actively oppose the death of the freedom and the suicide of our state. And someone who will always put Idahoans, Americans, and the United States FIRST.” Lenney said.

“As a husband and a father, I won’t stand by and watch our legislature send Idaho down this dangerous path any longer. And I won’t let one of the greatest states in America go down the path that California did – at least not without a fight.”

Lenney lives in Nampa with his wife and four kids when they’ve been actively involved in the homeschool and local community for more than 11 years.

To learn more about Lenney or get involved with the campaign, visit


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4 thoughts on “Press Release: Brian Lenney Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senate, District 13, South Nampa

  1. District 13’s Current Senator:
    Freedom Index score of “F 46.1%”
    Spending Index of “-39”
    He seems to hover right there with the Democrats.
    Seems to vote for more government control.

    Brian Lenney, you seem to have the Fire in your belly.
    District 13 and Idaho need fresh Troops.

    Let’s Roll, Let’s get the job done.

    Thanks for the run to protect all Idahoan’s.

  2. Agenbroad (current senator) is a complete disaster. He is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by IACI (they give him a 94% rating).

    Good on this man for stepping up. He has balls and seems to have solid convictions.

    Idaho needs it.

    Godspeed Brian Lenney.

  3. People have to wake up and realize Republican does not make someone a conservative. Many republicans are moderate to leftist and don’t represent conservative values. Leftists have learned to run as republicans in Idaho so they can get elected. Lenny sounds good but you should vet the candidates carefully.

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