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Press Release: Boise Police Officer Cleared in June 24, 2023 Critical Incident

By • March 15, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the City of Boise. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

The Gooding County Prosecuting Attorney, Trevor Misselding, cleared Boise Police Officer C. Feldner in the June 24, 2023, shooting death of Payton Wasson, and declined to file charges. The prosecutor came to this conclusion after conducting a thorough review of video footage, the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force (CITF) investigation and analyzing relevant law.

Based on this information, Mr. Misselding stated in part:

“. . . The facts in this case reveal that Wasson was fleeing from a suspected drug deal, grabbed toward a gun in his waistband as officers confronted him, fled from police and drew a gun as he ran, refused lawful orders to stop and drop his gun, and was running toward a crowded area when the BPD officer fired at him.”

Accordingly, per Mr. Misselding, Officer Feldner,

“had cause to believe that Wasson, through his unlawful and potentially violent acts, was a continuing and immediate danger to law enforcement officers who were engaged in the lawful performance of their duties, and a danger to the public at large as he fled, armed, down a public street.”

A description of the event and a letter from the Prosecuting Attorney is available here.

Echoing the prosecutor’s comments, Ron Wineger, Chief of Police, stated:

“Situations like this one rapidly unfold, and officers tasked with keeping our downtown entertainment district safe, must make very difficult decisions in a matter of seconds. Our officers do not have the option of not intervening when such a person, armed and desperate to avoid apprehension, is headed toward a crowd of people. It is a tragic circumstance whenever officers must deploy deadly force, particularly when someone loses their life, and those involved, including the officers, will be impacted forever.

We are grateful for the thorough investigation and review of this incident, which took a matter of seconds to unfold, but was a very complicated and dynamic situation, requiring countless hours of critical review and evaluation. I believe the prosecutorial review resulted in the right conclusion in this matter.”

The public report from the CITF investigation will be available here next week.

A video report, which includes on-body camera video, is available here. Additional video may also be available upon request free of charge through BPD’s public records request process.

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4 thoughts on “Press Release: Boise Police Officer Cleared in June 24, 2023 Critical Incident

  1. These are tough situations, instant decisions that are trained for to the best of the Officer’s ability. It’s a no win for Wasson, Family, the Officer or the Department, yet one needs to think, not get themselves into this position and not do quick, concealed moves.

    Boise must have a very strong Ombudsman, especially now that it has a very questionable Mayor and City Council, so that The People know things were conducted properly.

  2. So the guy that is carrying a firearm runs away from the armed gang of thugs to get away from thugs and is killed by armed thugs and that’s all good. Typical police state logic. I saw nowhere in the video where the guy threatened anyone. F’ng lame.

    1. You’re not very bright, are you? Running from a police officer with a gun in your hand, you deserve to be shot on-site!

      Its quite simple, don’t do stupid things and you won’t get hurt, or worse, shot and killed! You see the other two d-bags? They complied, sat their asses down and remained calm and were not resistant in any way, those two are still alive today, although probably in jail for a drug-related crime.

      Here’s something easy for you to follow “name”, head back to California where you and your gang bangers belong and don’t ever come back to Idaho. Chances are, they’ll give you free stuff and let you back on the streets within minutes of a crime. Let the video be your warning, the police in Idaho don’t play that silly game of catch and release here. Do dumb things, win dumb prizes. Simple…

      1. Haha! Again, typical police state logic. Again, the guy never threatened anyone! He was killed by a gang of thugs because he was being chased by a gang of armed thugs! I don’t care what you call them or what costume’s they wear. Drug related crime! You love the tyrants that make arbitrary laws and kill you if you don’t comply to their rules. Unbelievable! Not very bright!! Haha!

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